Latest Group Discussion (GD) Topics For MBA In India

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 7 October 2022

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An Overview - Group Discussion Topics For MBA Admission

One of the primary phases of the MBA degree admissions process, the group discussion, or GD, may make or break your prospects of being accepted into the business school of your choice. Why? GD has been shown to be a reliable tool for assessing a candidate's suitability for both business management training and employment. A candidate's whole personality, including their expertise, interaction, initiative, and team-behavior abilities—aspects crucial to a successful manager—are assessed during GDs. For the selection of students who must have the potential and temperament to be effective business leaders, top Masters of Business Administration (MBA) institutes in India (Non-IIMs and IIMs) place a lot of stress on group discussions (GDs).

What Is A "Group Discussion" (GD) For An MBA Course?

Before the discussion begins, students have around five minutes to prepare their subject. The panels pay special attention to the presenters' fluent English, personality, clarity of mind, capacity to deliver a compelling case, and leadership skills throughout the dialogue since these traits are important for someone to succeed as an executive.

Along with studying for the entrance exam, MBA candidates must also practice for the GD-PI rounds. As soon as you decide to pursue an MBA, you should begin your public speaking training since it is challenging to pass the GD/PIs at prominent B-Schools.

MBA Placement Criteria - Skills

  • Your degree of comfort speaking to the other group members.
  • How well can you communicate
  • How flexible or inflexible you are while engaging in an argumentative conversation.
  • How receptive you are to considering opposing viewpoints
  • Your capacity for analysis
  • Your capability as a leader
  • Effective time management
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Common civility and social graces
  • Your capacity for unbiased judgement

Type Of Group Discussion (GD) And Group Discussion Topics For MBA

The Group Discussion is one of the most important criteria for admission to India's b - schools. After the results of the MBA admission exams are released, qualified candidates must pass the GD and WAT rounds conducted by management institutions. Candidates may expect four main types of GD subjects for MBA admissions.

  • Abstract topics
  • Currently Trending Topics
  • Social Justice Issues
  • Business and Economic Issues

Group Discussion Topics For MBA Placements

  • Sri Lanka's Economic crisis
  • Russia-Ukraine war
  • NATO
  • High fuel prices
  • E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  • COVID-19
  • Metaverse
  • Post-Covid world

MBA Interview Tips For GD

Some of the best MBA interview tips are:

  • If you don't know much about the issue, take cues from the discussion and add intelligently relevant topics that occur to your mind.
  • Be careful what you say.
  • When expressing your opinions, be calm and confident.
  • If necessary, support your arguments with facts and statistics.
  • Maintain composure and cool when speaking.
  • Keep your remarks brief and avoid restarting your views.
  • Treat people with respect and be considerate of their opinions.
  • Participating in group conversation requires active listening, so pay attention to others.
  • The conversation could get unpleasant at times. It is wise to step in and defuse the tension in such a circumstance. Your action will demonstrate your leadership and problem-solving abilities.
  • Your posture should suggest that you are at ease.

Don'ts While Attending A GD

  • Even if you are an expert on the subject, do not overshare your expertise.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the subject, don't start the conversation.
  • If the majority of the other participants have opinions that vary from yours on the subject, don't let that influence you to alter your mind.
  • Refrain from speaking during other members' speeches.
  • Avoid posing pointless inquiries.
  • If a speaker before you made the arguments more persuasive than you did, don't be intimidated.
  • Avoid bringing up personal prejudices you may have on the subject.

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FAQ - MBA in India

  • What are the current topics for group discussion 2022?

    1. Sri Lanka's Economic crisis
    2. Russia-Ukraine war
    3. NATO
    4. High fuel prices
    5. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
    6. COVID-19
    7. Metaverse
    8. Post-Covid world
  • What happens in GD in MBA?

After being chosen by the B school for the next phase of admission for an MBA or PGDM, the group discussion (GD) is a crucial method for assessing the skills of the candidates. In the final admissions process, the majority of top MBA institutions do both a group discussion and a personal interview.

  • How to prepare for MBA GD?

When taking part in a Group Discussion (GD), pay attention to the material you provide. Emphasize your leadership and communication abilities. Logic and reason should support your responses. Take time to listen.

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