Which are the Best Computer Courses for Commerce Students?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 30 September 2022
Which are the best computer courses for commerce students?

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An Introduction

Computer courses beyond the 12th grade are not always for students with a science background. Students in their 12th grade who have a Commerce background may pursue a career in computers. Commerce students may pursue degree programs, certificate programs, and diploma programs. Read on to learn about the latest computer courses for commerce students!

Why Study Computer Courses After Commerce?

The computer science and information technology industries have been prospering and rapidly expanding. As a result, various career possibilities have emerged. The sector is vast and provides good exposure to the business world. As a result, a profession in computer science is one of the most sought-after, with a long and secure future.

You may be thinking why pursue the latest computer courses for commerce students if the best positions in the sector must be for those with a background in Computer Science or a comparable discipline. However, this is not the case; work options following the best computer courses for commerce students that may be taken after 12th are many and diversified.

How Do You Select the Best Computer Course After Completing Your 12th Grade?

It is correct that you do not require Computer as a subject in 12th grade to pursue the computer courses listed above. However, prior to enrolling in these classes, you must have some fundamental computer experience. These fundamentals serve as a foundation for the higher talents you will learn in these courses.

The following are some of the fundamental computer subjects about which you should be familiar before embarking on your adventure of computer education:

  • Fundamental understanding of operating systems, the Internet, web applications, and computer hardware.
  • MS Word and PowerPoint Fundamentals
  • The fundamentals of database programs such as MS Access or data science after B.Com
  • The fundamentals of spreadsheet software such as MS Excel spreadsheets

Top Courses After 12th Commerce

The best computer courses for commerce students in 12th grade may pursue three kinds of computer courses: certification courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. Let us now thoroughly examine each of them.

Computer Certification Courses 

Certification courses for commerce students after the 12th grade are short-term courses that may be finished in a few months. The goal of these certification courses is to provide as much information on a certain subject as feasible in as little time as possible.

The computer certification courses are listed below:

  1. Tally ERP

Tally ERP Program for Commerce Students After 12th: Transactions Linear Line Yards, sometimes known as Tally ERP, is a certification course that incorporates accounting prerequisites. Tally ERP is used in more than 90% of business ventures worldwide. Aside from accounting, this course covers taxation and inventory management.

  1. Digital Marketing

As the usage of social media grows, so does the need for online marketing services by all kinds of organizations. There are several work options in the industry, and the exposure is excellent. With adequate industry expertise, Digital Marketing is regarded as one of the highest-paying careers in the world.

  1. SAGE 50 Program 

SAGE 50 Program for computer courses for commerce students: It is accounting software and is one of the most popular among small companies since it significantly assists company managers in running their firms smoothly and effectively. The programme has an excellent inventory management system and is well-known for its comprehensive features.

  1. Certificate in Computerized Accounting  

After 12th for commerce students, the computerized accounting curriculum teaches you the fundamentals of accounting using sophisticated computer software. This is very beneficial since it decreases the likelihood of accounting mistakes, making labor more efficient. There are many excellent computer courses for commerce students after 10th grade.

Computer Diploma Courses 

Diploma courses for computer courses for commerce students after 12th grade are more extensive than certification courses but less complex than degree programmes. A diploma course typically lasts a year. They may be pursued in both online and offline ways.

Computer Degree Courses

Yes, you read it correctly! Students with a Commerce background may pursue computer degree courses after 12th grade. To be qualified for these computer degree programs, you must have a Commerce background with mathematics as a required subject.

Degree courses are far more detailed than diploma and certificate courses, and so help you gain better paid positions. Because they are undergraduate degree courses, they qualify you for postgraduate degree courses. These degree programs are available in both offline and online formats.

  1. Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) after 12th for commerce students is one of the most sought-after computer courses as it provides extensive experience and the curriculum prepares you for employment in the industry. Following your BCA, you will have options in the corporate IT industry, including some profitable and high-paying professions.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Applications

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Computer Applications after 12th is a B.Com degree that focuses on Computer Applications. You acquire the principles of computer applications and programming abilities in addition to the fundamentals of commerce, finance, and accounting. Thinking about pursuing an MBA after B.Com? Or, maybe not! So get going for a B.Com degree with computer applications!

  1. Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce

Everyone is aware of the relevance and popularity of e-commerce in today's world. The e-commerce business is expanding rapidly, as are the career possibilities that accompany it. Almost every form of company is now dabbling in e-commerce. As a result, a bachelor's degree in E-commerce is one of the finest computer courses for commerce students.

Summing Up!

To conclude, now that you are confident in your fundamental computer skills, the subsequent phase is to choose the course that is most suited to you. You must first understand your skills and the sector you want to work in.

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People May Also Ask

  1. Can a commerce student study computers?

Yes, commerce students may certainly take computer courses for commerce students after the 10th. There are several computer courses for commerce students after 10th grade that are in high demand and have a bright future.

  1. What are the computer skills for recommended for commerce students?

Computer Competence, ComputeriZed Accounting, MS Office, Data Management, Time Management, Tally Essentials, and Managing all Financial Accounts are some computer skills recommended for commerce students.

  1. Which computer course is best for a job?

Of course, the answer depends on the course you choose to pursue. If you wish to opt a degree, BCA is one of the greatest options for Commerce students after the 12th. There are various job-related Certificate and Certificate courses available, as well as a diploma in Graphic Designing or Tally ERP Certification.


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