Best Ways to Improve Your English Skills

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 11 May 2023
Best Ways to Improve Your English Skills

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We have heard the phrase, “English is a very funny language”. Indeed, it is, but do you know, if you need admission to a reputed business school to pursue your MBA program or desire to be placed in a good company, then English is something that will help you out. English is not our first language, but it is the corporate language and therefore, it’s the time you improve your English skills. At first, you might find it pretty challenging, but later, you will enjoy the process and will see, how easy it becomes for you. There are certain ways to improve your English skills, and in this blog, we will guide you on how to improve your English.

7 Ways To Improve Your English

Let’s have a look at the ways you can improve your English.

  • Read and listen to English news

    You need to read English newspapers to understand the current scenario of the world. With the help of English newspapers, you won’t only learn new words, but you’d understand how sentences are formed. Once you start listening to English news, it helps you to communicate better. So, this is one way you can work on your English skills.
  • Start having a conversation in English

    Now, if you want to improve your communication skills in English, you should talk in English with people. At first, you might not be comfortable and use the wrong pronunciations, but eventually, you’ll learn the small tricks and techniques regarding the same.
  • Watch English movies

    English movies are a great source to learn the English language. With them, you will learn the pronunciation of the words, the way they are recited and how to take pauses in between. It will also help you to understand what the other person is speaking - which means if you deal with different clients national and international, this will be beneficial for you.
  • Don’t let curiosity kill the cat

    If you are curious about something, if you think that some sentence is incorrect or grammar is used in the wrong manner, do not hesitate to ask. Either from a person or Google, keep asking your doubts and see, how you will be able to overcome the little mistakes people make while writing or talking in English. You will also learn new things if you are curious in regards to this language.
  • Start using words from a Vocabulary book

    If you want to improve your English skills, you must have a Dictionary or vocabulary book with you. It will help you to learn new words and use them in your daily life. You’ll see how a single word has different meanings and synonyms, and all the words cannot be used in the same place. So, keep a vocabulary always with you.
  • Start practising the English language in your daily life

    It is always said to practice, practice and more practice if you want to get a stronghold on something. So, if you aren’t a good orator, stand before the mirror and start practising this language. Start talking to yourself by looking in the mirror, which helps in boosting your confidence.
  • Get a stronghold on basic concepts of English

    To get a good command of this language, it is very important to clear the basic concepts of grammar in English. Try to solve the grammar exercises and see, how beautifully you learn concepts of this language.

How English Helps You In Your Career

English might not be your first language, but all the business schools for MBA and companies work in this language. If you want to comprehend common business communication easily, you need a good command of the English language. If your English skills are improved, it will benefit your career as you’d be able to understand people’s perspectives in a better way. Also, learning English is a necessary skill that can advance your career in the industry. Not just your ability to communicate will improve but you will also be able to put your points with confidence in front of clients or other people.

Why MBA Assess You On Language Skills

To get into an MBA program, having good English skills is somehow needed. Not only while giving MBA Entrance Exams but also in Personal Interviews and Group Discussion rounds, the schools check how effectively you can communicate. Other than this, there are certainly more reasons why the MBA assessment is based on your English skills.

  • English is primarily used by all companies - national, international both.
  • The ability to understand, grasp and read between the lines is tested as your syllabus is going to be in that language.
  • You need to communicate effectively so that you can pitch your ideas clearly in future.
  • For your academic success, you must be proficient in the English language.

You are judged based on the reading basis, para jumble, sentence correction, grammar error spotting, sentence completion, analogies, fill-in-the-blanks and vocabulary. So, it’s time that you start focusing on the English language if you want to get a seat in a reputed B-school.

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FAQs - English Skills for MBA

Which MBA Entrance Exams in India Assess Language Skills?

CAT, GMAT, CMAT, NMAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, and IBSAT are some of the MBA Entrance Exams that assess language skills in India.

Does Sunstone Take any Interview Before Providing an Opportunity in an MBA Program?

Yes, there is an interview round that you have to crack after appearing in the test.

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