Career after MBA: How MBA adds Value to Your CV?

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 6 January 2021
Career after MBA: How MBA adds Value to Your CV?

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Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate program that teaches students about business administration. It is one of the most popular courses as it provides numerous opportunities for students. A career after MBA is diverse and numerous. It is the ideal opportunity who wishes to see an impressive growth trajectory in their careers.

MBA holders usually get placed into big corporates' managerial positions, which offers a stable job and gradual progress. It is a much-preferred option for working professionals as it adds value to one CV. Anyone pursuing an MBA will get a boost to push their career after MBA towards growth.

The MBA Degree: Adding Value To Your Career

The value of an MBA in achieving your career goals can not be overstated; MBA holders will have over other job seekers and more opportunities for career growth. Let us have a look at a few of its salient features. 

Learning About Market Trends

Anyone who wishes to succeed in the corporate field must be acquainted with the markets and how they function. Even for anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur, it is imperative to understand the ongoing market trends and assess them. Then this assessment is to be used to benefit. An MBA will professionally train you to evaluate markets and teach you how to discern ongoing market trends. It will also make you conversant with various assessment tools used by professionals to assess the needs. 

Applying Business Techniques

An MBA prepares you for engaging professionally with the markets. A career after MBA will teach you various analytical tools and business techniques you can use in a corporate setting. Some of these analytical tools are descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, risk management, etc.

Kick Start your Corporate Career

If you wish for a successful career after MBA in the corporate world with a promise of gradual progress, understanding the nuances of management education is crucial. The value of an MBA in achieving your career goals exceeds far beyond just providing a good salary; it also promises higher managerial posts coupled with stability. Your career options after MBA will be numerous and various, as you can opt to work across all sectors in the market. 

In-Depth Knowledge

If you wish to work in the corporate, you must possess in-depth knowledge and a good understanding of the market coupled with companies' business operations practices. As an MBA graduate, you will learn to analyze needs and study operational procedures followed by corporates. You will get the first-hand experience of how a company handles its day to day tasks and tackle everyday problems creatively. An MBA will teach about planning, organization, and execution of various business procedures and projects. 

How Will MBA Lead to Career Advancement?

Many people who plan to pursue an MBA ask themselves- is it worth the time and effort to pursue an MBA? How will it help their career after MBA?

Every individual who devoted their precious time, effort, and money in a master's program wishes to set fulfilling their career goals and want to see it translate into career growth. So how does an MBA lead to career advancement? What is the value of an MBA in achieving your career goals?

Let us take a detailed look -

Understanding of Business and Operations 

  • MBA offers a valuable and unique insight into business operations. It will provide you with precious insight into working business procedures, which might not teach you years of experience. Any corporate hiring an employee, particularly for managerial posts, seeks a deep understanding of business procedures and operations. MBA will prepare you for this and help you achieve your MBA career goals. 
    • You are learning how the company functions include learning about a vast array of complex procedures like finance, marketing, accounting, advertising, administration, taxation, customer service, human resource, risk management, etc. All these MBA subjects are in-depth analyzed in great detail during an MBA program.
  • All of these functions are indispensable when it comes to the functioning of the company. Not depending on which department of the company you are employed in, it is necessary to understand these basic procedures. 

 Professional Advancement With An MBA

  • If you wish for growth, better job stability, and an opportunity to work higher up in the organization, MBA is the course for you. MBA will help you develop the right mindset to build management level skills while providing business development opportunities. Even if you wish to start your own company or become an entrepreneur, an MBA offers considerable growth opportunities. 
  •  If you are a working professional and wish to climb up the corporate ladder, then MBA is the course for you; it opens new job profiles for you as MBA holders can work on managerial posts. You can also opt to use it in all numerous sectors. If you are an MBA holder, it will be much convenient and comfortable for you to climb up the corporate ladder. You can expect to make gradual progress with a steady growth trajectory.
  • One thing you can be sure of after completing your MBA is a fatter pay cheque. MBA will help you earn more than your colleagues. It will help you achieve your MBA career goals by securing you a salary much more than you were making before. MBA will secure your steady growth in the corporate world.
  • It will help you get regular increments in your salary. You can also learn more about MBA salaries in India with our blog. It will facilitate your development if you aspire for positions way up the hierarchy. You can expect to climb up steadily on the corporate ladder if you have an MBA. Many studies have also shown that MBA graduates are more likely to work in top positions in Big corporations than others.

