Importance of Class 12th Board Exam Marks

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 28 June 2023
Importance of Class 12th Board Exam Marks

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Aren’t you concentrating on your 12th board exams? Why so? Don’t you think the marks will be important in future? You might pursue a BBA course, BCA program, or BTech degree program, but you need a good percentage in 12th to enter the prestigious institution. Not only that, there are many benefits of scoring good marks in 12th board exams. Today, under this blog, you will learn about where class 12th marks matter, how to improve your performance in class 12th marks and many other things about it. If you are about to give board exams, then this blog is for you. Keep scrolling through…

Do Class 12th Board Exam Marks Matter in Life?

Google and other search engines are frequently flooded with questions like, "How to get good marks in class 12?" You may have looked up this question if you are a student in class 12th. We don’t have to say it out loud but this demonstrates how important class 12 exams are to students. Honesty, these tests are somewhat significant to our lives. 

Firstly, class 12th board exam scores are typically used by colleges to determine admissions. Therefore, any college would be willing to admit you if you received a good score. Of course, it is a very different scenario if they have an entrance exam. In any case, candidates who score well do have a benefit over those who do not. 

In addition, the syllabus for the class 12 board exam is somehow the same as for competitive exams like JEE Mains and NEET. In this situation, doing well in the board exams also indicates that you are knowledgeable about all the subjects and will be able to perform well in these entrance exams. 

Let's continue and discuss whether or not you should concentrate on doing well in your class 12 board examinations. 

Is it Important to Score Well in Class 12th?

You've come to the right place if you're wondering how to prepare for the 12th board exam and whether you should concentrate on getting better scores or not. It is always said that you should focus on getting good grades in class 12 when you're studying. The results of the class 12 board exam matter, and there are certain points where they don't matter. Follow this blog to understand how to focus on class 12th and how important these marks are for you.

Where do Class 12th Marks Matter?

As we asked you to score well in class 12th board exams, you must be wondering where class 12th marks matter.

  • If you want to apply for a scholarship after the 12th, your marks matter because eligibility to apply for any scholarship is getting good marks in the 12th board exams.
  • Imagine, you want to get a good government job - the basic eligibility criteria are 12th board marks, and there is a minimum percentage requirement as well. So, you have to work hard anyhow.
  • Want to get a reputed job in a multinational company - give your best shot in 12th class board exams. MNCs can demand 80% in 12th board exams, and private companies can ask for 60% in 12th boards.
  • If you want to get into a prestigious college, there is an eligibility criteria where your board marks matter. Hence, 12th board marks are crucial.

Where Class 12th Marks Doesn’t Matter?

Now, let’s talk about the areas where 12th-class marks don’t matter at all.

  • If you are getting into a creative field, the 12th-class marks don’t matter.
  • If you are about to open your own business or run your family business, you get whatever percentage in the 12th class, it won’t matter anyhow.
  • If you want to enter the field of marketing or freelancing, the percentage of 12th marks might not matter.

Ways to Maximise Your Performance in Class 12th Board Exams

There are many ways to maximise your performance in class 12th board exams. Some of them are:

  • Start your board exam preparations at least 6 months in advance.
  • Solve previous years' full-length papers by putting a timer daily.
  • Analyse your strong and weak points and work on them accordingly.
  • Don’t keep any chapter for the last day.
  • Revise your chapters twice that have more weightage in the board examination.
  • Listen to all the instructions given by your teacher for the exam and plan accordingly.
  • Eat a healthy meal and meditate daily.
  • Keep stress off because a calm mind will solve questions effectively.


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FAQs - Class 12th Board Exam

If I am an art student, can I do graduation in a BTech course?

No, it wouldn’t be possible to pursue a BTech program until you are from the PCM stream.

If I am from the Commerce stream, BBA or BCom, which course is better for me?

The BBA program opens immense opportunities that help you in career growth. Hence, taking BBA would be a better choice.

Can I pursue a BBA course and CA together?

Yes, you can do BBA and CA together, as BBA is not a challenging course.

Which course should I pursue to get entry into an MBA program?

Mostly, BBA graduates are preferred, but you can get entry into an MBA program after completing BTech as well.

Can I be a software developer if I pursue BCA after 12th?

Yes, you can be a software developer after completing your graduation from the BCA program.

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