BBA General vs BBA Hons: Understanding the Difference

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 19 July 2022

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BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is a popular choice of higher education among Indian students who want to pursue a career in management-related fields. It is common for students who wish to attain an MBA degree to opt for a BBA degree. However, students often get confused between the two courses available- BBA Honours and General BBA. 

This article performs a comparative study of the two courses in terms of eligibility, admission, syllabus, career prospects and job opportunities. This will empower BBA aspirants to make the right educational decisions when it comes to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

Course overview: BBA General vs BBA Hons

BBA Hons.

BBA Hons is a three-year undergraduate course in management studies which offers specific subject specialisations. Institutions generally look for students with a Commerce background, especially when it comes to direct admissions. Nonetheless, students from any stream can enrol for this course through entrance exams with mathematics or business studies as one of their subjects. Although the subjects offered in BBA Hons are generally the same as BBA general course, Hons. courses generally have a higher cut-off and are more competitive.

BBA Hons. allows for specialisations in fields like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Banking and Accounting, International Trade and Commerce, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Sports Management, Event Management, Travel and Tourism Management, and International Business, to name a few. The opportunity to specialise in a certain subject makes it conducive for students who want to pursue academia or work in managerial positions across leading industries. Apart from pursuing an M.Phil or PhD, one can avail of several direct or on-campus recruitment opportunities from many leading businesses after the successful completion of the degree. 

BBA General

The general BBA course or the BBA pass course is an undergraduate programme in management offered across various popular B-schools in India. This is also a three-year course without any opportunities for subject specialisations. However, there are a handful of elective subjects available which may vary across the different colleges and universities offering the degree.

The course provides a basic understanding of business administration and managerial studies without delving into the intricacies of the specialisation subjects involved. This makes it a popular choice among students who wish to be entrepreneurs or diversify their careers. In this regard, a BBA degree provides a basic but comprehensive understanding of business administration. It is a holistic course which imparts business acumen to students which makes it appropriate for students who want to pursue a plethora of careers in any of the corporate sectors.

Comparative Study: BBA Hons vs BBA General

Here are a few of the important points of comparison between a General BBA degree and a BBA Honors programme:

Eligibility and Admissions

Students who have graduated from their class 12 board examinations with a minimum average score of 50% are eligible for the BBA Hons course. Although the eligibility of students from different streams like arts, commerce, and science depends on the individual colleges, students must have the subject English and Mathematics, if they want to pursue BBA Hons from a top B-school in the nation. 

There are two kinds of admission processes for BBA Hons. These include direct admissions and admissions via entrance examinations. The direct admissions are conducted by colleges based on the marks obtained in class 12 examinations where the cutoffs are determined by each of the individual colleges. Apart from this, there are entrance examinations like DU JAT, AIMA, CET BBA, SET, and NPAT BBA which test the Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning skills of the students.

The eligibility criteria for students who want to pursue a general BBA degree require them to have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in their 12th board examinations with English as a compulsory subject. Many top institutions may also require the aspirant to have mathematics as well. The admission process is based on entrance examinations which test the aspirant’s skills in Verbal Ability, Logical reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Data interpretation, etc. The common admission tests include SET BBA, IPMAT, DU JAT, UGAT and so on. It is also important for the aspirants to note whether there are sectional cut-offs associated with such entrance examinations. 


A few of the core BBA Honours subjects include Management Process and Organisational Behaviour, Business Economics, Business Communication, Financial Accounting, Business Environment, Business Mathematics, Marketing Management, Computer Fundamentals and Applications, Management Information System, Business Law, Business Statistics, and Operations Research. Alongside these subjects, the aspirants of a BBA Hons degree also have to opt for a specialisation subject. 

The subjects commonly taught in the general BBA syllabus include Principles of Management, Human Resources Management, Computer Applications, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Management Economics, Effective Communication, Business Environment, Quantitative Methods in Business, and Family Business Management.

Job Opportunities

There are several career prospects after the completion of the BBA Honours course. The extensive curriculum and the opportunity to specialise in a particular subject allows the BBA Honours students to land higher-paying jobs giving them a greater advantage during recruitment. Some of the common jobs pursued by students after completing BBA Honours include Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Administrative Executive, Operations Manager, Business Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Reporter, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Relationship Manager, Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, et al.

The job opportunities available after completing the general BBA course include several managerial positions in various corporate sectors. The common employment positions are Business Consultant, Finance Manager, Marketing Associate, Human Resource Associate, Business Development Executive, Information Systems Manager, Businesses Administration Researcher, and Corporate Accountant.

To Conclude

While there is not much difference in scope when pursuing a general BBA degree or a BBA Hons degree, the aspirants must keep a track of the credits offered by the course. It is important to understand the eligibility requirements, admission process, syllabus and career prospects for both these courses. It is also recommended for the aspirants to visit the official website for the institution of their choice or approach a mentor on the official Sunstone website for more details. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are BBA Honours and BBA the same?

Although there isn't much difference between the subjects taught in the two courses, BBA Honours and BBA general are not the same. While the BBA Honours course allows for subject specialisations, the BBA general course does not provide that option. The cutoffs and eligibility criteria for BBA Honours courses are higher than BBA general as well.

2. Which type of BBA is the best?

The BBA Honours course provides intensive knowledge of the business administration subjects and offers opportunities for subject specialisations which makes it suitable for students who want to land specialised roles in the management industry. On the other hand, the general BBA course provides a basic overview of the topics in business administration. It is preferred by students who want to become entrepreneurs or have some hands-on knowledge of management before entering the corporate world.

3. What are the subjects in BBA general?

Several essential business administration subjects are covered in the BBA general syllabus. These include subjects such as Principles of Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Management Economics, Business Communication, Business Environment, Quantitative Methods, etc.

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