How to Crack CAT 2019 in Just 1 Month?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 23 October 2019

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Acing the CAT exam in the first attempt and getting a 90+ percentile, is in itself a great accomplishment. The CAT preparation requires strategy, determination, and investment of time from the student to achieve it. In this article, we are sharing some beneficial CAT 2019 exam preparation tips that you can follow in the last few days that are left in hand for the CAT 2019 preparation. The IIM CAT 2019 is scheduled to be conducted on 24th November 2019, by IIM-Kozhikode. IIM-K is also going to release a mock CAT on October 16th, 2019. Renowned business schools such as IIMs, MDI, FMS, Sunstone, NITIE, IMI, IMT etc. accept and grant admission to various post-graduate management programs.   How to Crack CAT 2019 in Just 1 Month?   and so has the preparation for CAT 2019. In the last month, the pressure is at its highest peak, and so is the CAT 2019 preparation. At any stage, the effort and time required by you is immense for the preparation of CAT. The CAT exam is different from any other competitive exam, as it does not measure the amount of knowledge one has about various topics, it tests you on your skills to apply that particular knowledge in different spheres of life, and hence preparing for CAT 2019 will not be an easy feat to conquer.     The IIM CAT exam is an aptitude test, which does not require mugging up theories, just the application of knowledge. So with just one month in our hand to crack the CAT 2019 exam, let us not waste time, and jump straight to some CAT exam preparation tips.    CAT 2019 Preparation Tips for the Last 1 Month       

  1. Ace the basics: As the CAT exam tests you on the application of knowledge, and not the knowledge itself, you need to know the basics like the back of your hand. This holds in the case of quants and not required so much in the case of logical reasoning and verbal reasoning. Give at least 10-12 days to mastering the quantitative basics. You could take the help of CAT preparation quantitative books or coaching preparation books and remember to solve the examples that are already solved in the book, it is practice. 


  1. Do the mock: Irrespective of when you start,(though if you are reading this article so close to the CAT 2019 exam, I would suggest it is high time), the first step is to take a mock. Do not get disheartened by the score, but use this mock to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, i.e. the topics you are confident about and others not so much so, make a note of them. 


  • The questions of quantitative analyses will be easier with you stronger in your basics. Do not forget to time yourself. 


  • For Verbal aptitude and reading comprehension, try to attempt all the questions, this is an area one can score well in. 


  • For the Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning, attempt to solve the questions by drawing a rough diagram. 


  1. Focus on your strengths: By now the CAT 2019 examination admit card will be out, and you will know the time slot that you will be giving your paper in and make sure to solve a mock at the same time slot when you have your exam. This will help you to be prepared for D-day. 


  1. Analyze your mocks: Reduce the number of mocks that you are solving per week and shift your focus on analyzing them, for the topics and question types, timing yourself all along. Once analyzed, go back to the topics you feel need to revise. Analyze all the mock papers you have given till now and use this time to revisit the topics you feel can be brushed before the CAT exam. 


  1. Stay calm: In the last 2-3 days do not start anything new, be it a mock or topic. Use this time to relax and give your mind time to recoup from the information overload that it has gone through in the last weeks. Listen to music and watch things that make you happy and relaxed. Having a calm mind is key to cracking the CAT exam 2019. Just revise lightly and go through the formulas regularly. 

  Hope that these preparation tips help you to ace the exam.

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