NIMCET Syllabus 2023 - Entrance Exam

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 28 December 2022
NIMCET Syllabus 2023

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NIMCET is the Common Entrance Test for the Master of Computer Application course at the National Institute of Technology (NIT). The university will soon publish the official syllabus of the NIMCET MCA entrance on its official website. 

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) considers the NIMCET ranking for admission to the MCA programmes. Therefore, before beginning their preparation, students should thoroughly examine and understand the NIMCET syllabus to prepare and score well in the exam. 

NIMCET Detailed Syllabus 

The NIMCET 2023 syllabus consists of four sections:

  • Mathematics
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • General English 
  • Computer Awareness

NIMCET Maths Syllabus 

The weightage of the Mathematics section in the NIMCET entrance exam is the highest. As a result, students should devote most of their time to preparing for this test section.

  • Algebra: Expansions,  Fundamental Operations in Algebra, Factorization, Linear and Quadratic Equations, Geometric and Harmonic Progressions, Logarithms, Arithmetic, Determinants, Indices, and Matrices.
  • Coordinate Geometry: Distance Formulae, Equation of a Line, Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates, Pair of Straight Lines, Parabola, Intersection of Lines, Equations of a Circle, Hyperbola and Ellipse. 
  • Calculus: Continuous Function, Tangents and Normals,  Limit of Functions, Integration of Functions by Parts, Differentiation of Function, by Substitution and by Partial Fraction, Simple Examples of Maxima and Minima, Applications of Definite Integrals to Areas and Definite Integrals. 
  • Vectors: Addition of Vectors, Subtraction of Vectors, Position Vector, Scalar, and Vector Products and their Applications to Simple Geometrical Problems and Mechanics.
  • Trigonometry: Properties of Triangles, Simple Identities, Trigonometric Equations, and Heights and Distances.
  • Set Theory: Permutations and Combinations, Intersection, Union, Elementary Counting, Cardinality, and Other Concepts of Sets. 
  • Probability and Statistics: Averages, Dependent and Independent Events, Basic Concepts of Probability Theory, Measures of Central Tendencies and Dispersions, and Frequency Distributions. 

NIMCET Reasoning Syllabus (Analytical and Logical)

The most crucial area of the NIMCET question paper is Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning. The questions in this section will include logical scenarios and inquiries based on the information in the passage. Students must answer a maximum of 40 questions in this test section. Furthermore, no subtopics for the Analytical and Logical Reasoning Syllabus are available.

NIMCET MCA Syllabus: Computer Awareness  

  • Computer Basics: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Organization of a Computer, Input and Output devices, Structure of Instruc­tions in CPU, Backup devices, and Computer Memory. 
  • Data Representation: Integers, and Fractions, Representation of Characters, Binary Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Simple Arithmetic, and Two’s Complement Arithmetic, Binary and Hexadecimal Representations, Boolean Algebra,  Floating-Point Representation of Numbers, Venn diagrams, and Truth Tables. 

NIMCET Exam Syllabus for General English 

  • Basic English Grammar )Correct forms of Verbs, Prepositions, Articles, etc.)
  • Language Comprehension 
  • Word Power
  • Vocabulary
  • Antonyms
  • Technical Writing
  • Synonyms 
  • Meaning of Words and Phrases

NIMCET Preparation Books 


  • Handbook of Mathematics by Amit Rastogi
  • NCERT Mathematics textbook for class 12 by NCERT
  • Mathematics by R S Agarwal
  • Numerical Ability and Mathematical Aptitude by A B Rao
  • Mathematics for Class 12 by RD Sharma

Computer Knowledge:

  • Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams by Soumya Ranjan Behera
  • Computer Fundamentals by Pradeep K Sinha
  • Exam Preparation Books For Lucent's Computer by Lucent Publications
  • Objective Computer Awareness by Arihant Experts
  • Computer Awareness (Objective with Subjective) by Soumya Ranjan Behera

Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability:

  • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
  • All About Reasoning by Anjali A Gupta
  • A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal by BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali
  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R S Agarwal

General English:

  • English Grammar & Composition by S C Gupta
  • Advance General English by H S Bhatia
  • Advance General English by Hari Mohan Prasad
  • Objective General English by S P Bakshi/ Arihant Publications
  • Objective General English Arihant Latest Edition by S.P. Bakshi

NIMCET Exam Pattern

  • Language of Instruction: The medium of language in the NIMCET exam is English.
  • Exam Mode: The mode of the NIMCET entrance exam is pen-and-paper based. 
  • Duration: The exam will last approximately two and a half hours.
  • The number of questions: There are 120 multiple-choice questions present in the NIMCET question paper.
  • Marking scheme: Each correct answer will receive 4 points, while each incorrect answer will deduct -1 point.
  • Test Sections: The NIMCET exam consists of four sections: Mathematics, Analytical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Computer Knowledge, and General English.

Exam Subject

Number of Questions





Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning



General English



Computer Knowledge






NIMCET Preparation Tips 

The following preparation tips rely on the recommendations of previous NIMCET toppers.

  • Organise a study plan in accordance with the NIMCET syllabus and exam pattern for thorough exam preparation.
  • While studying for the exam, always refer to books recommended by experts, as this increases your chances of scoring well.
  • Access the NIMCET question papers from previous years to analyse the paper structure and identify key topics that reoccur almost every year.
  • Subscribe to reliable resources for exam preparation. Download the relevant mobile apps to receive tips from the mentors.


It is an ideal strategy to plan the preparation for the NIMCET entrance exam in accordance with the NIT MCA Entrance Test-approved syllabus. As an aspiring MCA student appearing for NIMCET, you can also explore an MCA degree at over 50+ campuses that offer the benefits of Sunstone

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FAQ - NIMCET Syllabus

Does the NIMCET syllabus change every year?

No, the NIMCET syllabus usually does not change after every year. Even if the National Institute of Technology (NIT) decides to hold NIMCET online, the exam pattern and syllabus will remain the same as in previous years.

Is 1 year enough for NIMCET?

Yes, one year of preparation for the following exam is more than enough to secure the desired score. 

Can I clear NIMCET in 2 months?

Preparation for the NIMCET exam should begin 3-6 months in advance to ensure the best possible score. Covering the entire curriculum in 2 months is very difficult.

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