Top Colleges for Online MBA in India

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 8 April 2022
Top Colleges for Online MBA in India - Sunstone

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Things to Consider When Selecting Top Colleges for Online MBA in India

With the outbreak of COVID, many students have been propelled into a world of learning that doesn’t require them to be physically present in a classroom. This has led to the rise of non-traditional MBA programs from universities all around the country. Full-time MBA has seemingly taken a backseat when it comes to popularity among aspiring business professionals, while online MBA has been quick to grab the vacant spotlight. But what’s still prevalent is confusion when it comes to picking out the best online MBA colleges in India.

There are a myriad of colleges and deemed universities giving out admissions to distance MBA courses, which can make choosing really tricky. The best MBA college should be the one that is capable of providing the right skills and job opportunities to you after graduating so that your career gets the kind of momentum that you always dreamed about. This post is intended to dispel any dilemmas and assist any distance MBA aspirants in picking out what works best for them in both the short and long terms.

Online MBA eligibility

Generally, as required by the top online MBA colleges in India, the aspiring student should have a bachelor’s degree in any field, issued by a recognised university and with minimum aggregate marks of 50% (45% if they fall within the SC/ST category). They must also have appeared in an MBA entrance exam such as MAT, CAT, CMAT, ATMA, GMAT, XAT, or a state entrance exam.

What to consider when Selecting Top Online MBA Colleges in India?

1. Brand value and reputation:

It is vital to know that the college you’re looking to join has a positive reputation in the job market. The importance of this cannot be adequately expressed. That said, when zeroing in on a college that checks all the boxes, how would you go about finding out whether it has a stalwart reputation?

One of the simpler ways is to check the top colleges for Online MBA in India from reliable sources, for both the current year and the previous one. This should give you a pretty long list of options, and you can start the elimination process right away based on what each school has to offer. If you already have a college in mind, then your research work becomes easier. Just ensure that you thoroughly research the institute before making a decision.

2. Job assistance guarantee and campus placements:

One of the defining traits of best online MBA colleges is its ability to offer students enviable positions in great companies right after graduation or even before. Campus placement programs have long been the thing that discerning students have their eye on when selecting a college that suits them. Not only does a campus placement spare students the harsh inconvenience of seeking out a job manually, but it also gives their career an early launch into their field. Learn more on how to prepare for campus placement with our blog. a campus placement spare students the harsh inconvenience of seeking out a job manually, but it also gives their career an early launch into their field.

So if you’re a prospective MBA student, make sure to select the top college for online MBA that has a good campus placement track record and don’t fall prey to a college based solely on what it advertises.

3. Get in touch with an alumnus: 

One of the most effective ways of finding out more about top colleges for Online MBA in India is to connect directly with someone in the alumni network. It's the best way to know what you’re in for because they have experienced the course, syllabus, placements, and everything in between. Having spent significant time with the institution, they would be well equipped to give you quite an exhaustive list of pros and cons that can help shape your decision.

Most college alumni networks also have a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can join their groups and get your queries cleared, which will bolster your decision-making process. Even better, get in touch with an alumnus in person if you can – a virtual interaction can only take you so far sometimes. However, this will help you understand which is the best college for online MBA in India.

4. Have a look at their digital facilities: 

Ever since COVID hit, there has been a decided shift into the online world for many institutions across the country.  Despite the line between online education and distance education being greatly blurred, even full-time education has gone digital. Because of this, it is vital to check whether your college of choice has the requisite digital facilities and infrastructure in place so that you as a student would be comfortable learning from them.

You should look for telling signs to discern whether you can get a superior learning experience after you enrol. Following are some of the elements that a prospective student needs to look for.

·   Digital Library

·   Recorded online classes

·   Dedicated student app

·   Dedicated student support

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In-Demand Online MBA Courses

There is a rising demand for online MBA courses these days. With the top colleges for Online MBA in India now providing multiple specialisations, students can gain relevant and superior skills in their niche areas of interest by enrolling in online courses as well. Following is a list of the most in-demand MBA specialisations to check out.

1. MBA in Marketing Management:

Many of the top online MBA colleges in India offer this specialisation that deals with the constant evolvement of the latest technology and trends. The basic requirement is the capacity to think innovatively and analytically. Students get conceptual knowledge and the chance to use their creative and analytical thinking abilities.

2. MBA in Communications Management:

When it comes to getting an online MBA, top MBA colleges commonly offer this specialisation, mainly comprised of an advanced study, analysis and market research, promotion, pricing, advertising, distribution, product design, etc. to name a few.

3. MBA in Financial Management:

This teaches ways to understand key business functions in the finance domain, such as data frameworks and accounting rules.  Students learn to execute strategic tools and techniques which help them recognise, understand, and analyse the different aspects of a financial business setting.

4. MBA in Hospitality Management:

Almost all of the top online MBA colleges in India offer such a course that lets students enhance and acquire skills strictly in the hospitality and hotel segment of the business.

5. MBA in Human Resource Management:

MBA in HR aims at imparting skills and knowledge that is useful in managing an organisation’s workforce. Every company has a dedicated HR department that is tasked with managing the corporate setting and hiring the best talent. They supervise the workforce according to the accepted set of visions, values, norms, ideals, and methodologies.

6. MBA in Entrepreneurship:

India has been gaining recognition as one of the entrepreneurial hubs of the world, and getting an MBA in entrepreneurship is now a popular choice among graduates. The program itself grants knowledge and skills useful in thinking out of the box, designing commercial ventures, and company expansion facilitation.

7. MBA in International Business:

MBA in International Business is among the most trending MBA specialisations available today, thanks to corporates hiring potential professionals who can represent them globally. This course aims to help students comprehend the obligations and operational process of foreign trade and learn the most effective methods to drive up imports and exports. Students in the best online MBA colleges in India are taught to take on challenges that come up when handling international business, including but not limited to economic constraints and trading restrictions.

8. MBA in Healthcare and Pharma Management:

Careers in the pharma, as well as healthcare industries, are growing exponentially. Candidates who seek to specialise in this area would find themselves dealing with nursing, advanced pharmaceutical administration, advanced business concepts, and enterprise management.

9. MBA in Logistics Management:

This course aims to turn students into successful professionals in the sphere of industrial supply-chain management, e-commerce, and logistics. The curriculum in the top online MBA colleges  is adapted to bring out the kind of skill set it takes when dealing with inventory, goods, and transportation services.

10. MBA in Rural and Agri-Business:

This specialisation imbues an expert’s perspective into the core areas surrounding the global agricultural market. Students get in-depth knowledge of subjects such as soil management, farm planning, supply chain, economic policies, food processing, etc.

Doing thorough research is paramount while picking an institution or even a program for that matter. Your goals and aspirations might differ from that of a fellow aspirant, and looking at the finer details like curriculum, faculty, placement records etc., can help you arrive at a more informed decision for selecting the top colleges for online MBA in India.

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