MCA Salary in India, Jobs, and Scope

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 13 February 2023
MCA Salary in India, Jobs, and Scope

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MCA course is one of the popular postgraduate course choices among students who wish to make a career in computer applications. MCA, or the Masters in Computer Applications, is a three-year postgraduate course in India. With an MCA degree, you can enter the IT industry and work in both the private and public sectors. 

If you are confused about the MCA salary in India and the MCA scope in India, you have come to the right place. We have all the information that you need.

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MCA Career Prospects and Job Opportunities 

There are various areas where you can work after completing your MCA course. Your chosen area depends on your interest, skills, and knowledge. Here are some of the top job opportunities you can get after completing your degree.

  • App Developer: The job of an app developer is to ideate, create, and build applications for various platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. This is one of the most popular jobs, and there are multiple opportunities because each firm wants to market and sell its products and services through mobile applications.
  • Business Analyst: The role of a business analyst is to take care of all the non-technical and technical aspects of the business and suggest key changes wherever necessary.
  • Software developer/engineer: The job of an app developer is to ideate, create, build, and manage some of the most complex software systems. They analyse the client's needs, provide IT services, and design software that caters to these needs. 
  • System analyst: The job of a system analyst is to ideate and then design innovative and comprehensive IT solutions to make businesses more efficient. The needs of the business and the processes need to be comprehended to develop appropriate IT-based solutions for the firm. 
  • Software Consultant: The job of a software consultant is to recognise the business processes and then suggest some optimum software-based solutions to drive the firm's efficiency. The major job is to find cost-effective solutions for the business that can help drive sales.
  • Hardware Engineer: A hardware engineer takes care of all the hardware of the system, including the circuit boards, chips, disks, printers, etc. They test and install the computer systems to ensure that the businesses run smoothly and there are no hassles. 

Other than the mentioned job profiles, you can also work in the following fields -

  • Technical Architect
  • IT Project Leader
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Technical Consultant
  • Android Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Analyst

Recruitment Areas for MCA Graduates

There are many areas where one can find employment after your MCA degree. Below are some of the top areas where you can be recruited after your MCA.

  • Consultancies
  • Security & surveillance companies
  • System maintenance
  • Government agencies
  • Desktop publishing
  • Design support & data communications
  • Banking
  • Cyber security
  • Game design
  • Stock exchange
  • Web designing & development
  • Data visualisation
  • Technical support
  • Data analytics
  • Graphic design

Thus, these are some of the top job profiles that you can choose from after your MCA course completion. There are many other jobs as well that you can be employed in. You will find employment in multiple sectors, and you can also choose to study more. MCA is one of the best postgraduate courses for people with a passion for computer systems. 

MCA Packages in India

The average salary one can earn after completing your MCA degree is approximately 8 lakhs per annum. Some of the factors that affect the MCA course salary include the designation of your job, infrastructure, specialisation, firm, sector, skills, and knowledge. 

Some of the average MCA course salaries are listed below.

Job Roles

Average  Salary Per Annum

Lowest Salary

4 lakhs per annum

Highest Salary

20 lakhs per annum

Average Salary

3.5 lakhs per annum

Some of the job roles and their average annual salaries are listed below. 

Job Roles

Average  Salary Per Annum

Software Architect

20 lakhs per annum

Senior Technical Consultant

10 lakhs per annum

IT Team Leader

10 lakhs per annum

Senior Software Engineer

9.1 lakhs per annum

Senior Test Engineer

8 lakhs per annum

Java Developer

4.8 lakhs per annum

Full-Stack Developer

7.1 lakhs per annum

City-Wise Salary After MCA in India

Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore are some of the top cities where people with an MCA degree find employment. There are other cities like Pune and Chennai where people with MCA degrees are paid lucrative packages.

Below is a breakdown of the MCA jobs’ salary in India in different cities. 


Web Development

Software Development

Systems Analyst


3.79 lakhs per annum

5.95 lakhs per annum

6 lakhs per annum


3.09 lakhs per annum

5.09 lakhs per annum

7.18 lakhs per annum


3.16 lakhs per annum

5.84 lakhs per annum

4 lakhs per annum


3.04 lakhs per annum

4.52 lakhs per annum

7.08 lakhs per annum


3.89 lakhs per annum

4.98 lakhs per annum

7.96 lakhs per annum


3.45 lakhs per annum

4.39 lakhs per annum

6.94 lakhs per annum

You can divide the annual salary by 12 to get an idea about the MCA salary in India per month. However, that picture cannot 


If you are pursuing a BCA degree, MCA is one of the top choices of courses for better job opportunities and to gain in-depth knowledge of your field. MCA graduates get a good salary at the beginning of their careers and as they gain more industry experience, their salaries also increase. Another important factor that contributes to salary increment is skill enhancement. 

Learning new skills can also help freshers land good job offers. If you want to learn job-focused skills, signup with any of the MCA colleges powered by Sunstone. It can assist you in getting a good job opportunity with its training programmes. Sunstone also offers placement assistance with interview guarantees.


What is the salary after doing BCA and MCA?

The average salary that you can get after the MCA course is 8 lakhs per annum. The salary that you will get depends on your designation, skill, experience, college, and job profile. Many jobs offer lucrative salary packages but you need to have the required skills to get the job.

How much salary for MCA freshers? 

As a fresher, the salary after completing MCA can range from 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. Depending on your college and placement, the salary package can also be less or more. Thus, you can upskill yourself and gain an edge over other people. 

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