BBA Data Analytics or BBA Operations Management: Which is Better?

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 31 May 2023
BBA Data Analytics or BBA Operations Management: Which is Better?

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Nowadays, two specialised fields in the BBA program have gained a significant population: BBA Data Analytics and BBA Operations Management. With the rise of data-driven decision-making and the increasing importance of efficient operations in today's competitive business world, aspiring business students often find themselves confused about which path to pursue. BBA programs have always been the popular choice among students after the 12th.  In this blog post, we will delve into the debate between BBA Data Analytics and BBA Operations Management to help shed light on the question of which option is better suited for aspiring business professionals.

What is BBA in Data Analytics?

  • BBA in Data Analytics is a full-time undergraduate BBA program, divided into six semesters and is of three years duration. The focus of this program is to make students understand the concepts of data analytics including business intelligence and computer programming.
  • Students who have completed their high school education in the science or commerce stream can apply for this program. A minimum of 50% marks are required to be eligible for the same.
  • There are universities that take admission on the basis of top BBA entrance exams, followed by group discussions and personal interviews.
  • Following are some common subjects that you can expect to find in a BBA in Data Analytics syllabus:
    • Financial Accounting
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Operations Research
    • Risk Analytics
    • Strategic Management
    • Programming for Data Analytics
  • The future scope of a BBA in Data Analytics is promising and has great potential, with the increasing data-driven decision-making in businesses. Apart from this students can also pursue higher studies such as MBA in Data Analytics for a better understanding of this field.

What is BBA in Operation Management?

  • BBA in Operation Management is a three-year BBA course that focuses on providing insight into the topics such as accounting, management, statistics, information technology and more. The duration of this program is divided into six semesters, where these lessons are taught to students accordingly.
  • The eligibility criteria for this course require students to have a minimum of 50% marks in their 12th standard from a recognised board. Students from any field, be it science or commerce, can apply for this course.
  • Many universities conduct their entrance exams which students are required to take and score good marks in order to get admission. Few include the SET exam, IPMAT exam and more.
  • Since this bba course is divided into six semesters following are the subjects that students can get a chance to study:
    • Principles of Accounting
    • International Marketing
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Production and Operations Management
    • Flight Operations Management
    • Taxation
  • After completing the BBA in operation management, students can either apply for jobs in top organisations or continue their studies by applying for different postgraduate courses such as MBA in Operations and PGDM in operations management.

Difference between BBA in Data Analytics and BBA in Operation Management


BBA in Data Analytics

BBA in Operation Management

Average Fees

₹4- ₹13 LPA

₹5k-₹5 LPA

Job Positions

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Data Scientist
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Analyst
  • Inventory Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager

Top Recruiters

  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Amazon
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Oracle
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Capgemini


  • Data Analysis
  • Programming
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Quality Management

Average Salary

₹ 3-8 LPA

₹ 5-8 LPA

BBA in Data Analytics vs BBA in Operation Management- Which is Better?

When making a decision on which course is better, consider your natural aptitude, strengths, and long-term career goals. There are many other factors too, that take part in the decision making such as working with data, analysing patterns, and extracting insights, or if you are more inclined towards optimising processes, managing resources, and ensuring operational excellence.

BBA Data Analytics will focus on your skills to analyse and interpret large sets of data, derive actionable insights, and make informed decisions based on data-driven strategies. As we are living in a data-driven era pursuing a BBA in Data Analytics can open doors to many job roles as businesses are increasingly relying on professionals who can extract valuable information. 

On the other hand, BBA Operations Management focuses on efficiently managing business operations, optimising processes, and ensuring the smooth and effective delivery of products and services. Since professionals in this field excel at identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and implementing strategies to enhance operational efficiency, BBA in Operations Management can lead to diverse career opportunities.


The decision between pursuing a BBA in Data Analytics or BBA in Operations Management depends on personal preferences, career goals, and individual strengths. Both fields offer distinct opportunities and challenges, and the "better" option ultimately depends on your interests, aptitudes, and aspirations within the business world.

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FAQ-BBA Data Analytics or BBA Operations Management: Which is Better?

Which course is easy, BBA in Data Analytics or BBA in Operation Management?

No degree is easy or difficult, this depends entirely on the interest and strength of the individual.

Can BBA students do data analytics?

Yes, students can pursue BBA in data analytics. Since it's a technical degree students are required to have technical skills for the same.

Is it difficult to find a job after BBA?

Finding a job after BBA may be challenging but the degree equips you with a strong foundation in business principles and can open doors to various career paths.

Can I get a decent job if I pursue a full-time course from college powered by Sunstone?

Yes, if you choose colleges powered by Sunstone, you will have access to 50+ assured job interviews with MNCs

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You can pursue BBA courses from colleges powered by Sunstone. Some of the top colleges are:

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