Tokyo Olympics 2020 Reminds us That Diligence is the Path to Success

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 11 August 2021

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The world is abuzz with talks about the recent Tokyo Olympics 2020. But this year, India has proven its mettle with an outstanding performance in various indoor as well as outdoor sports at the Olympics 2020. Serving as an inspiration to the youth of the country, these remarkable athletes have proved that hard work, self-determination, and discipline pave the way for success!

India's haul of seven medals at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is exemplary and has set supremely high standards for youth across the country. With four bronze, two silver, and one gold medal, India has created an Olympic history. But what is the reason behind this excellence? Hard work.

As taxing as it may sound, hard work and diligence pave the way for success. These are terms every management aspirant is known to have come across without fail. The rigmarole of discipline that an MBA, PGDM, BBA, or MCA aspirant has to go through can be immensely challenging. But this article will provide you with some tips to emerge victorious in the face of challenges, solely by walking that extra mile!

Olympics 2020 and the Forces at Play

Behind the stellar performances you witness on your television screen, there lies a universe of struggle, pain, and back-breaking hard work.

Be it the young boy from a Haryanvi family of farmers, or the tenacious girl from a small pocket in Imphal, Manipur, there has been one unifying factor binding these athletes together: determination.

Grit or determination are terms you are bound to have come across in your trajectory as an MBA, PGDM, BBA, or MCA aspirant. With impending management entrance exams and preparation for the same, it may feel like you are gearing up for warfare. But hold on and keep hustling, because the effort you put in now will bear the fruit of success in the future.

What do the Olympics represent?

Besides representing the union of the five continents across the world, the Olympics act as the flagbearer of a more universal and significant message: the struggle to reach the pinnacle of glory.

As we sit beaming with pride in our Indian athletes who have brought accolades and honor to India, let's remind ourselves of the immense struggle they had to go through to arrive at this juncture.

For wrestler Bajrang Punia, who clinched a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, life hasn't always been kind. Hailing from a family that was perpetually faced with financial constraints, he could only participate in free sports such as wrestling and kabaddi. But that did not dampen his fire of passion from securing a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

There may be an array of impediments and hindrances in your way, but how you learn to take them in your stride and struggle to achieve the best for yourself is what determines your success.

Tips to tread on the path of diligence

In an interview, weightlifter and silver medal winner at Olympics 2020, Mira Chanu was praised by her coach who spoke highly of her self-determined and disciplined spirit. He said that out of all his students, Mira was the most hardworking athlete which is what led to her remarkable performance in Olympics 2020.

Taking a cue from the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, here are some tips you can follow to reap the fruit of success:

  • Discipline: Discipline is the key to success. Hours of practice at stipulated timings, following a balanced diet, being able to say no to certain luxuries are some of the primary things which enabled our athletes to soar high at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
    As a management aspirant, you need to devote hours of studying, a balanced and healthy diet, and adequate sleep to crack those daunting exams.
  • Never-say-no attitude: Do you think these athletes never faced failure? Neeraj Pandey, the gold medallist at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was dealt a tough card when he had arthroscopic surgery and was rendered out of practice for almost a year. But he never backed down and made an unbelievable comeback at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
    You will face failures and impediments in your way, but you must never allow them to stop you from trying harder!
  • Self-talk: It is important to give yourself a pep talk every once in a while. Following a disciplined lifestyle can weigh you down, but you should always tell yourself that there is a greater good awaiting you.
  • Aim for better: Always remember that there will always be room for improvement. The moment you begin feeling complacent, remind yourself that your tomorrow can always be better than your today.
  • Be kind to yourself: Pushing yourself is great, but not when it is compromising your health or your confidence in yourself. You should be kind and forgiving to yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Diligence combined with a robust support system can aid in achieving your dreams

Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya's father would travel 10 km every day from their village to the Chhatrasal stadium to deliver fresh milk and fruits, which were part of his son's wrestling diet, for more than a decade.

It is not diligence in isolation, but hard work combined with a solid support system that quickens your journey towards success.

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The stepping stone to success: Hard work

For all the talented athletes who lose their dreams to poverty or an apathetic society, there comes along a Neeraj Chopra, or a Mira Chanu. Once in a hundred years, there are people who come along from out of nowhere to kindle dreams in millions of young people struggling with despondency, looking to thrive and to be recognized.

For all those aspiring to be bigger and better, open your wings wide, may the wind carry you higher. And never shy away from dreaming. Dreams are meant to be big and audacious. And to make them come true, undying perseverance is the way to go!

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