Is an MBA in International Business The Right Choice for you?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 10 November 2022

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An Overview

The advantages of pursuing a career in international business are enormous, ranging from living abroad to taking advantage of the various profitable employment prospects offered in the global market. With an MBA in International Business, you have one of the finest options for doing this.

The MBA in International Business is created for working professionals who wish to hone their leadership skills in a global business environment through both globally focused coursework and study abroad opportunities. How can you determine if an MBA in international business is the appropriate choice for you? You can use the information below to determine whether an MBA in International Business is the best option for you if you want to pursue a job.

What Is An MBA In International Business?

A standard MBA degree and an MBA in international business are comparable. The foundations of business administration, including lessons in finance, accounting, marketing, and leadership, will probably be covered in the core course curriculum. However, you will also gain in-depth knowledge of international business thanks to the course content.

You'll learn about international business issues, overseas markets, world economy, and cross-border interactions, as well as the leadership and interpersonal qualities required to succeed in multinational firms. The degree will either be awarded as a regular MBA with a track or specialised elective pathway that focuses on international business, or as a specialised MBA in International Business.

MBA In International Business Scope

Professionals with two to five years of work experience who wish to start or advance a career in international business or at a multinational organisation are the target audience for MBA in International Business programmes. You'll learn about a variety of business themes from a global perspective and develop your management abilities in order to get ready for leadership roles that call for cross-functional and cross-cultural knowledge. An MBA in international business could lead you in the following directions:

  • Management of the global supply chain
  • Work in international trade
  • Associate positions at international consulting firms
  • Being a project manager for a global business
  • Managerial roles in investment banking at foreign banks
  • Working in the departments of import and export
  • Working in the tourism industry worldwide

Benefits Of Earning An MBA In International Business

Graduates with strong communication skills, the ability to organise cross-continental and cross-cultural interchange, and the ability to successfully negotiate complicated global marketplaces are in demand from multinational corporations and one of the reasons to get a global mba.

Graduates with an MBA in International Business can choose from a variety of positions in multinational corporations, such as import or export consultant, international business developer, international marketing manager, foreign policy advisor, and international finance manager.

MBA In international Business Syllabus

In an MBA in International Business, you will study the standard MBA core course curriculum, such as strategy, marketing, and finance, in addition to more specialised courses that are focused on international business principles, as we touched on above. Modules could consist of:

  • Worldwide advertising
  • Management of imports and exports
  • Expansion and entry into foreign markets
  • Managing foreign exchange
  • Worldwide logistics
  • Finance on a global scale

Students pursuing an MBA in International Business will learn about the systems and laws that control global trade, such as trade agreements, taxes, customs laws, and shipping laws. The majority of MBA programmes also give students the chance to participate in internships and study abroad experiences that immerse them in a foreign culture.

Should You Pursue An MBA In International Business?

Yes, an MBA in International Business is the appropriate degree for you if you want a job that spans international markets and equips you with the knowledge to overcome various cultural, legal, and geographical barriers.

However, like with any MBA degree, the payoff in the form of an increase in salary and a new profession depends on the effort you put forth while attending business school. You're more likely to see a return on your investment if you put in the effort to improve your communication abilities, study about global market trends, and use your business school network to investigate new employment opportunities.

FAQ - MBA in International business

  • What is an MBA in International business?

The MBA in International Business serves as a fundamental course for creating a skilled cadre of business executives to fulfil the nation's expanding demand for professionals trained in international management. A general management curriculum with a focus on international commerce, the MBA (IB) is six trimesters long.

  • What topics are included in the MBA in International Business syllabus?

Cross-cultural consumer, customer relationship management and service marketing and industrial buyer behaviour, procedures and documentation, international trade practices, international financial management, global strategic management and international advertising are all topics covered in the MBA international business syllabus.

  • How is MBA different from MBA in International Business?

The average student background is the easiest way to explain the differences between the two programmes. While Master of International Business courses accept applicants with no prior work experience, most MBA programmes need a minimum of two years of work experience.

  • What is the MBA in International Business salary in India?

In India, an MBA in international business typically earns between Rs 3 LPA and Rs 8 LPA.

  • Which are the best MBA in International Business colleges in India?

  1. Management Development Institute, Gurgaon

  2. SJMSOM, Mumbai

  3. WeSchool, Mumbai

  4. KSOM Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar

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