Top MBA Colleges in Samastipur: Fees, Placement, Cut-off

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 13 May 2021
Top MBA Colleges in Samastipur

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Samastipur is a city located in Bihar, which is well known for its cultural heritage. It is a small city with a warm, laid-back vibe to it. It is a city that is deeply rooted in its religious and cultural history, which has many ancient temples and shrines. Samastipur is also renowned for its agricultural industry. Many students from Bihar and nearby states also come here to pursue higher education. It has many colleges which offer decent higher education.

Samastipur city

MBA is one of the preferred choices of students who wish to pursue a successful career in the corporate sphere and the public sector. The popularity of MBA among graduates and working professionals is because it offers diverse career options and promises job security. India has a shortage of trained professionals who possess the requisite skills to cater to the ever-growing industries. MBA is the right choice for you if you wish to acquire a broad skill set to boost your career and give you numerous opportunities. After pursuing higher education from MBA colleges in Samastipur, you can expect various career opportunities.

MBA Specializations Offered By Colleges In Samastipur

If you have made up your mind to pursue MBA from college in Samastipur, you might well be wondering what specialization you should opt for. There are numerous specializations to choose from while pursuing MBA from colleges in Samastipur. Before choosing the specialization that is right for you, make sure you carefully analyze all your options as different specializations have the potential to unlock different career options for you. Let us have a detailed look at all the specializations offered by colleges in Samastipur.

  • MBA in Marketing- It focuses on imparting knowledge and skills to students to match consumer needs with a company's marketing strategies.
  • MBA in Finance- It focuses on planning and controlling the financial assets of a company. 
  • MBA in Human Resource Management- It imparts skills and knowledge to manage the human resources of the company. The course comprises recruiting, training, and team building. You will also be taught superior communication skills that are necessary to operate in a company.
  • MBA in Business Analytics- Teaches students how to create business strategies based on data. Students learn the processing of data to solve problems and make strategies. 
  • MBA in Operations- This teaches students to manage efficiently the production and distribution of goods and services produced by the organization. 
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management- This field deals with controlling the flow and storage of goods and services from the production to the consumer.
  • MBA in Sales- Students learn how to grow sales of a product or service over time and attract more customers.
  • MBA in Retail management-  Retail management is the art of attracting and bringing customers into stores and fulfilling their needs. This specialization will teach students how to streamline retail operations.
  • MBA in BFSI- This degree teaches students how to plan, control and manage financial resources in an organisation.
  • MBA in Digital Marketing- It focuses primarily on promoting products and service through online platforms.

Eligibility Criteria For MBA In Samastipur

Though the eligibility criteria may vary from one college to another, below is the basic criteria followed by most MBA colleges in Samastipur –

  • Candidates must have completed graduation from a recognized university or an equivalent course from a recognized university.
  • Candidates must have scored a minimum of 50% overall score in graduation to be eligible for MBA ( For students of reserved category, the minimum score is 45%)
  • Students in the final year of their graduation can also apply for MBA, provided they complete their graduation within time.

Admission Process for MBA in Samastipur

samastipur mba

Many students find it confusing when it comes to understanding the admission process of MBA colleges in Samastipur. The admission procedure and criteria followed by most colleges in Samastipur are more or less the same, though some colleges tend to differ. There are primarily three steps involved when it comes to securing a seat in MBA colleges in Samastipur. Let us have a detailed look at all the steps involved-

Firstly, students who wish to secure admission into an MBA college in Samastipur should apply for various entrance tests conducted either nationally or state-wise to check their eligibility for admission into an MBA program offered by different colleges.

Secondly, students will have to appear for entrance tests for which they have applied. It is also necessary that students prepare thoroughly before appearing for the entrance tests as they have moderate to high difficulty levels.

Lastly, students must check their results for the entrance test they have appeared for; following which, they have to check the cut-off for different colleges. Some colleges also conduct interviews and separate written tests to check students' eligibility before giving them a seat in a college in Samastipur.

Scope after MBA in Samastipur

samastipur scope

The Indian industry for a long time has suffered due to the absence of the right skill set in management professionals, but the scenario has changed in the last few years. The industry is hiring professionals holding MBA degrees even from low fee MBA colleges to assume leadership positions. However, your MBA journey doesn’t have to end there, you can go for further education in the field of your choice. 

Top Study Scope After MBA

The Indian industry for a long time has suffered due to the absence of the right skill set in management professionals, but the scenario has changed in the last few years. The industry is hiring professionals holding MBA degrees even from low fee MBA colleges to assume leadership positions. However, your MBA journey doesn’t have to end there, you can go for further education in the field of your choice. 

