BBA vs BCA- Which Is Better And Why?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 2 December 2022
BBA vs BCA- Which Is Better And Why  Sunstone Blog

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BBA vs BCA- Which Is Better And Why?

After completing the 12th standard, students begin contemplating the right course for their undergraduate degree. Most of the students are confused about the right course, college, and city. Students mostly look for courses that ensure higher salaries and career development. Since an undergraduate course lays the foundation of a career, students prefer courses that promise good options for a successful career.

The first question that usually comes to mind is - what course would be best suited for you? Some top courses students opt for include BCom, BCA, BSc, BTech, and BBA. Most of the courses are stream-oriented, but students can get confused about BBA vs BCA. The full forms of BBA and BCA are Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Applications, respectively. The popularity and need for graduates in business and computer courses are rapidly increasing.

If you are also confused about which is better - BBA or BCA, then continue reading. You will be able to understand the difference by comparing both these courses and eventually decide which one is better for you. This article covers all the information you need about whether BBA is better or BCA.

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration

If you have convincing power, knowledge of business techniques and tactics, and a knack for presentations, BBA might be the right course for you. BBA is an undergraduate course in the field of Business Administration. The course spans over three years and has six semesters in total. Any student from any field can apply for BBA. It is one of the most flexible undergraduate degree programmes.

The core subjects included in the course are marketing, financial accounting, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. The course aims to enhance your capabilities and prepare you for managerial and executive roles in sectors like finance, insurance, banking, etc. You can either choose to pursue the course full-time or part-time. You can even choose an online mode or distance mode of learning.

The BBA course comprises multiple specialisations, and each specialisation shapes your managerial, practical, and communication skills. They also enhance your decision-making skills. The specialisations also provide you with internships, projects, and specialised training modules to give you practical experience. The specialisations can be chosen based on your interest area and skills. Some of the top specialisations include International Business, Business Administration, Finance, Event Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Supply Chain Management, Retail, etc. 

After completing your BBA, you can opt for a postgraduate degree like MBA to gain knowledge and skills and enhance your job prospects. Also, if you wish to polish your computer-related skills, you can opt for a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (MCA) for your postgraduate studies.

BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications

If technical education is something that interests you and you have a deep curiosity about areas like coding, algorithms, etc., BCA might be the right choice for you. Similar to BBA, the BCA course is also a three-year undergraduate degree that includes six semesters in total. 

The study of BCA includes learning computer languages like Java, C, and C++. It forms the basis for students who have a deep interest in software engineering, computer programming, inventory management, etc. The programme teaches students more about technical aspects like software development, hardware, programming methodologies, computer languages, etc.

The popularity of BCA courses is rising due to the unprecedented growth of the technological sector. This rise in the IT industry has increased the demand for graduates with knowledge of computer-related aspects. Some top specialisations students opt for include Internet Technologies, Database Management, Computer Graphics, System Analysis, Financial Accounting, Word Processing, and Animation.

Most students prefer the traditional mode of completing their degree, but now that some of the reputed colleges have started offering the degree online, students opt for studying online too. There are numerous BCA-related jobs available, and students can choose the right job after completing the course. 

To sharpen your knowledge and skills, you can opt to pursue an MCA degree after completing your BCA course. There is also a discussion regarding BCA vs BTech. You can compare those degrees to understand which one is better suited for your needs.

Which is Better - BBA or BCA?

Now that we understand both BBA and BCA in detail, here are some of the key differences between BBA and BCA.



To pursue a BBA degree, the student should have passed class 12th from any stream.

To pursue a BCA degree, the student should have passed class 12th from Mathematics or Science stream.

BBA is a management degree focused on the theoretical aspects of business administration. 

BCA is a technical degree based on the concepts of computer applications.

This requires students to have management skills. 

This requires students to have programming skills. 

Now the question is BBA or BCA - which is tougher? BCA is considered to be a bit tougher as compared to BBA as it requires knowledge of computer science. BBA is theory-based and can be understood by any student from any stream with ease. One of the other points is the BBA vs BCA salary, i.e. salary drawn by students after completing the course. The salary depends on the specialisation that you choose in the respective course and the college from which you are pursuing the degree. Both of these courses are in demand, and graduates can choose any one depending on their interests and skills.


Choosing between BBA and BCA depends on the respective students and their areas of interest. It is not wise to say which of these degrees is better. Both degrees will provide you with the potential to make a great career for yourself, provided that you put in the required amount of hard work and dedication. To choose the right degree for yourself, it is advisable to analyse your area of interest, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and recognise your skills. 

If you are looking for the right college to pursue BBA or BCA, Sunstone can help you. Sunstone’s benefits can be availed at more than 50 campuses all over the country. With the degree that you choose to pursue, you will also get industry-oriented certifications, dedicated projects, and internships to foster holistic growth and career development. 

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