7 Things that Commonly Happen in Every Indian Engineering College

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 27 July 2022
7 Things that Commonly Happen in Every Indian Engineering College

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If you've been accepted into an engineering institution in India, you've already made your parents proud. Because of your success in the engineering entrance exam, you've become the ideal child and will serve as an inspiration to the other kids in your neighbourhood until another guy manages the same feat next year. They must have told you a thousand times that they wanted to see you become an engineer one day.

There's no doubt that the four years of engineering college students' lives are enjoyable. If you've done nothing wrong, there are no mandatory parent-teacher conferences, no set class times, and no dreary uniforms. The four years of your B. Tech. degrees are something you'll love for the rest of your life and will sadly miss once it's finished.

When it comes to engineering colleges, these seven principles are now universally valid, whether you attend the cheapest university in India or the top university in India, regardless of where you are in the world. Continue reading to learn more about the fun side of the best engineering colleges in India to which all engineering college students may connect!

7 things that commonly happen in every Indian engineering college

For every Indian parent, making sure their child pursues engineering is a matter of life and death. Among the 15 million engineering graduates India generates each year, here are 7 things that will connect with the vast majority of students and graduates of both the cheapest university in India as well as the  best engineering colleges in India alike:

Disproportionate gender ratio

Not that girls aren't interested in engineering, but there are some engineering fields where the female-to-male ratio is a little more lopsided. So, for example, in Mechanical Engineering, you should expect to discover only a few female students among the 40 students in your class. 

Assignments overload

Assignments are the one thing that never goes away in four years of top universities in India! It doesn't matter if you have ample time to complete them; you'll put them off until the last week and end up copying the entire assignment from that one nerdy man in the batch who always completes his homework on time!

College canteen is the ideal hangout spot

The engineering college campus canteen is a great spot to meet up with friends for a cup of coffee. The canteen is constantly crowded, but even if the food isn't great, the atmosphere and charm make up for it. Most college campuses have some sort of student activity going on at any given time. If you're a favourite of the canteen guy, you might even get free food on occasion!

Mastering the art of last-minute studying

Engineers are among the laziest beings on the planet, and tests are no exception to this rule. It's possible to finish a 3000-page book the night before an exam, despite all the classes, practicals and lectures. In addition, you become so accustomed to "backlogs" that exams no longer terrify you.

In college, you may have been the centre of attention, but when it comes to the viva, the guy who goes first gets all the attention. When he leaves the viva room, the entire class rushes to find out what they'll face. Having your "minutes of fame" as the first guy to give viva in college is incredible.

Night out in the name of group study

The best possible reason to slip out for a fun-filled night out with mates is "pulling all-nighters before exams because studying in the morning is too mainstream." Whatever your activities are for the night, you'll always conclude it with a cup of tea or coffee at the 24-hour chai stand near your engineering college campus

For individuals who are studying engineering far from home, semester vacations represent the opportunity to return home. It also means having to say goodbye to pals for a while, but with today's amazing technology, you can always stay in touch via social media and you can't wait to see your friends again and have unlimited fun together!

Tech fests and cultural fests before the degree

Students in an engineering programme are fully aware that backlogs and supplemental tests are an unavoidable part of their four-year degree programme, and there is little they can do about it but show up for class, pay attention, and study hard. Even while cultural events like tech fests and college dance parties only come once a year, they are the only opportunity for students to show off their talents.

Low attendance and mass bunking

Attending some classes will be a chore due to long, dull lectures that you will most likely miss. As a result, skipping class becomes a habit until you receive a letter notifying you of your poor attendance and realise your error. As a result, the final days leading up to tests are spent trying to persuade your professor to let you sit for the exam. When exams are over, you start slacking off all over again!

Wrapping up!

When you want to give up, some people can help guide and encourage you. Once you graduate, you'll start missing your college and all the wonderful people you met there, from your canteen boy to your favourite professor to your favourite librarian to the professor whose class you never bothered to show up for. So, choose the top engineering colleges in India for yourself!

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Which year of engineering is the hardest?

Your third year may be the most difficult at your college because it is likely that you will begin taking "real engineering" subjects rather than just maths, science, and other general requirements.

Is engineering college tough?

No. The first year is filled with difficulty, conflict, and pain. By the second year, you will have learnt how to manage everything from low attendance to study routines and everything else.

Is engineering college life stressful?

There are numerous potential stress conditions in engineering. Everything from acquiring material for B.Tech classes to completing research papers on time, taking semester exams, and maintaining attendance percentages can cause stress in any student.

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