  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) 

A chartered financial analyst (CFA) is a globally-recognized professional designation given by the CFA Institute, (formerly the AIMR (Association for Investment Management and Research)), that measures and certifies the competence and integrity of financial analysts. Candidates are required to pass three levels of exams covering areas, such as accounting, economics, ethics, money management, and security analysis.

  • Financial Risk Manager 

Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is a professional designation issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The GARP FRM accreditation is globally recognized as the premier certification for financial risk professionals dealing in financial markets. FRMs possess specialized knowledge in assessing risk and typically work for major banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, regulatory agencies, and asset management firms.

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) refers to a designation issued by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The designation is the global standard for professionals who have a career in information systems, in particular, auditing, control, and security. CISA holders demonstrate to employers that they have the knowledge, technical skills, and proficiency to meet the dynamic challenges facing modern organizations.

  • Certification in Risk Management Assurance

The Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) is one of the latest certifications offered by the IIA, or the Institute of Internal Auditors. The CRMA certificate was introduced in 2013.As the name suggests, the certification covers the skills required for a professional to educate and counsel management and audit committees on risk management concepts. In short, the focus is on “risk” and “risk management.”

  • Project Management Professional

Project Management Professionals are imperative in every industry. The demand is in terms of the skill requirements which vary between different industries and geographies. As per 2014 survey report by PMI, there will be huge opportunities for practitioners of Project Management. As companies recruit people from various cultural backgrounds, the need for project managers with a standardized set of skills increases. These project managers would be expected to undertake projects on system reorganizations, turn strategic vision into tangible goals, and ensure effective and agreed outcomes, while balancing various project constraints.

Job opportunities after MBA in Samastipur

There are many job profiles for you to choose from once you have completed your MBA from a college in Samastipur. However, you must be careful before choosing the job profile that is right for you. You should analyze all your options very carefully before making the final decision. MBA holders are respected across all industries as they are well trained to handle managerial roles and have leadership qualities. So what are the job profiles that you can go for after completing your MBA? Let us have a look at a few of the job profiles after MBA-

  • Investment Banker - An investment banker raises capital for different business organizations and government agencies. An investment banker also helps in a merger, acquisitions, and other similar financial transactions. An investment should possess excellent communication skills coupled with mathematical prowess.

  • Management Consultant - Many companies seek hired assistance from trained professionals called management consultants, which helps companies stay relevant in the competitive sphere. Management consultants provide diverse support to companies management by helping them in cost-cutting, solving management issues. Augment efficiency and maximize profits. Management consultants generally cater to specific industries.

  • Business Analyst - A business analyst analyses and understands the requirements of a business model and delivers efficacious solutions to it. Business analysts also deal with asset holders, investors, etc., by feeding them the data and requisite information pertaining to any project or business venture. The role of a business analyst is indispensable when it comes to assessing and managing new projects.

  • Sales Manager - A sales manager manages the sales department of a company. His role consists of making new promotion strategies for the company, conducting training of sales personnel, evaluating customers' needs, analyzing the latest trends in markets, etc.

  • HR Manager - The HR manager's job is indispensable as the HR manager is tasked with managing all the company's human resources. The job of an HR manager is to handle disputes of employees, handling salary accounts, recruiting new employees, etc.

Cost of Living in Samastipur

Though Samastipur is a cheap city to live in, your overall expenditure would depend upon your lifestyle choices. You can manage your expenses prudently during your college days.


 You can get a 1 BHK apartment or a single room for around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000. You can get a 2 BHK apartment or a single room for around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 11,000. You can also opt for accommodation in hostels that management institutes provide.


 Your overall cost of travelling would depend upon the distance of your B school from your accommodation so it is recommended that you rent an accommodation near your college. If you opt for public transportation, it will cost you around Rs. 2000 a month


 You can procure monthly groceries for yourself for around Rs 3,000.

Domestic Help

You can get domestic help for around Rs 1000 in Samastipur.

This is the basic outlay of cost living; besides these, there can be added leisure, entertainment, etc.

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FAQs About MBA In Samastipur

What is the scope of an MBA?

One can directly enter the business world after an MBA or can pursue a postgraduate degree. Like other fields, one needs to choose a focus area and go deeper into developing a knowledge base in that niche.

What is the lowest average MBA fee of the colleges in Samastipur?

An MBA from a top institute can cost you anywhere between 10-20 Lacs, keeping in mind other expenses. However, the colleges listed above are B-schools in Samastipur offering students pocket-friendly fee payment options.

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