Top Remote working skills MBA students must possess

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
  • 14 September 2020
Remote working skills employers demand

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Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has consistently ensured its position as one of the most popular courses among graduates. Students from different academic backgrounds join MBA programs across India and are equipped with the MBA skills needed. MBA is a gateway to managerial positions in all industries. Most people who are pursuing an MBA hold some kind of work experience, however, it is also a popular choice among fresh graduates. MBA not only offers jobs in almost all private industries but also provides an opportunity to work with various PSUs and other govt. organizations. So it would not require a vast stretch of the imagination to construe how MBA remains such a popular course among graduates.

Why is an MBA Important?

  • MBA offers to imbibe within its students’ various managerial skills that are indispensable for making any company successful.
  • It helps you by improving your leadership people management and MBA skills.
  • It is also perfect for students who are willing to start their own entrepreneurial venture.
  • MBA graduates are one of the top-earning groups of people across the globe.
  • If you are already a working professional it promises a fatter paycheck but also steadies your growth.

What after MBA?

Questions that often bother students looking forward to making a career in MBA are- What can we do after an MBA? After an MBA what next? After an MBA which course is best? What MBA Skills do recruiters demand?

To answer these questions one must ask- What does an MBA graduate learn? What does an MBA do? MBA graduates usually get hired on managerial positions in various MNCs and other kinds of business organizations. Opportunities for MBA students are vast and diverse, requiring an array of MBA skills. It would not only provide you with an opportunity to work on a managerial post in some business organization but also provides other valuable career opportunities. Many students often opt for a degree after MBA. So what are the best courses and specialisations after MBA? After an MBA what next? Some, After MBA course that students can apply for are —

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Certification In Risk Management Assurance
  •  Project Management Professional

How to get an MBA?

One may ask – How to get an MBA? To be able to secure a seat in MBA the minimum qualification that is required is that one should have a graduation degree from a university recognized by GOI or any other such course that is recognized by HRD ministry. After possessing the minimum qualification you would be required to appear in various entrance tests like MAT, CAT, XAT ETC.  You must then be able to secure good marks in these entrance tests to be able to get a seat in a B school.

How To Be Goal-Oriented?

 One important question that students who are planning to pursue an MBA must be asked is- what are your goals in life and how an MBA is going to help you achieve it? Well, career goals for MBA aspirants must focus primarily on two things- what are your long term and short term goals? While talking about your short term career goals students must keep in mind

- What are the MBA skills you will acquire through an MBA?

- How would your background prepare you for your future?

- Will it prove to be a stepping stone for your long term goal?

Things students should keep in mind while framing long term goals are-

  •  How do your long term goals reflect on your values?
  • In which industry or sector would you wish yourself to see in another 10-15 years?
  •  What short term goals should I draw my attention to the most?

What Is Taught In an MBA? 

Aspirants often find themselves asking a very valid question, i.e. what do you learn in an MBA? Well, MBA graduates get an opportunity to learn from a vast array of subjects ranging from accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour to economics, business ethics and management. It typically includes most subjects that someone working in a managerial post would be required to do. It seeks to inculcate within its students a skill set that they could use effectively in the future. MBA Skills like team leadership, communication skills and time management form an essential part of an MBA program.

What are Remote Skills?

Remote skills are the skills needed by employees in order to work efficiently and productively in a remote work setting. Examples of remote work skills include accountability, discipline, problem-solving, punctuality, adaptability, time management etc.

Why is it important to gain Remote Work Skills?

A recent Gartner study has revealed that 74% of companies intend to shift some of their employees to a permanent work from home model post-pandemic. This means people well-versed with working remotely will be in high demand and that's why everyone should start honing their remote work skills from now in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Skills For Remote Working MBA Employees                                         

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, demand for employees who work remotely i.e. location other than the workplace has increased significantly as social distancing norms are enforced. Most employers feel that it would not be safe to open workplaces as of now and it would in the best of everyone’s interest to have remote jobs. Owing to this, Remote jobs in India have witnessed an exponential increase this year. Definition of work ethics and professionalism has also seen a considerable change in these times. So, what are the MBA skills required by the students?

