MBA Fees in India For Top B-Schools Admissions In 2023

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  • 24 November 2022
MBA Fees in India For Top B-Schools Admissions In 2023

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In the last few decades, there has been a winning combination of degrees for success in the job industry — engineering and MBA. Although a lot of people might argue, it is a fact that an MBA course can catapult your career in a new direction. With this said, getting just an MBA from an ordinary college is less valuable as compared to getting it from one of the elite B-schools in India.

Top B-schools offer great career opportunities to students, but their courses are pretty expensive. Recently, the government of India has decided to cap the constantly increasing fees, so quality education becomes a lot more affordable. 

Now, we do not know when that will be a reality, so if you are planning to get an MBA degree, we suggest you look for the best MBA colleges with low fees.

How Much Do MBA Degrees Cost in Top B-Schools?

The MBA admission for the 2023-25 season is going to start soon, so it is crucial for MBA aspirants to know about the MBA fees they have to pay for an MBA programme in any of the top B-schools in India. Although the fee amount is pretty justified once you analyse the ROI, it is a deciding factor for many students. 

So, here is a table showing the top MBA colleges in India with fees.


List of IIMs

IIM Fees*

IIM Bangalore

₹23.20 lakh

IIM Ahmedabad

₹21 lakh

IIM Lucknow

₹19.25 lakh

IIM Calcutta

₹19 lakh

IIM Kozhikode

₹19 lakh

IIM Udaipur

₹17.59 lakh

IIM Rohtak

₹16.65 lakh

IIM Indore

₹16.50 lakh

IIM Trichy

₹16.50 lakh

IIM Sirmaur

₹15.75 lakh

IIM Ranchi

₹15.30 lakh

IIM Shillong

₹15 lakh

IIM Kashipur

₹14.75 lakh

IIM Raipur

₹14.21 lakh

IIM Nagpur

₹13.75 lakh

IIM Visakhapatnam

₹13.65 lakh

IIM Sambalpur

₹12 lakh

IIM Amritsar

₹12 lakh

*Please check with the respective college to confirm the MBA course fee and fee structure.

Top MBA Colleges in India with Fees: Thinking Beyond IIMs

When it comes to MBA, many people cannot think beyond the IIMs. And rightly so! IIMs are the top business schools in India with global recognition. However, plenty of other b-schools are at par with the IIM, all in terms of quality of education, fee structure, and opportunities. 

So, here is a list of all the best MBA colleges in India with fee structures


MBA Fees*

XLRI Jamshedpur

₹16.8 lakh

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

₹16.50 lakh

MDI Gurgaon

₹15.96 lakh

IIFT Delhi

₹14.50 lakh


₹14.5 lakh


₹14 lakh

Goa Institute of Management

₹13.85 lakh

TAPMI Manipal

₹13.50 lakh

NMIMS Mumbai

₹13.15 lakh

IMT Ghaziabad

₹13 lakh

IBS Hyderabad

₹12.50 lakh


₹12.50 lakh

MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Bangalore

₹12.5 lakh

IFMR Chennai

₹12 lakh

Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Bangalore

₹12 lakh


₹11.5 lakh


₹11.2 lakh

DMS, NIT Trichy

₹10.87 lakh

KIAMS Harihar

₹9.98 lakh

LIBA Chennai

₹9.84 lakh


₹9.80 lakh

IFIM Bangalore

₹9.50 lakh


₹8.95 lakh

IMNU, Ahmedabad

₹8.9 lakh

We School Mumbai

₹8.60 lakh

PSG Institute of Management

₹8.60 lakh

Universal Business School, Karjat

₹8.48 lakh

NITIE Mumbai

₹8.10 lakh


₹8 lakh

XIME Bangalore

₹8 lakh

IPE Hyderabad

₹8 lakh

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida

₹7.90 lakh

KJ SIMSR, Mumbai

₹7.8 lakh

SCMS Cochin

₹7.50 lakh

Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore

₹7 lakh

Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi

₹6.95 lakh

Christ University, Bangalore

₹6.75 lakh

VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur

₹6.72 lakh

Shiv Nadar University

₹6.72 lakh

VJIM, Hyderabad

₹6.5 lakh

Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), Rohini

₹6.10 lakh - PGDM & PGDM-IB

₹5.10 lakh - Retail & Marketing

AIMS Bangalore

₹6 lakh (MBA), ₹4 lakh (PGDM)

DoMS, IIT Madras

₹6 lakh

VIT Business School, Vellore

₹5.98 lakh


₹5.57 lakh

SSIM Secunderabad

₹5.50 lakh

FLAME University, Pune

₹5.5 lakh- MBA, ₹5 lakh - MBA in Communication

Dr. D Y Patil School of Management, Pune

₹5.4 lakh

Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai

₹5.38 lakh

IIFM Bhopal

₹4.80 lakh

Chitkara Business School, Chandigarh

₹4.64 lakh

DMS, IIT Delhi

₹4.39 lakh

DoMS, IIT Roorkee

₹4.18 lakh

MANAGE Hyderabad

₹4.05 lakh

DMS, IISc. Bangalore

₹3 lakh

ABV - Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management

₹2.36 lakh

SJMSoM, IIT Bombay

₹2.25 lakh

NIT Warangal

₹2.1 lakh

JBIMS Mumbai

₹2 lakh

DIME, IIT Kanpur

₹1.60 lakh


₹1.36 lakh

DMS, University of Pune

₹1.31 lakh

FMS, University of Delhi

₹20 thousand

*Please check with the respective college to confirm the MBA course fee and fee structure.

Our lists of top MBA colleges with fees, private and public, probably have given an idea of how much the cost of doing an MBA from a business school in India can be. And clearly, India’s top-tier business school MBA fees are high, and not everyone can afford them. So, here is a piece of information that MBA aspirants may find helpful. 

If you can crack the MBA entrance examination and secure a high percentile, you can take an education loan to get into one of the top business schools. In such a case, the return on investment can be very high because those colleges offer the best placement. 

FAQ - MBA Fees in India  

  • How can I get MBA admission in 2023

To get admission into an MBA course, candidates need to take an entrance test. Most colleges in India consider national-level entrance tests like CAT/MAT/GMAT/XAT/ATMA etc. 

  • How much does an average MBA cost in India?

The average fee for an MBA course in India is ₹9 lakh to ₹11 lakh. 

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