BCA Data Science: Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 10 October 2022
BCA Data Science: Course, Admission, Syllabus, Colleges

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An Introduction

A Bachelor in Data Science is a three-year undergraduate degree in computer and mathematical sciences. The curriculum was designed to fulfil the requirements of the IT industry as it exists today. This is an advanced Data Science course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of Data Science and software application topics.

Students wishing to pursue Bachelor of computer application must have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 50 percent in Math from a recognised Board. Admission to the programme is typically determined by a candidate's performance on the ACET, KL, or CET exams administered for the programme. However, there are few colleges that admit students on the basis of merit. Read on to learn more about BCA data science, BCA data science syllabus, BCA data science salary and more!

Why Study BCA Data Science?

Due to its many benefits, the Bachelor of computer application in Data Science course has gained popularity among students in recent years. Students of Bachelor of computer application in Data Science enjoy the following advantages:

  • BCA Data Science is a three-year undergraduate degree programme that focuses on educating and training students in the areas of Computer and Software Applications, in addition to Data Science subjects.
  • The BCA data science is an excellent option for students interested in learning about topics such as Database Management Systems, Statistics and Probability, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • In addition to providing a solid foundation in data science and programming languages, a BCA in data science will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of computer applications and software development.
  • BCA Data Science is currently quite popular, but demand for professionals in this field is extremely high. The BCA data science subjects are interesting, and the scope of this field expands daily as a result of technological progress.
  • Students may find lucrative employment opportunities as Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and much more upon successful completion of the course.
  • After opting for these professions, the average starting salary for BCA data science is between INR 500,000 and INR 800,000, which increases with experience and skill.

BCA Data Science: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for admission to BCA Data Science Courses are outlined for your reference below:

  • Students must have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 50 per cent on the qualifying exam.
  • Students must have earned a 10+2 diploma from a recognised school or institute.
  • In addition, one must have completed 10+2 in the Science stream with Mathematics as a required subject. At the 10+2 level, Computer Science is an optional subject.
  • The prospective candidate must not have any previous delinquencies at their previous level of education.
  • In addition to these prerequisites, candidates must pass an entrance exam administered at the national or university level to gain admission to the top colleges and universities.

BCA Data Science: Admission Procedure

Before applying for the BCA Data Science course, applicants must verify that they meet the prerequisites for admission. In addition to meeting course prerequisites, entrance exams must be taken and passed. 

The admissions process and the most recent updates for BCA Data Science Admissions 2022 are detailed below:

  • In order to be admitted to the course on the basis of an entrance exam, candidates must have passed the ACET, Poornima University Entrance Test, or any other CET administered by a recognised institution.
  • The majority of Indian universities granting admission to the respective programme require a 10+2 minimum of 50 per cent.
  • Following a series of steps, including a college entrance exam, a group discussion, a personal interview, and a final merit list, some colleges and universities grant admission.
  • In the majority of BCA Data Science-offering colleges, students must adequately prepare for a Personal Interview round.

BCA Data Science: Syllabus 

The BCA Data Science programme is a three-year curriculum consisting of domain-related studies and practical/research modules that provide students with an in-depth understanding of data science and data structure with some interesting BCA data science subjects. The BCA data science syllabus is designed to include all Data Science-related topics and concepts.

BCA Data Science: Scope

There is a great deal of opportunity for graduates in this field, as the programme offers a variety of high-paying positions. The demand for graduates in this field has steadily increased over the past several years. Candidates with a BCA in Data Science can find lucrative and well-paid employment opportunities or may go for top courses after BCA data science.

  • BCA Data Science graduates can find employment in various industries, but IT is the most prevalent.
  • Currently, the BCA Data Science course is very popular on the industrial market, and it is widely recognised internationally.
  • If students continue to desire to excel in this field, they may pursue additional studies in order to acquire a deeper understanding of it.
  • In recent years, the course has demonstrated its subject-matter competency and ability to provide students with excellent Data Science-related employment opportunities.


BCA Data Science is an undergraduate course that focuses on providing aspirants with appropriate knowledge of various areas of Computer and Software Applications in addition to the Data Science subjects. So, if you want to pursue BCA Data Science, prepare well!

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FAQ - BCA  Data Science

  • What is the salary for BCA data science?

After completing a BCA course, students can work in a variety of fields, including Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, and more. The average salary ranges from INR 4,000,000 to INR 10,000,000.

  • Is BCA good for data science?

Yes. In addition to offering a strong foundation in data science and computer languages, a BCA in data science will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of computer application areas and software development.

  • Which BCA course has the highest salary?

Here are some jobs available to BCA graduates, both fresh and experienced, along with their salaries: System Analyst - INR 6.54 LPA - INR 10.58 LPA, Software Developer - INR 4.86 LPA - INR 12.64 LPA, and so on.

  • Is BSc CS better than BCA?

When considering BCA vs BSc CS then, both are great courses. BCA is more productive and advantageous for jobs in the corporate sector, whereas BSc CS is better suited for careers in academia and disciplinary research.

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