Data Science Career: Scope & Salary

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 11 July 2023
Data Science Career: Scope & Salary

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Data Science is the trending word in the technology world. There weren’t many candidates who wanted to pursue an MCA course in Data Science or a BTech in Data Science because of a lack of knowledge. Most candidates want to understand the job roles they can look for after pursuing Data Science as a specialisation. The scope of Data Science and how much a person can earn is the question that doesn’t allow candidates to take up this course. Hence, today in this blog, you will learn about a career in data science in India, data science job roles, and top recruiters for data science.

What is Data Science?

Extracting insights from structured and unstructured data using processes, algorithms, systems and scientific methods is how we can define Data Science. In tech terms, data science analyses the actual phenomena through data by unifying machine learning, statistics and data learning. Data Science is not exactly a technical tool but it is more about techniques and theories from other fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics and information technology. Organising, packaging and delivering data are the three main components of data science. In other words, if you have to run a business, software development, business analytics, computer science, statistical mathematics, machine learning, and data science is important.

Top Recruiters for Data Science

In today’s time, corporates want to hire data scientists and therefore, in this section, we will discuss the top recruits who are keen to hire candidates for the role of data science.

  • Walmart Labs
  • Flipkart
  • Couture
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • LinkedIn
  • Busigence Technologies
  • Fractal Analytics
  • Sigmoid
  • Mate Labs

Future Prospects in Data Science

Due to the lack of skilled professionals, it is said that almost 97,000 data science job positions are vacant. Today, in this section you will learn about the prospects of a data science career. You will learn about, which sectors you can look for a data science job and what work one has to do.


  • The first thing you need to do is identify consumers.
  • You will recommend the products,
  • Then, you will analyse the reviews.


  • Analysing the performance and defect tracking
  • You take care of the design and the automation of the new facilities.
  • You take care of sustainability and greater energy efficiency.


  • You have to monitor the system
  • Give a better customer experience
  • Enhance the safety of passengers.


  • Drug discovery
  • Virtual assistance
  • Also, medical history analysis is a task in this industry.


  • You do the strategic decision making
  • You do risk analysis
  • Customer segmentation


  • You have to credit risk modelling
  • Detecting fraud is one of the aspects
  • You take care of customer lifetime value

Data Science Career

If you have to pursue a Data science career, you must know the job roles that you’ll have to work in. In this section, we will discuss the job designations and their descriptions that will help you understand the kind of work that you’ll do.

Job Designation

Job Description

Data Analyst

Involved in data manipulation and data visualisation.

Data Scientist

Have to understand the solution of business and offer the best solution

Big Data Engineer

Develop, maintain, test and evaluate big data solution


Interprets the results along with strategic recommendations

Data Architect

Develops, constructs, tests, and maintains highly scalable data management system

Business Analyst

To transform complex data into easily understood data using predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analysis.

Machine Learning Engineer

To address business challenges, they have to design and apply machine learning algorithms.

Data Science Jobs Average Salaries

Now that you know about data science careers, let’s discuss the average salary of data science jobs.

Job Profile

Annual Package

Software Engineer

₹ 8.05 LPA

Data Analyst

₹ 6 LPA

Senior Software Engineer

₹ 15 LPA

Data Scientist

₹ 12 LPA

Software Developer

₹ 5.5 LPA

Sr. Software Engineer/Developer

₹ 9.5 LPA

Senior Business Analyst

₹ 13.15 LPA

Business Analyst, IT

₹ 8 LPA

Senior Data Analyst

₹ 12 LPA

Pursue MCA in Data Science

The full form of MCA is a Master in Computer Applications, and Data Science is one of the specialisations to pursue in the MCA program. It is a 2-year specialisation that gives you advanced knowledge about Data Science, coding and how to extract data that will be useful for the organisation. It teaches the hard skills and the soft skills, both required for a Data Science role. MCA in Data Science is based on the latest industry requirements and it builds the foundation with comprehensive software and computer applications. Data Science is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe and therefore, if you choose this course to pursue, it will give you a good job position and salary.

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FAQs - Career in Data Science

What is the average salary a Data Analyst can expect to earn?

The average salary that a Data Analyst can expect is between ₹ 3-9 LPA.

Is Data Science in Demand in 2023?

Yes, Data Science is one of the hottest topics in 2023, and there is a bright future if you pursue a Data Science course.

Is Data Science an IT job?

Yes, data science is an IT-enabled job.

Does Data Science require coding?

Yes, if you have to get into data science, you should be good at coding.

Is Data Science a high-paying job?

Yes, as there are fewer data science professionals, and the demand is more. Hence, this is a high-paying job.

Is C++ needed for Data science?

Yes, C++ will be beneficial while addressing computationally intensive data science tasks.

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