12th Board Exams 2021: Latest Updates & Preparation Tips

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 17 May 2021

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Amidst India’s existential crisis due to the second wave of covid-19, there is also growing demand for the cancellation of the CBSE 12th board exams 2021. Many states have already decided to cancel class 10th exams and postpone the class 12th examinations. Students have also started a campaign on Twitter #SaveBoardStudents asking the government and the Education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ to either defer the exams or evaluate their marks based on the assessment plan of class 10th.

Latest updates for class 12 CBSE

June 1st - In view of uncertain conditions due to COVID and feedback obtained from stakeholders, Class 12 board exams will not take place this year for CBSE and CISCE students. The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by PM Modi on Tuesday evening. 

May 24th - In a high-level meeting on Sunday, May 23, the Centre has proposed two options before the states as to how the Class 12th board exams are to be conducted. While one option was to have the Class 12th students write exams in only a selected few major subjects, the second option was to hold exams in schools but change the exam pattern to one that has only objective questions.

Moreover, the Union Government has also provided the states with an option to hold the exams as per the prevailing situations in the respective states.

The Education Minister has sought detailed suggestions from the states by May 25.

The first option proposed during the Sunday meeting was conducting exams at designated centres for 19 major subjects. “For minor subjects assessment can be based on performance in major subjects. This can be done if three months of time period is clearly and safely available to the board. August could be a likely month for holding the exams and the whole process is likely to go on till September end,” a source said as per PTI.

Elaborating on the second option that CBSE has given, the source said, “the exams can be conducted twice by the board depending upon the conducive situation. If a student is not able to appear due to any COVID related matter, he or she will be provided another opportunity to sit for exams."

“The exams will be of 90 minutes duration instead of three hours and will be conducted in same schools where students are enrolled. The questions will be objective and very short answer type. Students will have to appear in one language and three elective subjects,”.

The tentative timeline of CBSE Board: The first phase of exams could be held from July 15 to August 1 and the second phase from August 8-26. “Exams are proposed to be conducted on Sundays also,” the source told news agency PTI.

May 23rd - Chhattisgarh education board has already released their decision, where students will prepare for the exam at home, take the answer sheets and submit them back in 5 days. 

May 20th - A teacher from Kerala has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against the cancellation of the 12th board exams in the Supreme court.

May 17th - The 12th Board exams were set to begin by the 4th of May, but due to the rise in covid cases, the GOI has yet to cancel or come up with a schedule for class 12th board exams. However, a meeting has been held with all the states and union ministry.

Despite the announcement, given the intensity of the current wave, it is predicted not much will change for atleast the next quarter. Irrespective of the decision, many students are unsure about how to study for class 12th exams. Its time for students to reflect on their learnings from the past years and use them to prepare for the future. Students should not overly stress about what the future holds and remember, that your ability to succeed is not based on your class 12th marks or your board exam preparation.  

How to Prepare for Class 12th Board Exams?

The current batch of class 12th students is no short of creating history by having a year of learning and preparing through online classes and minimal physical interaction. The postponement of the class 12th exams has also given the students time to prepare and evaluate their preparedness in different ways. Now is the time for these students to prepare for still what is an uncertain future but some are confused about how to study in class 12 and for boards. To help you prepare better, we are sharing with you effective tips to stay calm and study for the 12th board exams. 

Make a schedule & Follow it

Among the study tips for board exams, this my friend is the first and foremost tip. Have a proper routine that you follow. With many reasons for stress around us, it is all the more important to take care of one’s health by eating right, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep. With education being mostly online, one can get stuck in the stressful routine of sleeping and getting up late. Having a schedule helps you avoid that and keeps your mind fresh. 

Mix it up!

Plan your day well. With almost all of us stuck at home, it is easy to get distracted or digress from our set timetable. Have a good meal, keep the subjects you are weak at for when your mind is fresh and the subjects you are good at for when you feel like mixing it up. Study for 1 hour 30 minutes to two hours and gradually increase your preparation time. Consistency is key. 

Chew what You Can Bite

While setting your timetable or study schedule, avoid getting over-ambitious. It can be overwhelming when there is a lot on one’s plate. Set realistic goals and avoid trying to study everything in a single day. Out of your subjects, pick 2-3 subjects or 2-3 chapters from different subjects and study them thoroughly, instead of skimming through 7-8 topics at one go. 

Get Enough Practice

An important part of preparing for the 12th board exams is solving mock papers. Near the exam, one should solve at least 1 mock paper each day. This should be done with the proper time duration of the actual exam kept in mind. This practice will be your revision and you will get the practice of writing the correct answer in the proper flow. 


We know with the current situation, the option to go for a stroll or sports is limited, however, students must include meditation and some home exercise in their schedule to relax and de-stress. Exercise will get the blood flow running and meditation will open your mind, resulting in amazing effects on your attention span and grasping powers. 

Get Good Sleep

Getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is a must for a successful routine and stress-free life. Students have to avoid studying till late hours of the night as it results in getting up late. Without a good night’s sleep, one might experience mood swings and be unable to concentrate on the task at hand. This might lead to an increase in the intake of caffeine or energy drinks, which are harmful in the long run if taken in large quantities. 


Read the newspaper and books in your free time to keep your communication skills in check. Reading is one of the most effective ways to improve your reading and writing abilities. 

Have revision zoom calls

When revising, schedule zoom meetings with your friends or classmates to revise the important concepts of chapters. Create a questionnaire for your friends and go around asking questions. This can be a well-deserved break as well as a good revision opportunity. 

How to Plan Ahead?

A person’s personality, abilities and grit are not determined by what they scored in the class 12th exams, it is the cumulation of the skills, knowledge and personal experience they had in life. So give your 100% to preparing for the 12th board exams, but also work on understanding what you would enjoy studying or doing after your 12th and in your career. 

There are many fields that you can take up irrespective of the stream you had in class 12th. You just need to understand what it is you enjoy doing and will enjoy learning about. You have to give your interests, abilities, aptitude, etc a thought to make the right decision. It is difficult to find something at one go, but surely with determination, you will. There is an array of courses that one can take post their class 12th boards. 

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