10 Best Courses to Do After BBA in India

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 26 July 2022
10 Best Courses to Do After BBA in India

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The purpose of the BBA course is to get students ready for the workforce. Candidates are advised to enrol in an additional course so they may apply practically and conceptually what they learn in this course

Why seek a course after BBA?

There are various essential reasons why an aspirant should contemplate opting for higher education after BBA-

  • To enhance skills
    You can pursue higher education after BBA to additionally enhance your managerial and theoretical skills.
  • Specialisation in a specific field
    You can choose a specialisation and become a professional in it.
  • Different interest
    It will be a suitable phase for you to switch your domain after you complete your BBA if you amass varied interests.
  • Better Portfolio
    Your portfolio will be able to include a heavy-weight degree.

Best courses after BBA

It's critical to comprehend why you enrolled in a postgraduate program after earning your BBA. You can map out your career path and choose the best course of study with its assistance. After earning a BBA, you can choose from various courses from the top colleges and universities. Here are some of the best post-graduation courses after BBA

Ten best courses to Pursue After BBA

  • MBA

One of the very sought-after courses all around the globe is the Master of Business Administration. It is a well-known curriculum focusing on management and business skills development. Students can now pick between pursuing this program full-time or even part-time from various MBA options. 

  • PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

A two-year program, PGDM gives students the fundamental abilities needed to occupy managerial positions across a range of industries. In addition to teaching students management and leadership abilities, the program also provides them with other crucial job techniques that could aid them in developing a successful management career.

  • LLB

Law programs after BBA combine management and legal concepts. Law classes are an excellent alternative for management students to explore if they want to improve their managerial abilities. After earning your BBA, you can develop a successful legal profession by pursuing an LLB. The course emphasises legal management academics with empirical knowledge to enhance learning and job experiences for the students.

  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)

CA course following a BBA is one more well-liked choice which you can go for. The CA test is regarded as one of the most challenging examinations in India and overseas. You must pass the CA IPCC, CA Foundation, as well as the Final CA examination to be considered a qualified CA.

  • Master of Management Studies (MMS)

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) is one of many other impressive alternatives for students who want courses to do after BBA. MMIS is a career-focused program with an emphasis on enhancing managerial abilities. The course focuses on transferring knowledge and abilities associated with business management, and human resource management, as well as marketing management. Taking an MMS program might assist you in exploring prospects in numerous worldwide domains.

  • Hotel Management

Another excellent choice for students searching for courses to do following their BBA is hotel management. There are numerous employment options in the fast-expanding hotel and hospitality sector. Additionally, the need for workers with a background in hotel management has made this degree program vital.

  • Event Management

Consider getting a masters in event management or a diploma if you have eternally preferred operations management or event planning. Marriage planning, event advertising,cruise event managing, media management, hotel management, and notoriety event planning are a few of the multiple specialisations accessible in the prosperous event management category.

  • Teaching

Many teaching courses are available following a BBA for people who want to continue their education in the academic field. After earning your BBA, you might want to think about choosing a B.Ed degree if you want to go after teaching positions in educational institutions. Aspiring university lecturers and professors must also enrol in a master's degree program in their field of interest, such as management studies, and simultaneously prepare for the UGC NET examination.

  • Advertising and Marketing 

Once you complete your graduation in Business and Management, you should think about enrolling in one of the many marketing as well as advertising programs offered as postgraduate diplomas and master's degrees, another popular option for courses after BBA in India.

  • Entrepreneurship Development

After earning your BBA, you can choose to take courses in entrepreneurial development if you are not interested in manoeuvering for a company. Although a degree is not necessary to start your own firm, these programs not only teach business-related information but also assist students in developing their administrative and communication skills and their understanding of business.

Short-term courses After BBA

Following your BBA, you can enrol in various short-term, career-focused courses to expand your knowledge in a particular area or to specialise while building your resume. The favourable short-term courses to seek after BBA are-

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Technology
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Data Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism
  • Web Analytics Courses 
  • SEO Course
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing
  • Foreign Language Courses

Top Career Options After BBA

There are numerous potential employment prospects accessible for BBA grads, so if you're thinking,What jobs can you obtain after BBA? Then there are a lot of choices to decide on. Following your familiarisation with the finest BBA courses, consider the following job alternatives.

  • Management Jobs
  • Chartered Accountant(CA)
  • Data Scientist
  • Company Secretary(CS)
  • Teaching
  • IAS
  • Banking Sector
  • Hotel Management
  • Flexible Jobs like Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Web Designing, Fashion Designing and  Interior Designing.
  • Market Research Analysts

To wrap it up!

Thus we can say that there are numerous courses available that you can pursue after completing your BBA course. Explore your options with various professional paths outside of traditional higher education while participating in a dynamic online student community.

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FAQs - Courses to Do After BBA in India

What is the next step after BBA?

The next stage after earning a BBA for many is an MBA. With an additional MBA, you can pursue specific vocations that interest you even though a BBA is a professional degree that qualifies you to be a member of the professional world. Additionally, you will earn much more money with an MBA than with just a BBA.

What are the fields after doing BBA?

The three-year business course prepares students for various careers or advanced study options in the fields of Data Science, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and so on by providing them with knowledge across various business topics in the BBA subject course outline.

Which BBA has the highest salary?

The salary of an individual is dependent on their skills and experience. Specialisation in any field can help one become a professional and thus increase one's salary package. Some of the jobs in which one can go for a high salary-

  • Investment Banker
  • Trader
  • Financial Manager
  • Business Consultant

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