B.Tech in Footwear Technology Course Details & Career Scope

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 24 February 2023
B.Tech in Footwear Technology Course Details & Career Scope

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Footwear Technology in India has been rapidly advancing in recent years. It is an exciting and growing domain, and there is a lot of potential for those interested in pursuing a career in this field. The increasing demand for innovative and comfortable footwear has led to a surge in job opportunities in this field. Companies are looking for professionals with a strong understanding of the latest technologies and design principles to meet the market's needs. 

Footwear Technologists are in high demand and can work in areas such as product development, production management, quality control, and sales and marketing. With the right education and training, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly growing industry.

B.Tech Footwear Technology

Bachelor Of Technology(B.Tech) in Footwear Technology is a 4-year undergraduate engineering program that provides students with a comprehensive education in footwear design, development, and production. This program focuses on applying science, engineering, and technology to the footwear industry.

Students pursuing a B.Tech in Footwear Technology will gain a strong foundation in materials science, product design, manufacturing processes, and quality control. They will also study subjects related to fashion design, pattern making, and CAD software. In addition, students can participate in hands-on projects and lab work to develop their practical skills and knowledge.

Course Highlights


B.Tech in Footwear Technology




4 years

Average Course Fee

₹60K - ₹8 lakhs

Eligibility Criteria For B.Tech Footwear Technology

The eligibility criteria for Bachelor Of Technology(B.Tech) in Footwear Technology typically include the following:

Educational Qualification

The minimum educational requirement for this B.Tech program is 10+2 or equivalent, with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as the main subjects. A minimum of 60% marks in aggregate is required in these subjects to be eligible for admission. The requirement is based on the institution's admission process.

Entrance Exam

Many colleges and universities require students to appear for an entrance exam to gain admission to B.Tech courses in Footwear Technology. The most common entrance exams for some of the top engineering colleges in India for this program include:

  1. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) - Conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), JEE Main is one of the most popular engineering entrance exams in India.
  2. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced - Conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), this exam is used to admit students into undergraduate engineering programs at IITs and other top engineering colleges. It is the second stage of JEE after JEE Main.

In addition, the State Governments and private universities conduct specific entrance exams for admission into the program in their institution. Therefore, it is important to know the admission process specific to that institution before applying for their B.Tech program in Footwear Technology.

Colleges That Offer B.Tech In Footwear Technology

Here are some colleges that offer B.Tech in Footwear Technology in India


Course Fee

Footwear Design and Development Institute

8 lakhs

AVI School of Fashion

7 lakhs

Anna University

6.5 lakhs

Alagappa College of Technology

5.5 lakhs

Dr. B R Ambedkar Regional Engineering College

5 lakhs

Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

5 lakhs

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

5 lakhs

Dayalbagh Educational Institutes [DEI]

0.6 lakhs

B.Tech Footwear Technology - Admission Process

Direct admission and lateral entry are two different ways to gain admission to an engineering program. 

Direct Admission

The admission process for B.Tech in Footwear Technology typically involves the following steps:

  1. Fill Out the Application Form
  2. Appear for the Entrance Exam
  3. Submit Required Documents
  4. Participate in Counselling
  5. Pay Tuition Fees

It's important to note that the specific admission process for B.Tech in Footwear Technology may vary between the institutions, so it's always best to check with the specific institution for their requirements.

Lateral Entry

Lateral entry refers to enrolling in the B.Tech engineering program after completing a diploma or a degree in a related field with a minimum of 60% aggregate marks. It allows students to skip the first year of a traditional engineering program and start from the second year. 

Skill Set Required For Candidates Aspiring For The B.Tech in Footwear Technology

To succeed in the B.Tech in Footwear Technology program, candidates should possess certain skills and qualities. 

  1. Attention to detail: Aspirants should be able to observe and catch minutely designs and its processes.
  2. Creative thinking: Aspirants should be able to think outside the box to create new designs. 
  3. Good sketching skills: Aspirants should be able to draw designs. 
  4. Designing skills: Aspirants should be able to design in both conventional and modern ways. 
  5. CAD skills: Aspirants should know how to use CAD or Computer Assisted Design for designing. 
  6. Adaptability to new trends: Aspirants should be able to pick up new trends. 
  7. Understanding of colours, textures: Aspirants should be able to have a good sense of colour and texture. 

B.Tech Footwear Technology Career Opportunities

A B.Tech in Footwear Technology degree opens up many career opportunities in the footwear industry in India and abroad. Some of the common job profiles include -

  1. Footwear Designer - Footwear designers use their creativity and technical knowledge to design and develop new footwear products. They work closely with engineers, production teams, and marketing professionals to create footwear that meets customer needs and industry standards. The expected salary ranges between ₹3 lakhs and ₹9 lakhs.
  2. Footwear Trade Analyst - Footwear Trade Analysts typically have a strong understanding of the footwear industry and are skilled in market research, data analysis, and strategic planning. They use this information to help footwear companies make informed decisions about product development, marketing, and sales strategies. The expected salary ranges between ₹3.5 lakhs and ₹8 lakhs.
  3. Footwear Production Manager - A Footwear Production Manager must understand production processes, materials, and quality control techniques. They ensure that footwear products are produced efficiently, cost-effectively, and to the highest quality standards. The expected salary can reach up to ₹15 lakhs.
  4. Footwear Line Manager - A Footwear Line Manager manages and oversees a specific production line or product category within a footwear company. The expected salary ranges between ₹6 lakhs and ₹8 lakhs.

The expected salary can differ based on the organisation, job description, location and other factors. 

Some of the top recruiters are:

  1. Butterfly leathers
  2. Khadims
  3. Bata
  4. Arkay Leather Pvt Ltd
  5. Leather Hunte Pvt Ltd
  6. Marson Leather House

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B.Tech in Footwear Technology is a specialised program that provides students with a comprehensive education in footwear design, manufacturing, and technology. Graduates of this program can expect to find employment in various roles in the footwear industry, including design, production, quality control, and management. With the increasing demand for footwear products, the career prospects for B.Tech in Footwear Technology graduates are bright, but if you still want to make sure you get a good job after completing your education, register with Sunstone

Sunstone allows students to access its job-specific training programs designed by industry experts. Such training programs focus on developing skills required by recruiters. 

FAQ - B.Tech in Footwear Technology

Is footwear design a good career?

Footwear designing is a lucrative career with job opportunities in big shoe making companies in India and abroad. 

What is the salary after BTech in Footwear Technology?

A footwear technology professional can earn in the range of 3 lakhs per annum to 15 lakhs per annum, depending upon the employer company, employing city and the person’s work experience. 

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