Is a BA degree worth it in 2022?

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 13 April 2022

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BA i.e. Bachelor of Arts, offers a number of opportunities to explore during graduation for students with a background in any of the ones available in 12th standard. But this course is specifically more helpful for humanities hailing students. Spanning three years, this course consists of multiple subject alternatives. It comprises primarily theoretical and a bit of practical understanding based on the specialisation of the subject matters. Here, we will have a look at what are those specific subjects available within the umbrella course of the degree, the yearly syllabus of most of them, and the best books for the respective subjects.

BA Subjects

As mentioned above, a BA degree is a theoretical course predominantly barring a few moderately practical-oriented subjects. Therefore, BA consists of subjects like Economics, English, Geography, History, Hindi, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Language-Specific. 

Let us look at the syllabus of the popular subjects for the Bachelor of Arts.

Syllabus of the Top 5 Popular Courses - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years


Economics course covers the subjects related to the social science aspects along with elementary mathematics. It is one of the few courses in BA that consists of subject matter that requires solving and analytical aptitude, among other theoretical understanding.

Following are the syllabi of this three-year course you will come across, depending upon the course structure set by the respective institutes:

EconometricsLanguage Subjects    
Mathematical Methods of EconomicsForeign Economics Theory
Development TheoryMacro & Micro Economics - Intermediate
History of EconomicsDevelopment of Economics in India
Economic StatisticsEconomics of the Society    
Economic Theory    Financial Economics
Economic Development of IndiaFinancial Systems
Financial MarketsMethods of Economics
Micro and Macro EconomicsElective Subjects


For the students who have a knack of reading and have always devoured literature, BA English is one of the best options out there. Following are the literary perspectives and narratives that will be covered in this three-year course:

Introduction to Literary StudiesTwentieth-century Literature
European Classical LiteratureIndian Classical Literature
Literature and CastePostcolonial Literature
Forms of Popular FictionWomen’s writing
Modern European DramaCommunication Skill in English
Romantic PoetryAnglo-American Writing from 1930
Elegy & SatireTwentieth-Century Indian Writing
English Grammar and Literary TermsVictorian Poetry


BA Geography is another course that consists of multiple subject matters that require practical assessment and understanding. Apart from the theoretical knowledge concerning the physical aspects of earth and human geography, the study of maps will demand basic mathematical and analytical skills. Below are the subjects covered over the course of three years.

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GISSpatial Analysis
Demography and Population PolicySpatial Economic Systems
Environmental Impact AssessmentEnvironment and Ecology
Natural Resource ManagementGeography of Landscape
Computer-Aided MappingAgricultural Geography
Regional DevelopmentSocial Geography of India
Political GeographyContemporary Human Geography
Advanced Physical GeographyCultural Geography
Hydrology and Water Resource ManagementUrban Settlement System
Thematic AtlasStatistical Techniques


From the glorious history of the language and its classical literature to contemporary literature, the course of  BA Hindi has got it all covered. The syllabus in detail for each semester is as follows:

History of Hindi LanguagePopular Literature in Hindi    
History of Hindi ScriptHindi for Official Purposes
Hindi CinemaHistory of Hindi Literature
Hindi on the World stageTranslation in Hindi
Hindi Language and SocietyHindi Language Teaching
Hindi Prose and EssayHindi Plays
Hindi Novel and its developmentLiterary Criticism    


Covering the predominantly temporal subjects, BA History course covers the three phases of Indian and global historical development, viz. the ancient, the medieval, and the modern. 

One will traverse the following historical trajectories if pursuing the degree in History:

History of India from Earliest Time to 350 B.C.History of India: State Formation of early Empire System
History of North East India with special reference to Assam 1228-1826History of North East India 1824-1947
Indian HistoriographyIndian Nationalism up to 1948
History of Europe from 1780-1871History of India 1948-1964
HistoriographyHistory of India 1818-1885
Gender History of IndiaHistory of India 1707-1818
History of Europe 1871-1945History of India 1556-1707 AD
History of EnvironmentHistory of East Asia Since 1839: Japan
History of East Asia Since 1839 ChinaHistory of India from 650 AD to 1556 AD


Under the umbrella of BA Philosophy, the diverse subjects assess the basis and explanation of the philosophical ideas and notions that have dominated over the course of history and in contemporary times.