 In these times it becomes pertinent to talk about the Soft skills that employers demand from their employees. To be specific soft skill topics, include within its realm all the personal attributes that are necessary for effective communication and coordination that are essential for working in any company. Importance of Soft skills for students thus cannot be understated.  Here we shall have a look at some soft skills for students and top MBA skills for graduates that are indispensable for any employee working remote jobs India-

1) Team Player Attitude-
No matter what your job profile is, one thing that would remain would be to work with people. Working in any organization makes you realize that you got to be a team player and must learn to take other people with you to be an efficient employee and to prove your effectiveness. You must learn to nurture a positive can-do attitude when it comes to working with other people. Taking other people along would instil a positive mindset even in people who are subordinate to you; it would boost the work efficiency of your team. This is a highly valued and sought after MBA skill by employers.

2) Adaptability- Work ethics or the way an organization functions, In general, has seen a dramatic shift in these times. It is imperative for any employee to learn a lesson in adaptability. This soft skill includes within its purview to learn to adapt to not just the changing environment but also learnt to adapt to new challenges that come with it. Any business organization often sees new changes from time to time, moreover, when you are working in a managerial position you should learn to adapt to new challenges that come with time

3)  Innovative Thinking- Being Creative is an absolute requirement for professionals, particularly those in managerial positions and working remote jobs online. As an employee of business organizations, often you would be faced with problems that would require an unconventional approach to solve them. Creative problem solving and being innovative I.e. coming up with new ideas to facilitate the growth of the company are top qualities that employers look for in their employees. Remote jobs have introduced new challenges for all companies and it would inevitably require new methods to solve them. Creatively tackling issues and being open to receiving new challenges is a skill that is highly valuable in these times.

4) Strong Work Ethic- It has been proven through various surveys that one quality that employers actively and consistently seek among their employees is a strong work ethic. Employees must not only be creative but must be efficient too. They must invariably complete their work on time. They must inculcate the skill of juggling efficiently between various tasks allotted to time, while still finishing the tasks in a time-bound manner. This remains one of the sought after and respected attribute of any employee. Employees with strong work ethics can also reasonably expect to have steady growth in any business organization.

5) Emotional Intelligence- Working with a company would not only require your hard work and efficiency but more often than not it can also be emotionally and mentally challenging. Particularly so when the world is facing a viral outbreak and business organizations are facing new challenges each day. Employees must learn to masterfully learn to use their emotional intelligence in a productive manner. This would ensure a healthy relationship with other people with whom you are working with and would thus ensure more productivity from them. Employers see this skill as a valuable asset among their employees.

6) Being open to feedback- This could be construed as part of emotional intelligence only, however, it is one of the most important attributes that employers actively seek. Constructive feedback is an important tool to improve your efficacy and creativity. You should remain open to such criticism and must not take it negatively as would not only affect the growth of your company but also the growth of you as an individual employee. Remote work has introduced new challenges in the corporate world and it would be impossible to get a collective positive outcome without feedback.  This also demonstrates a strong willingness to learn.

7) Effective Communication- It is one of the traits that is most valued by employers. In any company, it is necessary to communicate effectively to get the most out of its employees and to meet the requisite targets Employees must necessarily know how to communicate with other employees and their seniors as well for the effective functioning of the company. More so, when you are an MBA graduate employer reasonably expect that you are already well versed in the art of communication. Working professionally requires you to meet targets in a time-bound manner to which effective communication with other employees is a necessity. Methods of communication have also considerably changed and remote working employees are expected to creatively adapt to the changing work environment.

Know What Skills do Employers Expect MBA Graduate to have?

All of these soft skills are absolutely necessary for employees seeking remote working jobs in India. However, besides the soft skills enumerated above there are other MBA skills required by employers. These include MBA technical skills and IT skills for MBA students. Computer skills required for MBA employees must include basic computer applications like MS office and a few other things like coding, Wireframing, Design etc. Another key skill for an MBA that employers demand is MBA marketing skills. MBA graduates must perfectly master various marketing skills for being a valuable employee.  Some of these important marketing skills are coordination, public speaking, negotiation and analytical thinking. How to learn business skills? For MBA skills development one must constantly strive for better and keep their mind open to new and innovative ideas.

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