MBA vs LLB: Which One to Choose: Scope, Career, Jobs, Salary

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 31 October 2022
MBA Vs LLB: Which One To Choose?

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MBA Vs LLB In India: An Overview

Many students in India continue to be uncertain about the degree they should enrol in following graduation. In India, there are several options for graduation programmes. Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Law (LLB) are two such postgraduate programmes that are applicable to all streams.

Graduates frequently hesitate between choosing an MBA or an LLB programme. In such a case, students should carefully weigh the pros and cons of both the MBA and LLB programmes in order to make an informed choice. We have provided a thorough comparison of the MBA and LLB courses in this article.


A professional postgraduate degree in management is known as an MBA. It is a programme that gets students ready for careers in business management and administration. In an MBA programme, students acquire both theoretical and practical abilities that are useful in administrative roles, which are largely relevant to enterprises. However, the same abilities learned in an MBA programme can also be applied in a number of other organisations.

The bachelor's level course in law is called LLB, on the other hand. Although the course itself is at the bachelor's level, a student can only pursue it after graduating. The course covers a wide range of constitutional law, including all of its subfields. A student who successfully completes an LLB programme can register as a lawyer and practise law in India.





Masters of Business Administration

Bachelors of Law




Eligibility criteria

Graduation (Any stream) a minimum 45% aggregate

Graduation (Any stream) with a minimum 50% aggregate

Average Fee

Rs 5 LPA

Rs 1.5 LPA

Average Salary

Rs 5 - 8 LPA

Rs 5 - 10 LPA

Job Roles

Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Financial analyst

General Counsel, Legal Manager, HR Manager, etc.

Career after MBA

Both the MBA and LLB are renowned programmes that give students fantastic professional chances. The job paths that both of these degrees lead to, however, are significantly different because of how dissimilar they are. With an MBA, working individuals can further their career ambitions in addition to helping recent grads improve their academic worth. Here are a few of the key industries in India that hire recent MBA graduates. An MBA graduate's field of employment is determined by the MBA concentration they choose. The private sector has a high demand for the MBA programme since it is so flexible. Following an MBA, there are many career options in the government sector as well.

  • Tech Consulting
  • Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)
  • Investment Banking
  • Telecommunication

Career after LLB

In the largest democracy in the world with a sizable court system, LLB offers countless job prospects. Candidates may pursue additional studies and specialties with a Master of Law (LLM) course in addition to the programme's many specialities. Here are a few potential employment paths for LLB grads to consider.

  • Law Firms
  • Private Practice
  • NGOs
  • Legal Departments of Businesses
  • Government Departments
  • Law Consultancies

LLB Vs MBA: Salary

Both an MBA and an LLB are highly valued in the market. Candidates need to be aware that a student's pay will depend on a wide range of variables, including their academic credentials and the reputation of their university. Graduates of LLB and MBA programmes possess the necessary skills to undertake the function of high compliance with ease.

LLB Vs MBA: Which Is Better?

As was previously mentioned, applicants who are knowledgeable in the subject topic can easily compare the two courses. First and foremost, MBA and LLB are two entirely separate programmes with excellent job markets. The best job path for a person is determined by their area of interest.

  • Employment Prospects: Both the public and private sectors provide a variety of jobs for graduates of these programmes. While LLB has numerous law firms and businesses involved in legal concerns, BBA has multiple jobs in multinational corporations.

  • Career: If one wants to work in law, they should seek an LLB; if they want to work in administration or management, they should study an MBA. If a student has a stronger aptitude for management, they should pursue an MBA; otherwise, they should give preference to an LLB degree.

Genuine interest will always lead to the optimal course of action. Decide on the best course of action depending on your area of interest whenever possible.

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  • What is an MBA?

Since the Master of Business Administration programme is a generalist degree, it provides you with core management knowledge in MBA syllabus. As a result, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of business and the opportunity to choose MBA specialisations such as finance, marketing and accounting, all while honing those crucial soft skills and leadership abilities.

  • What is LLB?

LLB stands for Bachelor of Law. The 3-year LLB is open to candidates who have completed their bachelor's degree in any field. The 5-year LLB is an integrated law curriculum that can be pursued following intermediate.

  • What is the difference between MBA and LLB?

LLB is the degree to pick if one wants to pursue a career in law; MBA is the degree to get if one wants to pursue a career in administration or management. If a student has a stronger aptitude for management, they should pursue an MBA; otherwise, they should give precedence to an LLB degree.

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