How to Choose the Right College for Your Career?

  • By Shashwat Tyagi
  • 12 July 2022
How to Choose the Right College for Your Career? | Sunstone Blog

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We all know that college plays a very important role in our lives, not just the college life but also during the working years. To choose the right college, one must compare all the options and then choose.

A good college is not only about academics and marks but about the overall personality development of the student and therefore the environment and culture of the college should be as well considered during the selection of the college. There are various colleges available which make choosing the right more tough and crucial.

Generally, students consider top universities in India as ideal college options, which is a myth. There are certain criteria for choosing the right college, which play a crucial role in shaping one’s career.

The culture, academia, facilities, etc. are some of the points that one considers and match with one’s requirements and ambitions. It is important to have a clear understanding of one’s needs, wants, and thoughts before selecting a college. Here are some steps and instructions that will help you to opt for the correct college-

Career Choice:

More than choosing a correct college, it is important for a student to choose the correct career option. Once you know which field you want to pursue as a career, choosing a college will be easy. You can filter the best colleges in India options based on your desired course. Some tips for students regarding career selection -

  • Tap your skills, talent and passion.
  • Research about the career fields that need those skills.
  • Do an in-depth analysis regarding the salary packages, roles, and responsibilities of the concerned career.
  • Look for all the courses that come under the career field of your choice.
  • Find out the colleges that offer those courses.

Be Well-Informed:

If you are considering any college you should be well-informed about the history, operations and management of the college. This includes everything starting from the syllabus to the placement procedure. Generally, students do not research well and apply to the top colleges in India, as suggested by the internet and then regret their decision after some years. The important details you must check are -


 A college’s affiliation is a very essential factor. The university to which your college is affiliated controls all matters like syllabus and examinations. Students must check the validity of the affiliation, the ranking of the concerned university and their management as well. All employers, be it government or private, approve only the candidates with degrees approved by UGC.

Available Courses:

Students must go through the list of all the courses that the college offers, to check if their preferred course is available or not. In case the course is available, students must research well and analyse if the course offered by the college is well-recognised in the market or not.

Infrastructure :

As mentioned earlier, college life plays a crucial role in the overall career of any individual. It is important to check whether the college you are opting for provides all the facilities and amenities that you need. This also includes classrooms, labs, libraries, etc.


 The location of the college also has a huge impact on the exposure and environment. The growth opportunities are different for different fields in different cities. It is better to choose your college in a city that offers more growth options for your career. This would bring more exposure to you.


Teaching faculty play a prominent role in every student’s life. They provide you with skills and knowledge academically but at the same time, they also teach you the life skills that will help you grow as a person. Before choosing any college, make sure you check the faculty and mentors of that college.


 College placements are the best way for any student to kick-start their career. Make sure you properly check the placement history, average salary package, etc before finalizing the college.

Entrance Exams:

Due to a high number of applications, all the reputed colleges and universities analyse the merit of the students based on the scores on the entrance exams. After you know which course you want to pursue, start researching the entrance exams associated with that course. Though a lot of colleges offer seats via management quota, it is always suggested that students must get admission by giving the entrance exams as it helps them to gain knowledge, experience and most importantly self-confidence. You should know if the college you are wishing to get into considers the common entrance exams or holds a specific one for itself. Here is a list of some of the entrance exams conducted by the

top colleges in India -

  • JEE - Joint Entrance Examination
  • GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  • NATA - National Aptitude Test in Architecture
  • NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Examination
  • IIFT - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • CAT - Common Admission Test
  • MAT - Management Aptitude Test
  • NAT - National Aptitude Test
  • XAT - Xavier Admission Test

Financial Planning:

 Generally students ignore budgets which play a huge role in the college life of any student. The fee structure of colleges is different and depends on various factors. Before finalising the college, students must go through the official website to check if the fee structure of their preferred course matches their budget. The application procedure must be continued further only if the fee structure matches your budget and paying capacity. Students should also check for scholarships that colleges generally provide. Students can check out the list of cheapest universities in India to find what suits their budget. Another option that a lot of students are considering nowadays is an educational loan. Almost all financial institutions offer educational loans with a low rate of interest which they can repay after they start earning.

Precautions To Take While Choosing College

Mistakes are a part of life, they teach you the difference between right and wrong but sometimes when you are making important decisions, you cannot afford to make mistakes or else they will turn into regrets for life. One such important decision is choosing a career and college. Students must be double sure before they choose a college and analyse every factor properly. Often, due to improper guidance and mentoring, students make mistakes that they should avoid. Here is a list of some mistakes that generally all students make and you should avoid -

  • Getting influenced by and copying friends.
  • Not taking the application deadlines seriously.
  • Considering only the price and ignoring all other important factors.
  • Restricting themselves to their native town.
  • Taking decisions in a rush.
  • Not taking any initiative and replying more to advertisements.

Consider Counselling

Even if you work by the plan and follow all the steps, it is very much possible that you do not find the correct college or you might be confused between the best colleges in India. In such a scenario, instead of stressing over the issue or taking the wrong decision, it is better to seek help from professional counsellors. They are experienced professionals who can help you understand your skills, goals and requirements. Making the right decision is the only motive, and one should leave no stone unturned to achieve this.

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When do you have to decide on a college?

After selecting the stream in 11th grade, the students should start exploring career prospects. There is a good time frame available for the students to research and understand different career options and start preparing for the college entrance exams.

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

There is no specific number that one should keep in mind for college applications, but it does not mean a student only applies to only one college. A minimum of 3-4 college applications from top colleges in India should be filled by every applicant as backup options.

What Are My Chances of Getting Into a Good College?

To get into a good college in India, students should focus on their 10+2 and entrance exams score. The scores play a crucial role in analysing the merit of the student.

Can I contact the alumni of my preferred college?

Yes, contacting the college alumni is a good option as they will guide you better about the course, the college’s working model, career prospects, placements, etc.

Can I take coaching classes to clear entrance exams with a good score?

There is a cutthroat competition for getting admissions to the top universities in India. Professional guidance to clear entrance exams with a good score is a considerable option.

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