10 Best Websites to Practice Coding Problems

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 27 March 2023
Ten Coding Websites

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Coding has become an increasingly important skill in today's world, as technology continues to advance and transform various industries. As a result, coding skills are in high demand, and individuals who possess these skills are likely to have bright careers.  Proficiency in coding will allow students to be well-positioned and take advantage of new job opportunities in their career paths.

BCA Degree can provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field of coding and software development. It is a great option for those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field and want to gain a strong foundation in programming and application development.

What is Coding?

Coding, in simple terms, is the process of creating instructions in the form of code that a computer or other machine can understand and execute. The code is written in a programming language and is a set of instructions and rules that specify how to create the code. Once the code is written, it is then compiled and executed.

Coding requires problem-solving and logical thinking as the coder needs to understand how to break down the task in such a way that a computer can understand and follow. It also requires a strong knowledge of programming concepts, such as variables, data structures, functions, and algorithms, as well as proficiency in popular programming languages.

With the help of coding, a coder can build applications, create websites, develop software, and do a lot of cooler things. 

Often people debate over coding vs programming and confuse the same. Though coding and programming are often used interchangeably, they can have slightly different meanings depending on the context. Where coding refers to the process of writing code using a programming language, programming, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of activities, including coding but also other tasks such as designing software architectures, creating algorithms, and testing and maintaining code. Hence, coding can be regarded as a subset of programming. 

What Does a Coder Do?

Coders, also known as programmers, help write computer code to create software, websites, and other digital products. They, with the use of programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, Ruby, and JavaScript, create algorithms and instructions that computers can understand and execute. 

Coders typically work in teams with other programmers or organisations to develop, test, and maintain software applications. Along with this, they also troubleshoot code to find and fix bugs or errors, and they may be responsible for updating and improving existing software.

Along with technical skills, coders also need strong problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively. They also need to keep up with new technologies and programming languages to stay current in their field with coding practice sites.

BCA Course for Coding

  • A BCA Programme or Bachelor in Computer Application is a 3-year Under-graduation programme divided into six semesters, suitable for students who want to set up their career in the IT sector. 
  • Anyone who has a keen interest in coding can pursue their career in the same by applying for a BCA course that trains  candidates in different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and more. 
  • The programme will help candidates to build a strong understanding of computer science and programming languages.
  • Any students who have a minimum of 50% in their 10+2 from any stream with computer science as an additional course are eligible for the BCA course. 
  • Although there is no National Level Entrance Exam for this course, and students can get admission based on their merit, still there are few universities that conduct their own entrance exams for admission to their BCA programs.

Given below is the list of top colleges that offer BCA course:

College Name 

Average Fees (INR)

JIMS Rohini, Delhi

Rs. 1,06,400

National Institute of Management, Mumbai

Rs. 58,700


Rs. 1,95,000

Presidency College, Bangalore

Rs. 1,20,000

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

Rs. 85,000

Women’s Christian College, Chennai


Loyola College, Chennai

Rs. 48,490

  • The scope of BCA is vast, and graduates can explore various career opportunities in the field of Information Technology. Some potential career paths include Software Developer, Web Developer, System Analyst, and more.
    Candidates can also continue their education and pursue higher studies or certifications to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

10 Best Websites to Practice Coding Problems

Coding websites are fun, convenient, and free ways to improve your coding skills and prepare students for a career in programming. These websites have difficulty level adjustments and often provide detailed explanations and feedback to help learn and improve their coding. Given are the best websites to practice coding along with their descriptions.

  • CodeChef: It offers self-guided learning opportunities and mentoring programs for users who want to improve their skills further. The platform also features a community of coders where users can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Furthermore, CodeChef hosts internal and external monthly contests that allow users to test their skills against other coders from around the world. These contests offer a great way for users to challenge themselves and improve their coding abilities.
  • Coderbyte: This platform offers coding challenges and courses to help users improve their coding skills and prepare for job interviews. The platform features a wide variety of challenges in more than 25 languages, and users can choose from different difficulty levels to suit their skill level.
  • Codewars: This platform provides coding exercises, known as "kata," to help users improve their coding skills. The kata is available in nearly 60 programming languages and is sorted by difficulty level, ranging from beginner to advanced. In addition to providing resources for individual users, Codewars also offers resources for educators and companies. Educators can use the platform to help students learn to code, while companies can use it to assess the coding skills of job candidates or to train their employees.
  • CodinGame: This platform provides challenge-based programming training through games, puzzles, and competitions. The platform supports more than 25 programming languages and offers a range of exercises categorised by difficulty level, ranging from easy to very hard. The platform's resources and community provide a supportive environment for learning and growing as a coder, while its recruitment resources make it a valuable tool for companies looking to hire talented developers.
  • Geektastic: This platform provides human-reviewed technical assessments for companies looking to hire new talent or train their engineering teams. The platform allows companies to customize coding challenges to suit their needs and offers assessments in Java, Python, PHP, and other languages. The platform's customised coding challenges and human-reviewed assessments provide a reliable and efficient way for companies to identify top talent. While, its reviewer community offers experienced coders an opportunity to earn extra income and hone their skills.
  • HackerRankCodi: The website offers a range of coding challenges and practices problems in areas such as algorithms, data structures, and programming languages like Java, Python, and Ruby.  Users can also access interview preparation kits to help them prepare for coding interviews and earn certifications in specific skills. HackerRank's pricing model ranges from $25/month for access to interview content to $819/month for team subscriptions, making it accessible to individuals and companies of various sizes.
  • LeetCode: It is a popular platform among programmers and coding enthusiasts to practice their programming skills, particularly in the areas of algorithms, data structures, and dynamic programming. It provides a wide range of problems with varying difficulty levels and supports multiple programming languages. In addition to its vast collection of practice problems and study plans, LeetCode also provides a playground tool that enables users to test, debug, and write their code directly on the platform.
  • Project Euler: It is a popular platform among mathematicians, computer scientists, and programming enthusiasts to sharpen their skills in problem-solving, mathematics, and programming. It provides a collection of challenging problems that require users to apply their mathematical and computational skills to find solutions. One of the unique features of Project Euler is that it encourages users to write efficient algorithms that can solve problems in a reasonable time, which can be a valuable skill for many real-world programming tasks.
  • SPOJ: SPOJ is a popular platform among competitive programmers and coding enthusiasts to hone their skills and compete with others in various coding challenges and contests. It provides a wide range of problems with varying difficulty levels that can help users improve their problem-solving abilities and coding efficiency. 
  • TopCoder: This website pays coders for their work, which they later sell to the clients. They provide a great platform to earn money along with skill development. Anyone from designers to competitive programmers can build their skills and show their expertise. Not only this, but they also organise competitions to highlight top coding talent globally.


Coding Problem websites are a great medium for students to improve their coding skills. These websites are designed in such a way that they not only develop the skills of beginners but also advance the skills of any experienced coder. Many employers also use coding problem websites to assess the technical abilities of job candidates, so practising on these platforms can give you an edge when it comes to landing a programming job.

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