BBA in Event Management: Course Details, Syllabus, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 28 March 2023
BBA in Event Management

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BBA in Event Management is a three-year undergraduate BBA degree program that aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to plan, organise, and execute successful events. Event management is a growing industry that is in high demand in today's market. It offers a variety of career opportunities in the corporate and entertainment sectors. This course will assist students with essential business skills, including marketing, finance, and decision-making in management, which are crucial for running a successful event management company.

BBA in Event Management provides students with the flexibility to work in various roles and industries. This exposure helps them to gain knowledge about different cultures and working styles.

Overview of BBA in Event Management

  • BBA in Event Management is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on preparing students for a career in the event management industry. 
  • This program offers a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of event management, such as planning, organising, executing, and evaluating events.
  • This BBA course provides practical training and experience through workshops, internships, and live events, which helps students to develop their skills and build a strong network. The course will help students to have a better understanding of leadership vs management, which will profit their professional life. 
  • The program focuses on enhancing students' communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills, which are essential for a career in event management.
  • Graduates with a BBA in Event Management can pursue careers as event planners, marketing coordinators, public relations specialists, and more in various industries such as corporate, hospitality, entertainment, and sports.

Admission process for BBA in Event Management

The admission process for BBA in Event Management may vary depending on the college or university. In general, the admission process involves the following steps:

  • The eligibility criteria for BBA in Event Management vary from college to college. In general, candidates should have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination in any stream with at least 50% marks.
  • Interested candidates can apply for admission through the college or university's official website or through offline application forms.
  • Some colleges or universities may conduct an entrance exam for admission to the BBA in Event Management program. The entrance exam may test the candidate's aptitude, reasoning, and communication skills.
  • Candidates who qualify for the entrance exam may have to appear for a personal interview. The interview is conducted to assess the candidate's communication skills, confidence, and aptitude for the course.
  • Some colleges may offer admission on a merit basis, where candidates are selected based on their marks in the qualifying examination.

Types of BBA in Event Management Courses

One can pursue BBA in Event Management either as a full-time course or a part-time course. Most of the universities offer full-time BBA courses where the students are supposed to attend the classes in the physical mode for the three-years or six semesters. 

There are few universities in India that offer BBA part-time courses where a student can complete their BBA course in 6 years. This will help them to work at the same time during their graduation. 

Top Colleges for BBA in Event Management

Given below is the table of top colleges in India offering BBA in Event Management.

College Name


Average Yearly Fees (INR)

Exams Accepted

Average Salary Package (INR)

Sage University, Indore

The Times of India Ranking 65

INR 50,000



Jain University, Bangalore

NIRF Ranking 79

INR 1,50,000


6-7 LPA

St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore

NIRF Ranking 93

INR 1,40,000


4-5 LPA

EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Mumbai

NIRF Ranking 102

INR 2,25,000

EMDI Entrance Test

3-4 LPA

MIT World Peace University, Mumbai

NIRF Ranking 116 

INR 2,35,000


3.5 LPA

CMR University, Bangalore

NIRF Ranking 118

INR 1,00,000


4-5 LPA

New Delhi Institution of Management

NIRF Ranking 101-125

INR 3,20,000



Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

NIRF Ranking 131

INR 79,3000


3-4 LPA

Amity University, Mumbai

NIRF Ranking 198

INR 2,23,000


7-8 LPA

RIMT University, Gobindgarh

NIRF Ranking 464

INR 51,000

5-6 LPA

Syllabus of BBA in Event Management

Given below is the table format of subjects taught in different semesters of this BBA course: 



Basics of Practical Event Management-I

Basics of Practical Event Management-II

Business Communication-I

Business Communication-II

Human Resource Management

Event Planning & Venue Management

Introduction to Accounts and Finance

Event Production Process

Introduction to Event Management

Marketing Management

Principles of Management

Organisational Behavior



Event Resource Management

Brand Management- Research & Development

Event Marketing & Sponsorship

Business Environment

Special Events- Wedding Planning & Live Events

Information Technology in Business Management- II

Information Technology in Business Management-I

Legal Aspects of Event Management

Professional Industry Engagement

Special Events- MICE & Corporate Events

Event Hospitality & Sponsorship

Work-Based Learning Route (Internship)



Consumer Behavior


Ethics and Governance

Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management

Media Management

Event Safety & Risk Management

Project Work-I

Experiential Marketing & Technology

Public Relations

Project Work-II

Job Opportunities After Event Management

There are several job opportunities available after completing a degree in event management. Some of the popular job roles include:

Job Profile 

Job Description 

Average Salary (INR)

Public Relations Executive

In this you will be responsible for managing the communication between the company and its stakeholders, customers, employees, and the general public. They work to promote a positive image of the company and manage any negative publicity that may arise. 

5-6 LPA

Marketing Executive

In this you will be responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and drive sales.


2-3 LPA

Promotion Manager

In this you will be responsible for the development and implementation of marketing promotions to increase sales.

6-7 LPA

Sales and Marketing Manager

In this role, you will be responsible for promoting the event management company to potential clients.

6-7 LPA

Brand Development Manager

In this you will be responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s brand strategy. They work to ensure that the brand strategy is recognised and trusted by the consumers. 


Event Manager

In this you will be responsible for planning, organising, and executing events such as concerts, weddings, and corporate events. You will also coordinate with vendors, and create budgets.  

8-9 LPA

Production Manager

In this you will be responsible for handling the technical aspects of the such as sound, lighting, and stage set up. 

6-7 LPA

Future Scope of BBA in Event Management

BBA in Event Management is a growing field with immense future scope. As the events industry is expanding rapidly, the demand for professionals with specialised skills in event management is also increasing.

Moreover, graduates can also choose to start their own event management companies and become entrepreneurs. The event industry offers tremendous potential for growth and success, and with the right skills and experience, graduates can make a successful career in event management.

After completing BBA in Event Management, students can also pursue postgraduate studies in related fields to further enhance their career prospects. 

An MBA in Event Management provides in-depth knowledge of various aspects of event management, including event planning, marketing, finance, and operations. Master of Event Management is another postgraduate degree program that focuses specifically on event management. It provides students with a more specialised and in-depth understanding of the field.


BBA in Event Management is an excellent choice for those who are interested in the dynamic and exciting field of event management and want to build a successful career in this industry. With the growth of the events industry, the demand for skilled event management professionals is expected to rise in the future, creating more job opportunities in this field.

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