BBA Salary in India: What to expect

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 21 December 2021

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Touted as a degree of the future, Bachelor of Business Administration is a professional degree for a career in management after completing Standard 12 exams. With companies on a constant lookout for efficient management graduates, the scope of BBA salary has been on the rise in recent years.

BBA Salary in India
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This degree is also appropriate for individuals who plan to continue their education in management after graduation. By pursuing BBA first, they have a strong foundation in management and perform better than students who do not come from a management background. A BBA degree also opens up avenues for a wide range of job options. This is one of the few degrees that can lead to high-paying management and administration jobs immediately after graduation.

The economy of the country is expanding, and many new businesses are springing up. Not all businesses can afford MBA executives with a lot of experience. As a result, these businesses provide chances to BBA degree holders.

Jobs and Salaries After BBA in India

Based on the foundations taught through BBA, many BBA graduates have landed successful careers and the BBA salary packages are also quite competitive. These are determined by the student's specialities. Following graduation, a student receives a starting BBA salary based on the position obtained. Following that, the BBA salary rises as a result of promotions and career advancement. A BBA graduate can choose to work in core jobs that are closely related to their studies.

During the first and second years of a BBA programme, students are taught about all aspects of the business. Many universities and colleges allow students to specialise in their fields at the conclusion of their first or second year. Almost all industries have core roles accessible at the completion of the three-year programme in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources (HR), and Operations.

Specialization Jobs Average Salary (in INR)
Sales Entry Level Sales Executive 5-10LPA
Marketing Marketing Executive 6-12LPA
Retail Management Store Incharge 4-10LPA
Supply Chain and Analytics Assistant Manager/Logistics Manager 5-8LPA
Operations Production Executive/Manager 4-6LPA
Human Resources Executive/Assistant Manager 4-8LPA
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Executive/Manager 6-10LPA
Finance Analyst 8-15LPA
International Business Trader 6-20LPA
Healthcare Management Executive/Manager 5-10LPA
Business Analytics Business Analyst 6-10LPA

A BBA degree allows a student to stand out as a new candidate with a variety of experiences and talents. Surprisingly, abilities learned in BBA enable students to pursue occupations and jobs that are unrelated to their initial field of study.

Factors Affecting Salary Scale After BBA

The average BBA salary in India is approx 3LPA. A lot of factors affect the salary package of a BBA graduate, they are as follows:

  • Job Profile
  • Hiring Company
  • Choice of Specialisation
  • The reputation of their college

Employers also take into account the following aspects when establishing your salary:
1. Skill
Your BBA salary is directly proportional to the level of expertise you bring to the table. Professions that need expert staff or persons with specific qualifications are typically paid higher, whereas more general positions, such as administration, are typically paid lower.

2. Location
Geographical location has a significant impact on the BBA salary you get paid. Salaries for the same job will change in different towns and cities due to differences in living costs.

3. Quality of Experience:
Years and quality of experience in the industry have an impact on BBA salary. Job advertisements usually state how many years of experience are required for the position and provide a compensation range. Even within a salary band, your offer will be determined by your level of expertise.

4. Education:
Your BBA salary is also influenced by your level of education and its quality (i.e. the institution you attended). In the job market, management graduates from the IIMs, for example, will attract a higher salary than MBAs from other colleges.

5. Experience in Management Avenues:
Your BBA salary is affected by the amount of employees who report to you. Those with previous managerial experience are frequently employed at a higher salary.

Salary by Top Recruiters

BBA salary in India also depends on the hiring company. The same job profile's salary can be poles apart in two different companies. Listed below are the leading recruiters offering competent salary packages to BBA graduates:

Company Average Salary (in INR)
Accenture 1.8-10LPA
Tata Consultancy Services 2.42-9.75LPA 2-10LPA
HDFC Bank 1.8-10LPA
Ernst & Young (EY) 3-10LPA

Summing Up..

A plethora of jobs profiles are available for BBA graduates to explore in the business industry. Companies abroad are also on a constant lookout for candidates with management degrees. Moreover, with the acquired business knowledge, BBA graduates can also aim for running their own successful businesses.

Which job role has the highest salary after BBA?

Here are the highest-paying job profiles after BBA:
1. Human Resource Manager
2. Finance Manager
3. Accountant
4. Investment Banker
5. Trader

What is the average salary after BBA?

The average BBA salary is 2-3LPA. But the package can differ with reference to the candidate's experience, the reputation of their college, and the hiring company.

Is BBA better than B.Com?

Yes, at the graduate level, BBA offers a wide variety of management job opportunities as compared to B.Com.

Does BBA make you eligible for bank jobs?

Yes, you can apply for bank jobs such as PO after completing your BBA. There are multiple job openings in banking that require graduates from various fields.

Does BBA have scope in future?

Yes, many people believe that a Bachelor of Business Administration degree is the degree of the future. Many students are also defying the pattern of majoring in science, business, or the arts and are pursuing BBA instead because of its competent job prospects.

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