Why Choose BBA over B.Com?

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 28 June 2023
Why Choose BBA over B.Com?

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Most students who have cleared their 12th often need clarification on two graduate degrees, a BBA course and a BCom course. BBA vs BCom is a tough fight as both the courses have their pros and cons. To learn about business and management, both programs offer a wide range of subjects that helps you in understanding the depth of business and management. Today, under this blog, you will learn about the BBA degree course and the BCom degree course, along with the differences between both approaches offer. We will also discuss the job opportunities, scope and salary of the same.

What is BBA Program?

The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration, which is a three-year undergraduate course that focuses on the advancement of business skills. Case studies, presentations, trips to businesses, summer internships, and other opportunities for hands-on learning are supposed to enhance classroom training. The BBA course syllabus includes the ideas of management information systems, finance, marketing, and human resources to promote future leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Why BBA Course?

Here is a list of the benefits of choosing BBA as your degree programme.

  • BBA is referred to as the entrepreneurship centre since it enables students to hone their concepts and turn them into more thorough strategies.
  • Students have excellent work opportunities at famous companies.
  • The requirements for a master's degree in business administration are marked for students.

What is BCom Course?

The full form of BCom is Bachelor of Commerce which is a three-year undergraduate course in the field of Commerce. This degree should be pursued by students who want to work in accounting, taxation, or finance. All parts of the business are covered by a bachelor's degree in commerce, along with related subjects including accounting, economics, taxation, and insurance. It aims to improve the student's communication, analytical, and problem-solving abilities. BCom Accounting and Finance, BCom Marketing Management, and BCom Finance are a few examples of specialised BCom programmes. Students have the choice to pursue M. Com. or Masters of Commerce degrees after graduation, as well as various specialisations including the MBA, Chartered Accountancy, or Cost Accounting. 

Why BCom Degree?

Here is a list of the benefits of choosing BCom as your degree programme.

  • Students should choose it if they wish to learn about finance.
  • a strong foundation for professional courses in topics linked to commerce, such as M. Com, CS, CA, CMA, CFA, and other courses.
  • More alternatives for business specialisation and career advancement are available, and it is more diverse.

BBA vs BCom: Subjects

BCom Subjects

BBA Subjects

Financial Accounting

Statistics for Business Decisions

Income Tax Law and Practice

Management Accounting

Cost Accounting

Healthcare Management

Corporate Accounting

Business Research


Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behaviour

Corporate Law

Legal Aspects of Business

Business Mathematics

Quantitative Techniques for Management

Auditing and Corporate Governance

Business Policy and Strategy

Human Resource Management

Financial Institutions and Markets

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Business Communications

Financial Management

BBA vs BCom: Jobs and Salary

There are various jobs after completing both courses. Let’s have a look at them.

BBA Jobs and Salary

BBA Jobs

BBA Average Salary (in ₹)

HR Executive

3.25 LPA

Marketing Executive


Marketing Manager


Sales Executive

3.12 LPA


7.44 LPA

Financial Advisor

3.5 LPA

PR Manager


BCom Jobs and Salary

BCom Jobs

BCom Average Salary (in ₹)

Account Executive

2.5 LPA

Business Executive


Financial Analyst

4.5 LPA

Tax Consultant

4.1 LPA

Financial Consultant 


Accounts Manager


BBA vs BCom: Which Has More Scope?

As we know, BBA vs BCom is debatable and understanding which has more scope is necessary. But if you pursue a BBA degree, you have more fields open and can switch to any field. It is because the BBA course teaches you about the soft skills required in business or an organisation. Not only that but even many recruiters want to hire candidates who have done their graduation in BBA course. So, if you want to build a great career in business administration, then pursuing a BBA degree will be great for you.

BBA vs BCom: Which is Better for MBA?

Both the courses are capable enough to get you admission to an MBA degree course. If you are keen to do an MBA program, choosing a BBA course would be the right option. By opting for a BCom course, you can get admission to an MBA program, but a BBA candidate is already aware of the learning they will get while choosing an MBA course. So, if you are an MBA aspirant, choose a BBA degree course.

BBA vs BCom: Which is Better?

Your career, your choice!

Deciding on whether a BBA course is better or a BCom course is up to you because you have to build a career in it. When it’s BBA vs BCom, opting for BBA sounds wiser as more opportunities are lined up once you have completed your course. We have tried our best to explain to you the pros and cons of both courses and, now it’s you who have to decide.

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FAQs - BBA vs BCom

Which is easier: BBA vs BCom?

Both the courses have almost the same level of difficulty. It depends on one’s interests and how dedicated they are.

Which course should I pursue if I want to enter the business world?

As a BBA course teaches you more about how business works, pursuing a BBA degree would be beneficial.

Which course offers more salary?

Both the courses, BBA and BCom have a competitive salary, but if you pursue BBA, it will offer more opportunities.

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