5 Government Job Opportunities after PGDM in Finance

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 26 July 2022
5 Government Job Opportunities after PGDM in Finance

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The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme is well-liked by individuals who choose to pursue higher education. Because PGDM occupations are among the highest paying jobs with lots of room for learning and growth, a career after PGDM can develop. A PGDM programme seeks to develop students' managerial and leadership abilities, so they can explore a variety of career options after PGDM and advance to top management positions. Additionally, it enhances students' overall personality attributes, including their capacity for communication, prompt decision-making, and aptitude for problem-solving.

What can I do after PGDM?

There are several PGDM positions available in both the public and private sectors. After completing PGDM, you can even work as an entrepreneur, educator, or researcher.

Can we get government job after PGDM?

Yes, you can get government job opportunities after PGDM, as in PGDM courses, the education is more practical, and many government agencies prefer candidates with more practical knowledge.

For the same reasons that MBA graduates find entry-level jobs, PGDM graduates also find those positions to be simple to obtain. The government seeks experts who can improve government operations and produce measurable results. Graduates of the PGDM are capable of doing such. Since their programme has prepared them for it, PGDM graduates should also give priority to applying and passing challenging government employment competitive exams. Many students take these tests immediately after graduating, but because you have a postgraduate degree, such as a PGDM, you will be given preference at the time of recruitment because of your higher education.

PGDM Government Jobs

PGDM graduates seek government employment for a variety of reasons, including respect, security, financial stability, and other advantages. The conclusion is that PSU and government positions are extremely well-liked in India. Additionally, choosing a college with superior PGDM Course placement possibilities is crucial. Following completion of a PGDM Finance degree, candidates can apply for some of the most sought-after government jobs, which are briefly listed below:

5 Government Jobs after PGDM Finance Graduate Can Apply For

  • Management Trainee
    One of the most significant positions one can apply for as a fresher after completing their PGDM programme is management trainee. Occasionally, government organisations would hire management trainees for a variety of positions in divisions like marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

  • General Manager Posts in Bank & Other PSUs
    One may apply for a general manager position in banks once they have completed their PGDM programme. On occasion, all government banks will accept applications for the position of general manager.

  • Specialist Officer Job in Government Banks
    A  "Specialist Officer" position is another one that is open in government banks for PGDM students. Marketing Officer, Personnel Officer, and other positions as special officers are some examples.

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Another form of upper management position open to PGDM graduates in the public sector is the CEO position. Although this employment profile is not suitable for everyone, government companies occasionally ask experienced individuals with the necessary expertise for this profile.

  • Junior and Senior Executive Jobs in PSUs and Banks
    PSUs and government organisations hire junior and senior-level executives for various areas, including marketing, human resources, information technology, operations, etc., in a manner similar to that of a special officer position.

Which job is best after PGDM?

One of the highest-paying professions in India is PGDM. In India, a PGDM course typically pays between INR 5 and 20 LPA in salary. Leading industries like finance, sales, marketing, and human resources offer vacancies for PGDM positions. Depending on the PGDM specialisation chosen, the PGDM course gives candidates a variety of job roles, including operations manager, project manager, HR manager, and operations consultant.

Banks, marketing agencies, market research firms, educational institutions, consultancies, law firms, and entertainment are among the top recruiting sectors.


You've probably seen that government banks and PSUs hire PGDM professionals for managerial positions, and the above arguments are strong enough to persuade you.

Depending on your PGDM specialisation, you can apply for a position. If you have no experience, you can apply for junior-level management trainee and other positions, but if you do, you can also apply for high-level management positions.

Additionally, PGDM  professionals are eligible to apply for all professions requiring a postgraduate degree in addition to the ones we've already mentioned.

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