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  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 16 March 2019
Career Options After MBA - Top Job Opportunities for MBA Grads

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Today, MBA and PGDM are considered to be the most sought-after qualifications in the field of management. Students or working professionals prefer pursuing a management course to advance in their career, enhance personal growth, explore various career options after MBA to move up the corporate ladder or to secure a high salary package. This belief is encouraged by the employers as well since they are putting down MBA/PGDM as a prerequisite for the majority of the management positions. These management positions involve a lot of responsibilities that may change depending on the MBA specialization that you would have done as part of your course, as well as the department and/or industry your company operates in. To give you an idea of what the kind of jobs these are, here is some more information about the different types of career options after MBA.

Career Options after MBA Specializations

With thousands of new positions opening up every day in the government sector, private companies and startups, there is no dearth of work for an MBA and/or PGDM graduate. The only limit to your ambition is the type of work that you do, which depends on the specialization that you chose as the focus of your management course. Here’s a gist of the significance of being a management graduate and career options after MBA.


A career in MBA in Marketing as the name suggests focuses on teaching students the skills needed to market a product or service. This can involve undertaking different activities related to sales, advertising, brand management, media interactions, product management, market research etc. The scale of these jobs will change depending on the scale of the company, target demographics, marketing channels, and other factors. Thankfully, irrespective of scale, marketing jobs will always be available in any industry as it is a crucial function behind the growth of any business.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing jobs follow a similar pattern to that of regular marketing. However, the digital realm has expanded so much in scale and scope that all the platforms, tools and techniques cannot be covered by studying just regular marketing. This is why MBA/PGDM institutes have recognized this new field of work as a full-fledged specialization, called MBA in Digital Marketing. This specialization prepares you for a marketing career which involves handling different activities related to digital marketing, web development, SEO optimization, social media management, content, media interactions and much more. Just like marketing, job opportunities in this field can be found in all types of industries.


Career options after pursuing an MBA in Finance has always been the most preferred choice due to its association with maintaining a high profile and securing high paying jobs. The roles and responsibilities for this field have been long established, and entail activities related to financial analysis and management, risk management, credit management, insurance, accounting, management of cash, stock and investments, among others. While most companies have job profiles related to finance, the more desirable career opportunities for MBA/PGDM finance graduates can be found in banks, hedge funds, insurance and wealth management companies, and investment banking firms etc.


Making sure that a business runs smoothly is the key function of the operations department. This makes it a crucial focal point for most businesses and an important reason behind the demand for a career after MBA in operation management. People with these qualifications can find themselves jobs relating to inventory management, procurement, logistics, supply chain management, quality control, project and even plant management among other things. Just like marketing, operation jobs too can be found in any industry, but in recent times one of the biggest employers for them seem to be e-commerce portals looking for talented people to handle their complex backend operations.

Information Technology

The recent push towards online platforms and digital payments is creating a second wave for the IT job boom that was initially started by the dotcom bubble. More and more tech graduates are now opting for an MBA / PGDM in the field of Information Technology to become eligible for these new types of IT management jobs. These job profiles come with different types of responsibilities such as project management, business development, IT consultation, product marketing and management, system management, data processing and much more.

Human Resources

Human Resource Management is an important role in any company that wants to attract, motivate and retain high-quality employees to help their businesses grow. It goes beyond just maintaining a healthy employer-employee relationship, but also deals with the legal, ethical and economic aspects of maintaining a staff and their productivity. This is a career after MBA in HR is the perfect qualification to prepare you for tasks related to HR management, staffing, corporate training, employee development, compensation management, grievance redressal among other things.

International Business

Globalization and the popularity of online platforms have contributed to the popularity of International Business. Hence a lot of individuals today opt-in for a career after MBA/PGDM as their specialization. More and more companies are looking for professionals with the required legal and ethical knowledge needed to successfully operate in multiple international markets. Professionals in this field are tasked with handling different types of high-profile international business activities such as import and export, consultation and analysis, brand management, business development, marketing management, financial management among other things. The jobs profiles may change depending on whether you are tasked with entering new markets or expanding existing channels.

Business Analytics

The explosion of online tools and digital technologies has opened up vast reserves of user data for companies to explore and exploit. To take advantage of this scenario, more and more companies are hiring MBA graduates in Business Analytics, to help them make data-driven decisions in the hope of increasing their profits. These professionals are responsible for carrying out different types of analytic tasks such as data analysis, business analysis, market research analysis, risk analysis, web analysis and much more. Social media sites, e-commerce platforms, and entertainment companies are especially investing in this capacity, which is why a career after MBA in Business Analytics has become a lucrative option. It goes without saying that there are a lot more job profiles and career opportunities out there for people looking for work. However, if you have your sights set on a big position as part of the upper management at some reputed company, then pursuing an MBA/PGDM is definitely the right choice for your career.

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