Professional Networking - Networking The Right Way

  • MBA is the perfect program for developing good interpersonal skills while also creating a robust corporate sector network. It will be an opportunity for you to work with experienced professionals and learn from them. You will get the chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds while also forming a network with the alumni.
  • Pursuing an MBA will help you gain access to new job opportunities as you will interact with people from diverse fields. In your career after MBA, it will be a lot easier for you to secure your liking job as you will have access to a vast network of professionals. Good networking is equally essential if you wish to become an entrepreneur. It can help you get in touch with the right people and look for good opportunities in the market to establish your own business.

Career Switch

  • While pursuing your MBA, you will acquire a broad skill set and professional approach to tackling problems. You will learn skills like communication skills, leadership training, interpersonal skills, working under pressure, etc. All these skills will go a long way to help you in your professional career and achieve your MBA career goals.
  • Many people are not satisfied with their job profiles when starting their careers. Many wish to transition later on in the future and find it a hassle to do so. However, an MBA holder can always make a smooth transition in their careers as they possess such a comprehensive skill set, which is highly valued by employers everywhere. These skills have general applicability, and your transition from one job to another can be free from such hiccups.
  • Your career options after MBA are numerous as MBA hold great value. So, if you are not satisfied with your job profile MBA and want to switch your job, then MBA is quite helpful. Even if you're going to work in a different sector than you are currently working in, then it would prove to be a lot easier for you as MBA skills are valued all across the corporate sector.

Job Security

  • MBA provides a marketable skill set that is highly valued by employers. If you possess this skill set, it is relatively easy for you to secure a job. It provides you with an edge over others in the increasingly competitive job market. Moreover, skills and the technical knowledge one gains through an MBA is in demand in all sectors and is suitable for all top job profiles.
  • In times of economic hardship like these, companies have a common practice to reduce the number of employees by laying off many of them. So being an MBA holder in your career after MBA, you would possess expertise and knowledge to reassure your position in the organization. The organization will highly value your expertise and will be reluctant to let go of such an employee.

Professional Skill Advancement

  • MBA is a professional course that offers valuable insight into both the theoretical and practical aspects of working in a corporate organization. You can learn in-depth about essential subjects like taxation, business management, finance, human resource management, analytics, etc. Besides this, you will get a chance to acquire first-hand experience learning how organizations function.
  • One of the most critical aspects of studying for an MBA is a chance to acquire a soft skill set. These skill sets will come in handy when you are working in any business organization. All successful business leaders possess these skills. These skills primarily consist of- communication skills: teamwork and leadership. For anyone who has to manage from the top, all these skills are indispensable. You can also learn more about other skills needed for MBA with our blog. to manage from the top, all these skills are indispensable.
  • If you do not wish to tread the beaten path of working in an organization and want to start your business venture, these skills will prove to be the growth driver. Any successful entrepreneur must possess these valuable skills. Whether it is setting up a new business or promoting a business model, communication skills, teamwork, and leadership are extremely useful.

Strategic Thinking Approach

  • When working in managerial positions or leading your business organization, one of the most crucial tasks that will frequently require you to do decision-making; any organization's success depends on quick and wise decision making. The value of an MBA in achieving your career goals is immense as it teaches you advanced skills to be an efficient and quick decision-maker.
  • Once you have gained the understanding and have learned it to translate into real-time problem solving, business management could become a cakewalk. You can be depended upon by the organization to offer real-time solutions.
  • One of the critical aspects of decision-making is to analyze markets and discern market trends. You will become well conversant with these analytical tools after finishing your MBA. It will teach you broad thinking and an analytical frame of mind that can objectively assess markets.
  • A leader is not only required to make wise decisions but is also, more often than not, bound by time constraints. MBA will teach me to respect such time constraints and work under pressure.


 MBA makes an individual well aware of the dynamic markets, which always keeps on changing. It will prepare you for the corporate world where the competition is rigorous by giving you an edge over others. Suppose you wish to pursue your career after MBA in finance. In that case, there are numerous opportunities as you work in companies as accounting manager, financial analyst, investment banker, etc. It will help you meet the ever-growing demands of the market.

If you are looking for career options after MBA in marketing. In that case, you have a vast array of opportunities as you can work as a brand manager, sales manager, market analyst, business development manager, etc. Besides that, if you hold an MBA degree, you will command absolute respect in the business community as all the skills you get to equip yourself with are of high value in the business community.

For those looking for career options after MBA in HR, the jobs they can secure are technical recruiter, HR manager, placement/employment manager, etc. It will open up vast possibilities for our career growth as you learn about new opportunities available in the market. It will facilitate your promotion to higher posts while also making a smooth transition in your career much more comfortable. If you wish to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, then an MBA can help you achieve them. 

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