Best Online MBA Programs in India

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 8 April 2022
Best Online MBA Programs in India

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Up until the pandemic, online MBA programs were not a very popular choice among students or even companies for that matter. However, with the rise of exceptional online learning modules and the need to go digital, online MBA programs are now gaining clout within the education and job sectors.

Indeed, with the increasing demand for social distancing and frequent lockdowns, when online classes were the only option for educators and students to continue learning, the online MBA has also become a way for students to pursue their professions from the comfort of their own homes.

The option to continue working while pursuing a master's degree makes an online Masters of Business Administration program a far better investment, especially for professionals who receive MBA funding from their employers. 

Moreover, an online degree program in MBA equips individuals for high-paying professions in today's competitive market and broadens one's professional prospects. According to recent research, typical MBA graduates earned 50% more than they did before receiving their degree. But how would you identify which is the best online MBA course available suited to your needs? And while the ultimate goal of any individual looking to pursue higher education is to shape up a successful career, opting for the right choice for the master's is definitely the standard step in that direction. 

Selecting from the best online MBA programs

So ideally, what are the criteria for selecting the best online MBA programs available on the internet out there? Here are a few points that you should consider before zeroing in on a degree program:


Even if you're enrolling in an online Masters of Business Administration program at a prestigious college, it doesn't have to be expensive because the merit of online learning is not necessarily proportionate to its cost. According to recent surveys, the quality of online education has improved in the past few years, in fact, it is now on the same level as the country's best B-schools. Therefore, look for affordable online MBA programs in order to become mainstream in the job market.

Appropriate timing:

Whether you're a fresh graduate or an experienced professional trying to advance your career, the timing to enrol in a master's degree has to be appropriate in regards to your availability and professional upscaling goals. Therefore, make sure you’ve answered all the questions dealing with such situations and understand why you wish to pursue a master's in business administration with an online module.

Curriculum and course delivery:

Another key factor to consider while choosing the best online MBA program is the type of curriculum and delivery method. The coursework of any master's degree program, as well as the manner in which it is delivered, is accountable for the prospects' successful job placement. As a result, make sure the curriculum is up to date with current technologies and market demands.

Financing options:

Many colleges and organisations that offer online MBA programs also provide financial aid in the form of scholarships or by breaking down the price structure every semester into manageable instalments. Make sure you understand all of the policies and conditions so that, in the worst-case scenario, you can make an informed decision.

Check the program's background:

When you've figured out the answers and decided it's time, you'll need to choose a program. When contemplating any program, the first thing you should do is look into its accreditation. Each school's accreditation is signified by a mark of approval from a private certifying authority. Hence, checking whether the institution is providing an accredited online MBA program is a top priority.

Take note of brand awareness.

Picking an institution with a positive reputation for on-campus programs is an intelligent way to predict how well it will do online. Although logically, a superior school would be more well-known, this isn't always the case when it comes to higher education for online degree programs. Therefore, always double-check the information you’re digging up for a potential degree course.

Placement assistance and academic support

This is the most crucial component and the main reason for you to pursue a master's degree program. Check to see if the university you're considering offers suitable job placement assistance once you've completed your degree program. Also, look at the kind of academic support that these online colleges provide, and if the program is two years or a year-long, depending on the type of coursework as some institutions that offer one year MBA programs online charge fairly lower fees as compared to those that offer two-year online programs. Therefore, choose wisely.

How much "hands-on" experience you'll acquire

Examine your options for completing internships or receiving credit for the job you are likely performing in addition to your academics. After graduation, this experience can help you demonstrate preparations and readiness to join the job market.

When it comes to online MBA programs, this one factor appears to be a peculiar one. However, hands-on experience is critical to learning. Even if you never walk in a classroom or meet your classmates, you can know that you'll be working on a lot of group assignments during your online MBA program. You can also count that when making employment decisions, prospective employers will assess the level of skills you have in management positions and in a work setting.

Compare the top five online MBA programs 

So, once you've completed your preliminary research, choose the top five best MBA degree online schools and compare them to know which one is most suited to your needs based on the criteria given above. This will not only assist you in selecting the appropriate course, but it will also enable you in saving money by comparing the fees charged by each program.

The benefits or advantages of online MBA programs

While there’s no dearth of institutions offering online MBA programs, the most obvious question that arises in the minds of students is whether or not there are any job opportunities after an online MBA? If yes, then what are the expected salaries with an online MBA? Are there any top recruiters for online MBA that hire fresh graduates?

The answer to such questions is yes, absolutely! Whether you're a recent graduate of an online MBA school or a traditional MBA program, the career chances are nearly the same. In reality, the wage bracket for online MBA graduates is similarly competitive, with some reports claiming that online MBA graduates earn better salaries than their offline counterparts. Furthermore, top recruiters pay little attention to whether a potential candidate received their degree online or offline; instead, they focus on the individual's experience and skill levels.

Additionally, individuals who complete the course have a greater probability of having a high market value. Furthermore, several work prospects arise as a result of completing the course because the institutions or universities providing online MBA also have tie-ups with various industry giants who run a regular placement campaign, thereby helping you land your dream job. 

Moreover, since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the world has learned to live in a technology-dependent society. Due to the closure of schools and college campuses to limit the spread of this fatal disease, online schooling has grown in popularity. Given the paradigm shift in human contact during this period, an Online MBA might be the only logical solution to generating future leaders in the management field.

To summarise, today, an online MBA graduate has practically no fear of being rejected in the job market since they can demonstrate that they are just as competent as their offline counterparts. And if you’re someone looking to learn more about a competitive online management program, then Sunstone is the place for you. We offer top-quality curriculum and job placement assistance that prepares you for today's job market! 
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