5 Highest Paid Specializations in MBA in India

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 26 July 2022
5 Highest Paying MBA Specializations in India

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MBA graduates are in demand across the different sectors of the Indian corporate job industry. MBA graduates are mostly preferred when a company undergoes recruitment because of the skills and abilities MBA graduates can offer through their degree training. In India, they are offered the most lucrative jobs with the highest salary packages. The salaries offered to MBA graduates depend mainly on their field of expertise, experience, and qualification. Salary packages also vary across specialisations. 

There are a variety of specialisations under an MBA program, prominent ones being marketing, human resources management, finance, and production management. Let us see how salary packages for MBA graduates in India vary according to their specialisation and which MBA courses have the highest salaries. 

The provided information also constitutes the job descriptions for the concerned streams of MBA along with their usual pay scales. The branches of specialisation are listed as follows:

List of MBA highest salary based on specialisation

There is no one right answer to what is the highest paying MBA specialisation in India. This may vary depending on the MBA eligibility and the track record and performance of the candidate. However, a few of the top paying MBA specialisations are listed in the paragraphs below:

  • MBA Banking and Finance

MBA graduates specialising in the banking and finance sector are offered lucrative jobs in various industries like corporate finance, credit risk management, corporate banking, hedge fund management, private equity, sales, treasury, and investment banking.

The average salary of an MBA graduate in Banking and Finance in India is INR 6.75 LPA. The salary increases with upskilling and experience.

  • MBA in International Business

Gaining a specialisation in International Business in your MBA course has the potential to open up significant pathways in India and abroad. Specialisation in International Business gives students an edge over their competitors as the course familiarises them with global market demands and international business trends. In terms of the payscale, an average MBA graduate with expertise in the International Business category is expected to earn INR 7.88 LPA.

  • MBA in Operations Management

MBA graduates specialising in Operations Management are generally offered jobs in product or service-based sectors that include logistics, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, management consulting, et al. An MBA in Operations Management earns around INR 8.02 LPA on average.

  • MBA in Human Resource Management

Recent developments have seen Human Resource Management professionals gaining immense importance across all industry sectors. Hence, HR professionals can find a multitude of opportunities in IT companies, retail companies, law firms, advertising firms, media houses, and about every other industry. MBA graduates seeking HR jobs may earn around INR 6.03 LPA. The average annual salary of top HR managers in India is INR 7.56 LPA and senior HR managers earn beyond INR 10 LPA as well. 

  • MBA in Marketing

MBA graduates with specialised training in Marketing are the most coveted candidates among a plethora of companies. Marketing professionals with MBA are offered jobs in sectors like competitive marketing, business marketing, online marketing, analytical marketing, customer relations marketing, etc. In terms of the payscale, MBA graduates in Marketing earn an average salary of around INR 7.5 LPA. This is one of the highest-paying MBA specialisation courses. 

Highest Paying MBA Specialisations in India

The salary packages offered to MBA graduates depend on their area of specialisation. The following table shows the salary figures based on the varying specialisations:

MBA Specialisation

Average Salary

MBA Finance

INR 2-14.70 LPA

MBA Human Resource Management

INR 4.50 - 15.50 LPA

MBA Information Technology

INR 10k - 6 LPA

MBA Logistics Management

INR 6.25 - 8.50 LPA

MBA Marketing Management

INR 14.25 - 20.43 LPA

Highest salary paid for MBA graduates in India

The best paying MBA specialisation in India also depends on the B-school the aspirants have graduated from and the job role being offered to them. Besides, there are other factors such as the job location and other bonuses along with this pay scale as well. 

The following are the top 10 B-schools from where MBA graduates get the highest pay packages in our country:

  1. IIFT Delhi - INR 78 LPA
  2. IIM Ahmedabad - INR 72 LPA
  3. IIM Bangalore - INR 65 LPA
  4. IIM Calcutta - INR 65 LPA
  5. SPJIMR Mumbai - INR 63 LPA
  6. XLRI Jamshedpur - INR 43 LPA
  7. IIM Kozhikode - INR 30.60 LPA
  8. XISS Ranchi - INR 30 LPA
  9. NMIMS Mumbai - INR 30.60 LPA
  10. IMI Delhi - INR 20.75 LPA

Highest salary of an MBA in India

The highest salary of MBA graduates in India depends on several factors, including the B-school they graduated from, their communication and professional skills, job roles, company payscale preferences, job location, among others. To date, many MBA graduates have received an annual pay package of over INR 1 crore. This is the highest probable payscale that aspirants can aim at while pursuing an MBA degree from a reputed institution, with the other factors accounted for. Many new-age start-ups and international organisations may also recruit at a higher pay scale, keeping up with the industry trends and the growing needs of the job. 

Why are MBA graduates preferred?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a business administration and professional management degree. MBA graduates have worldwide recognition. Here are a few of the important reasons why the leading organisations prefer such MBA graduates in the domains of business:

  • Subjects like management theory, leadership, entrepreneurship, financial markets, instruments, and business and corporate law are part of the MBA curriculum in India. 
  • Accreditation bodies and type of affiliation, specifically for MBA courses in India and the quality of education of leading MBA programs are very high and at par with international business management programmes.
  • An MBA degree course helps build various managerial skills that are integral for functioning in the corporate world. In MBA programs, a robust theoretical foundation and expertise are formed in business and management concepts. 
  • MBA programs provide valuable opportunities through professional internships, group assignments, and individual projects for cultivating management and business skills. 
  • MBA programs in India prepare their students effectively for business and management positions not just in India but also on a global scale.
  •  MBA programs also instil a range of soft skills, like corporate communication, negotiation, and personality development in their students.


As per the annual survey report presented by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), there is a 90% demand for MBA graduates from India in the business industry across all Asian countries. About 52 per cent of the participating companies plan on increasing the salaries of MBA graduates since 2019. This demand is applicable on a global scale as 85% of US-based companies and 64% of European companies plan to hire fresh MBA graduates from Asia in the coming years.

For all the above reasons, MBA graduates are preferred in the business and management market in India and abroad. Coveted career opportunities with the highest pay packages for MBA graduates depend largely on the specialisation fields of candidates and the years of experience gained. The highest salary for a candidate who has completed an MBA degree in India can also go beyond 2.5 crores per annum. Thus, specialising in coveted management fields is highly recommended. Yet, this is not all. For more relevant information on pursuing an MBA degree, aspirants can visit the Sunstone website and consult with an expert mentor to receive guidance before pursuing the programme. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MBA has the highest salary?

There is no one correct answer to this question. Specialisations such as Marketing, Business Management, and Finance, among others, all offer lucrative packages to the students. The highest salary also depends on factors such as communication skills, personality development, work experience and domain knowledge.

How much does an MBA cost in India?

Top B-schools can in India usually charge in the range of INR 20-30 lakhs for the entire course. However, several state subsidised institutes may also charge less, in the range of INR 5-10 lakhs. There are a myriad of scholarships and fellowships available for deserving candidates as well.

Is an MBA worth it in India?

Yes, an MBA degree is worth the cost incurred, and the struggles have undergone. A placement opportunity is high with such a coveted degree from a reputed B-school. However, the pay scale for the job depends on the student's overall performance and domain expertise. 

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