Therefore the diverse and flexible range of subjects that are covered in this syllabus are as follows:

Indian Logic and EpistemologyPhilosophy of Language, Epistemology, and Metaphysics (Western)
Ethics (Indian and Western)Vedtasra – Sadananda (Entire Text)
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding: David HumePhilosophy of Religion
Problems of philosophyApplied Philosophy
Greek & Medieval PhilosophySocio-Political Philosophy

Political Science

If the ongoing politics in your country and the relations between nations interest you along with the plethora of political concepts and debates, then BA in Political Science is the perfect course for you. 

You will deal with the following subjects in the course over the six semesters:

Constitutional Government and Democracy in IndiaUnderstanding Political Theory
Political Processes in IndiaPolitical Theory Concepts & Debates
Global Politics International Relations
Public AdministrationComparative Government
Public PolicyClassical Political Thought
Indian Political ThoughtModern Political Philosophy
Colonialism and NationalismCitizenship in the Globalising World
Human RightsFeminism: Theory and Practice


The cognitive and psychoanalytic subjects are what the course of BA Psychology deals with. It is one of the most challenging yet interesting amongst the diverse options available within the realm of courses. 

Following are the subjects that are covered in this course:

Foundations of PsychologyIndustrial and Organisational Psychology
Statistical Methods for Psychological ResearchAbnormal Psychology
Physiological PsychologyChild and Adolescent Development
Psychological ResearchCounselling Psychology
Emergence and Growth of PsychologyHuman Resource Management
Social PsychologyPsychology of Health and Well-Being


Society is a concept constructed and developed in the discourses of modernity. And the course in Sociology deals with all the dimensions associated with the social sciences of human behaviour in society, social relationships, the culture associated with everyday life, etc. 

One will come across the following subjects in Sociology:

Basic Concepts in SociologySociety, Culture, and Social Change
Inter-ActionalismFoundations of Social Thought
Population Planning and ControlSocial Issues and Problems
Social InstitutionsProcesses of Social Change in India
Population Composition in IndiaStatistical Analysis and Use of Computer in Social Research
Research and Methods in Social ResearchSocial Stratification
Population TheoriesSocial Group and Processes
Evolution of Indian SocietyIndian Social Institutions

Best Books For BA

Being an extensively vast area of study covering a huge diversity of subjects available within its purview, it has also git a massive collection of best books to refer. Below are the better alternatives of the good books for the popular subject specialisations that one can refer:

EconomicsPrinciples of Economics - N. Gregory Mankiw
Principles Of Economics: Principles of Economics (Pearson Series in Economics) - Karl E. Case,‎ Ray C. Fair, and Sharon M. Oster
Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis - Prof Knut Sydsaeter and Prof Peter Hammond
Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics - Chiang,‎ Wainwright
People's History of India - Irfan Habib
GeographyHassan, Md. Izhar: Population Geography
Gautam, A.: Human Geography
Hussain, H: Bio-geography
Smith, R.L.: Ecology of Man-An Ecosystem
Chandna, R.C.: Environmental Geography
Singh, R.L.: Fundamentals of Practical Geography
Singh, G.: Map Wok & Practical Geography
HistoryAn Advanced History of India - Majumdar, Ray
Environmental Protection Act: An Agenda for Implementation - Upendra Baxi
Compendium on Environmental Pollutions Laws,1985 - S.K. Shukla
Public Administration Theory and Practice - Sharma, M.P
Political ScienceIndian Polity - M. Laxmikant
Political Concepts & Debates - OP Gauba
Political Theory - Andrew Heywood
Public Administration - BL Fadia
The Globalization of World Politics - John Baylis, Steve Smith
Principles of Comparative Politics - Matt Golder, Sona Nadenichek Golder, and William Roberts Clark
Understanding Public Policy - Thomas R. dye
PsychologyThe Psychology Book - Catherine Colin
A Degree in a Book: Psychology - Alan Porter
Essential Enneagram - Price and Daniels
The APA Dictionary of Psychology - Gary Vandenbos
Abnormal Psychology - Barlow and Durand

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