How the Campus Placement Landscape in India is Changing Today?

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 12 July 2022
How the Campus Placement Landscape in India is Changing Today? | Sunstone Blog

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Guaranteed job placement from universities and colleges helps an individual to kick-start their career after completing their degrees. During the admission process, students look for top campus placement colleges in India to ensure that they will have a job in hand after graduating. 

There is cut-throat competition among the skilled human resources in India who are struggling to find decent job opportunities in India. In such a scenario, a campus placement guarantee gives students an upper hand in the job market.

The outbreak of COVID-19 gave a halt to everything in the world. Schools, Universities, Offices everything was shut down, with markets experiencing the greatest loss and fall of the era. There was uncertainty prevailing in the job market salaries of current employees were cut in half while some opted for recession. Amidst this, the newly appointed employees from campus placements were worried as their joining dates were postponed till further notice.

The idea of going virtual and digital was a ray of hope, that made the survival of millions possible. From kindergarten classes to corporate meetings, everything became virtual.  The landscape of guaranteed job placements in India witnessed a positive change. There was an increase in job opportunities in this virtual era offering comparatively better payouts to students.

The best campus placement colleges in India adopted advanced technologies and hybrid models offering the best guidance and skillsets to students during the lockdown. However, according to experts, there will be a steep rise in guaranteed job placements in 2022 by colleges and universities.

5 Factors That Led To The Evolution Of The Campus Placement Landscape in India

Elimination of Geographical Boundaries 

Under the ‘Digital India’ campaign during the COVID era, the job hiring process became virtual. The remote work settings eliminated geographical considerations from the selection process. Companies started recruiting employees based on their merits and skillsets leading to the hiring of employees from rural and semi-urban areas. The virtual job recruitment process made companies reluctant to opt for campus placement drives because of the better talent pool available to them in the country. Companies are recruiting the best skilled human resources from a large pool, while students are getting better job opportunities and payouts while sitting at home.

Usage of Tools To Identify Ideal Candidate

SaaS is one of the best and most popular tools used by colleges for campus placement guarantee to manage the profiles of their students. The tool has redefined the landscape of campus placement in India. The SaaS tool helps universities and colleges to keep track of students’ training activities, skillsets acquired by them and the companies they are applying to. Colleges hunt for the best job opportunities for their students to render Guaranteed job placement by approaching domestic and international firms.

Virtual Recruitment Process

The daily operations of academic, e-commerce, corporate, etc. industries became digital during COVID-19. In such scenarios, events like job fairs, campus placement drives, etc. were also organized via online platforms. Job opportunities, selection tasks, interviews, etc. everything was conducted by the companies virtually. Students from rural areas to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, everyone can apply for their dream jobs in the comfort of sitting of their respective homes. 

Development Of Skillset Through Training

During the pre-pandemic era, students mainly used to acquire skills from the training rendered by the courses and events organized by their respective universities and colleges, however, during lockdown students started enrolling themselves on different virtual courses hosted by domestic and international courses to upgrade their skills. A lot of students also explored their interests in different industries to gain knowledge and build a diverse portfolio. The diversified knowledge and skills make the candidate confident during interviews and the recruitment process.

Adoption Of Technological Advancements 

Companies get thousands of applications for a single job posting which makes the selection and recruitment of candidates a time-consuming process. This became a huge task, especially during the pandemic and therefore companies started adopting technologies like automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and MI (Machine Learning). Automation and AI help the students and companies to identify and manage job applications, while MI curates and organizes internships, training sessions, and courses for students that help them to acquire skills for their dream job.


The current situation of the campus placement system in India has taken a positive change from the pre-pandemic era. Colleges can approach more companies without any geographical barriers and offer placement guarantees to their students, whereas companies are receiving applications from everywhere unveiling the hidden potential of the country. The adoption of technology and the idea of becoming ‘Digital India’ has redefined the landscape of campus placement in India. Students can also check out the best colleges in India at Sunstone to ensure a placement guarantee.

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What is campus placement in India?

Campus placement is a type of job fair organized by the universities and colleges on their campuses by inviting top companies and firms to their institute for offering job opportunities to their students before the completion of their degrees.

Which college is best for campus placement?

The top colleges and universities in India render campus placement guarantees to their students, however, the skills, scores, and overall personality of a candidate play a crucial role in the recruitment process.

What is campus placement salary?

The campus placement salary is dependent on the job profile, candidate’s academic performance, overall personality, etc. The educational institutes invite the best companies with attractive salary packages for their campus placement program.

Are campus placements easy to secure a job?

Campus placement is the first chance for every student to secure a job before graduation. The competition is comparatively less and the students get a chance to showcase their potential with minimal effort.

How many selection rounds are there in campus placements?

Generally, companies conduct a minimum of 3-4 selection rounds to shortlist and finalize the ideal candidate. These selection rounds test the IQ, EQ, problem-solving skills, communication skills, etc. of the candidate.

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