B.Com vs BAF: Which One Should You Choose?

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 27 July 2022
B.Com vs BAF: Which One Should You Choose?

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Are you drawn to the business world? Are you interested in pursuing a programme to make it in this field but overwhelmed by the numerous options? Then B.Com and BAF are your best possibilities. But is it bothering you to choose between these two options? Don't be concerned. Because we are here to help you get out of this bind and make this intimidating experience less stressful.

There is no correct answer when it comes to deciding between BAF vs courses. You will reach a decision only after comparing various aspects of the courses. In the end, it all comes down to your compatibility with the courses' offerings. So, we've made a comparison between BAF vs B.Com to help you narrow down your options.

What is B.Com?

B.Com degrees are awarded to students who have completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree in commerce (or business) and related subjects . It is a programme that lasts for three years and is divided up into two semesters per year (6 semesters in total). The purpose of the class is to provide students with a wide range of managerial information and abilities. In addition, students are given a foundational understanding of fundamental business practices through the study of subjects such as economics, marketing, human resources (HR), and business management. It's possible that certain programmes will additionally require you to have knowledge of business statistics, elementary calculus, and information systems.

What is BAF?

An undergraduate programme known as BAF/B. Com (A&F), which stands for Bachelor of Accounting and Finance/Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance, was made available by the University of Mumbai in the academic year 2003-04. With a concentration on both accounting and finance, this degree programme lasts for three years and is divided up into a total of six semesters, or two semesters per year. Additionally, it enables you to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of running a firm and managing people. The development of this course was motivated by a desire to encourage self-employment and meet the demand of businesses for individuals who have received training in the areas of accounting and finance.

B.Com Vs BAF - Eligibility criteria

B. Com

To be eligible for admission to the three-year degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Commerce degree, students must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Examination administered by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education's various Divisional Boards.

  1. Must have passed an examination recognised by another university or body as comparable to the Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Exam.
  2. Required to have completed and passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) examination, which included at least one or more of the minimum competency-based vocational courses provided by one of the several Divisional Boards of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.


  1. The aforementioned criteria discrepancy clearly reveals that admission to B. Com is easier than admission to BAF, with a 10% difference in the minimum marks required to be qualified for the two (35 percent or passing marks for B. Com while 45 percent for BAF). Students from vocational studies can also choose B. Com, although BAF does not accept such students.
  2. To be eligible for admission to BAF, a candidate must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Examination administered by various Divisional Boards of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent, with at least 45 percent marks in aggregate on the first attempt (40 percent in the case of reserved category students).

BAF Vs B.Com - Syllabus

BAF, often known as B. Com (A&F), is a subset of B. Com. It is a more focused and concentrated version of B. Com that tries to specialise in the field of Accounts and Finance, whereas B. Com is a general overview that focuses on all aspects of Business.

Career options after B.Com

The B. Com degree is essentially of a general nature, which makes it possible to enrol in a wider variety of post-graduate programmes and gives students access to a greater number of employment opportunities. Broad courses have historically had inadequate starting packages, but this is gradually changing as occupations become more demanding and employees are expected to have a general awareness of everything relating to their area and then some. Historically speaking, broad courses have had inadequate starting packages. Concurrently, career opportunities will improve for BAF graduates because businesses are looking for people with certain skill sets to fill positions in their finance and accounting departments in order to improve those aspects of the business.

Jobs for B.Com students

  1. Com is for students who are fundamentally competent in accounting but are also open to a wide range of subject options for further study. While BAF is for those who are serious about pursuing a profession in Accounting and Finance. Students interested in becoming Chartered Accountants (CA) are encouraged to pursue BAF since it serves as a strong foundation builder for a career based on Accounting and Finance, such as in the field of Chartered Accountancy.

Another significant difference between the two is the rigidity of attendance, which is every college student's worst nightmare. Attendance is more variable with B. Com, however with a self-financed course like BAF, there is little to no flexibility with attendance. BAF students must achieve attendance requirements that are often greater than those of its generalised parent - B.Com.

Wrapping up

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