Create a Perfect MBA Resume in 8 Steps

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 20 May 2023
Create a Perfect MBA Resume in 8 Steps

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We all have heard about job resumes, but do you know, there is an MBA resume that can help you grab admission to a business school? If you wish to enrol in an MBA program, you don’t only need to crack MBA entrance exams, but you can only crack an MBA interview with a well-written resume, as it will help you to stand out from other candidates. An MBA is a course where not only the percentile but the percentage you’ve received in past years and the extracurricular activities you have done matter. Well, under this blog, you will learn about what is an MBA resume and how to write it.

What is an MBA Resume?

If you wish to get into a reputed business school, you need to work on your MBA resume. Now, you must be wondering, what is it? Well, an MBA resume has your professional, academic and leadership achievements. The outline should be drafted in a way that illustrates your potential in the business world. An MBA resume should be easy-to-read and must include different statistics and figures that help the interviewer to understand your background. An MBA resume with great background and achievements help you to stand out in comparison to other candidates. So, now you know that what is an MBA resume, let’s move forward to how you can write one.

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Difference between MBA Resume and Job Resume

MBA Resume

Job Resume

The intent of writing an MBA resume is to get admission to a business school.

The intent of writing a job resume is to get a job for a particular position in a company.

Here, you present business leadership capabilities.

Under this, you present the skills you’ve acquired by this time.

You don’t impress with the responsibilities or tasks handled by you.

You mention the responsibilities and tasks you’ve done to date.

You should include extracurriculars to stand out from other applicants.

Here, you do not include extracurriculars because the interviewer doesn’t want to know about them.

Transferable skills should be mentioned in the MBA resume.

In the job resume, you need to mention technical skills as well.

How to Write an MBA Resume?

Now, let’s have a look at the important steps that you need to keep in mind while writing an MBA resume.

  • Put relevant information
    Instead of adding everything to your MBA resume, add only relevant information and avoid over-explaining things in it. Be as concise as possible because the admission team wants to assess your qualification at a glance.
  • Write in an easy-to-read format
    Use business-related terms that one can understand instead of technical terms. It should be written in an easy-to-read format to improve readability, and the admission committee can scan the most important points you mentioned in your MBA resume.
  • Write the most important points at the beginning
    Nobody wants to have a look at the whole resume, the hook should be at the beginning so that it interests them. It would be great if you mention your achievements and write important points at the beginning of the MBA resume.
  • Quantify your achievements
    Here, you need to use numbers to quantify your achievements. For example, if you have handled a team - how many people were there whom you guided, how much revenue you generated, or cost-savings were done and how fast the process was taking place? Everything should be in numbers so that, the admission team can understand how good you have been at work.
  • Show leadership skills
    MBA is all about how you can be a good leader and how you can handle humans well in the workplace. Hence, if you desire to get admission to a reputed business school, then you would need to demonstrate your leadership skills.
  • Start with professional credentials
    If you are taking admission right after completing your bachelor's or you have only entry-level work experience, start your resume with academic achievements. If you have work experience as required, start with professional credentials and show your certificates and achievements in the work.
  • Focus on the contributions
    Instead of responsibilities, highlight your contributions towards any project. The admission team has a basic understanding of your job, and they would like to know how you have been an asset to your company.
  • Proofread
    To avoid mistakes in your MBA resume, it would be great if you proofread it before submitting it. Read it out loud so that if any information is missing, then you can add that as well.

Tips for an Impressive MBA Resume

If you want to get into a business your MBA resume must be catchy and impressive. Hence, here are some of the tips that will help you build a successful MBA resume.

  • Summarise your best achievements
    At the beginning of the MBA resume, add a small paragraph summarising your career achievements and what you’ve learned so far. Also, mention how your knowledge will be helpful in the business world.
  • Use business language
    Instead of technical language that might not be understood by everyone, write your resume in a manner that has industry-specific business terminologies. It should be understood by the people who’ll be judging your MBA resume.
  • Review the specifications of the application
    Every business school have different specifications, and you have to understand that. So, build your MBA resume in such a manner that all the specifications are covered in it. There is a uniform template that needs to be followed.
  • Use the space wisely
    Use bullet points and start them with verbs. Don’t use a font smaller than 10, and instead of responsibilities, highlight your achievement because they are interested in knowing that.
  • A resume can be 2 pages
    It is not a job resume that you are writing which will be good with one page only. You can use 2 pages wisely and let them know why you should get admission to that business school. You don’t need to skip any important details as you’ll be judged there.
  • Read your resume loudly
    When you read your resume a few times loudly, you see if there are any missing words or grammatical errors that need to be corrected. This also helps you remember the things you have written in your MBA resume.

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