A Complete Guide to Become a Network Engineer

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 14 July 2023
A Complete Guide to Become a Network Engineer

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If you've ever wondered about the seamless flow of data across the internet or been captivated by the complexity of computer networks, then perhaps a career as a network engineer is the perfect fit for you. One significant stepping stone on this path is obtaining a BCA degree, which not only equips you with the fundamental knowledge of computer science but also lays a strong foundation for specialised skills in network engineering.

Many students have questions related to network engineering such as, “What does a network engineer?” or “How to become a network engineer?”. In this blog, we will answer these questions and help you build a successful network engineer career.

What is Network Engineering?

  • Network engineering is a specialised field of computer engineering that focuses on the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer networks. 
  • It involves the planning, building, and troubleshooting of network infrastructure to ensure efficient and secure communication between different devices, systems, and users within an organisation or across multiple organisations.
  • In addition to initial setup, network engineers are involved in ongoing network management and optimisation. 
  • They monitor network performance, diagnose and resolve network issues, and implement upgrades or modifications to improve network efficiency, reliability, and security. 
  • They also play a crucial role in ensuring network scalability to accommodate future growth and technology advancements.

What is the role of a Network Engineer?

Here are some specific responsibilities and tasks typically associated with the role of a network engineer:

  • They determine the layout, components, and connectivity requirements to meet the organisation's needs.
  • They set up network protocols, establish connectivity, and ensure proper integration with existing systems and applications.
  • They analyse network traffic patterns, diagnose network issues, and implement measures to optimise network performance and reliability.
  • They utilise diagnostic tools and techniques to troubleshoot network connectivity issues, performance degradation, or service interruptions. They work closely with other IT teams and vendors to coordinate problem resolution.
  • They maintain accurate records of network assets, IP allocations, and security policies. This documentation helps in troubleshooting, knowledge transfer, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

How to Become a Network Engineer?

Becoming a network engineer typically involves the following steps:

  • Students are needed to complete their 12th standard with a minimum of 50% from any stream with computer science as an optional. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer application is the next step in becoming a network engineer. Students can apply for top BCA colleges by giving entrance exams conducted by top universities, while there are few other universities that take admission on merit-based. 
  • To have a career in network engineering you should develop useful skills for job applications during your BCA Program. Apply for relevant BCA internships or training programs for upskilling yourself. 

Skills Needed to Become a Network Engineer

To become a successful network engineer, there are several key skills you need to acquire and develop. Here are some essential skills needed to become a network engineer:

  • Problem-solving and Troubleshooting: The ability to identify and resolve problems efficiently is crucial. You should possess strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to diagnose network issues and resolve problems promptly.
  • Communication and Collaboration: You will often interact with colleagues, clients, and vendors to gather requirements, explain technical concepts, and collaborate on projects. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment are highly valued.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptability: Networking is a rapidly evolving field, with new technologies and trends emerging regularly. Network engineers must be eager to learn, adapt, and keep up with industry advancements. 
  • Documentation and Organisation: Network engineers must maintain accurate documentation of network configurations, diagrams, and procedures. Strong organisational skills are necessary to manage network assets, track changes, and maintain an organised network environment.


Through this guide, we have explored the key steps and essential aspects that will pave your way to success in this dynamic field. With dedication and the foundation provided by your BCA degree, you have the potential to excel as a network engineer. If you are an aspiring student who wants to pursue a career in network engineering then opting for a BCA degree from Sunstone will be the best choice you could make. Sunstone will help you to build your skills with diverse career options. We work to create your professional portfolio that will increase the chances of your placement with our 100% placement support.

FAQs - Guide to Become a Network Engineer

What is the best degree for Network Engineer?

A BCA degree is best for students who aspire to become a network engineer.

What is an average network engineer's salary?

The average salary of a network engineer is ₹4 Lakhs per Annum. 

Can I do BCA without Maths?

In order to pursue BCA courses students must have completed their 12th standard with maths. For more read Sunstone's blog, BCA without Maths

Is an MCA degree necessary after a BCA degree to become a network engineer?

Though it’s not necessary to have an MCA degree to become a network engineer, but having one will be beneficial for you to have a successful career with a deep understanding of the subject. 

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