The Pandemic and the Rise of Online Education in India

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 2 August 2021
Efficient learning during lockdown

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Probably one of the most debilitating global events, the covid-19 pandemic created widespread chaos last year. With the world collapsing, people out of jobs and confined to closed spaces, and all structures failing to hold themselves together, online education in India took a huge toll.

Schools were shut and students from all age groups felt helpless and isolated. Online education in India came to the rescue as a ray of hope with its own merits and demerits, the former outweighing the latter. A large number of online learning platforms in India boomed and brought about new and efficient ways to study.

With technological advancements spreading like wildfire, conventional methods of education were already being altered to be more efficient, but the pandemic really highlighted the benefits of e-education in India and equipped students with a plethora of new and efficient methods.

It becomes important to be able to replicate the effectiveness of the conventional education methods and at the same time bring in something new. One key factor is the practical and hands-on training that is physically engaging. Business schools like Sunstone  with their up-to-date curriculum, online workshops, and internships focus on the development of practical skills beyond the conventional online learning platforms in India.

What do Online Learning Platforms in India Have to Offer?

Online education in India after the pandemic struck became more like disaster management and it lived up to its expectation. Though School and degree education continued its course on meeting platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, the question still remains- what features do online learning platforms in India beyond these bring to the table that enhance the quality of education? Here are some:

  • Robust and responsive interface
  • User-friendly and intuitive usage design
  • A plethora of learning resources
  • Innovative methods of imparting education
  • Capacity to host a lot of people at the same time
  • Interactive student-mentor virtual relationship
  • Ability to assess student performance and provide solutions

Sunstone came up with innovative programs to help students get a more immersive and fruitful experience from within the confines of their homes. Sunstone's "WFH workshop for millennial managers" ensured that graduates get the relevant experience to step ahead from theory and get jobs and internships, which are their strong points with a record 150% placement.

The quality of online education in India has to be efficient for students to not miss out on an important year in their life which would further decide their career trajectory. With the scarcity of jobs, it is essential to develop skills in a way that all necessary knowledge and experience are imparted.

How Efficient was Online Education in India in 2020?

Apart from the need, online learning in India has revolutionized modern education with easily accessible resources and providing more flexibility. Moreover, students have respite from strict schedules and long-distance commutes to attend classes.

It all comes down to online learning platforms in India and how well they can cater to the dynamic needs of students. E-education in India surprised people with an inclination towards the conventional methods by being highly lucrative and easy to adapt.

According to research, students retained approximately 35% in an online setting, better when compared to only 8-10% in a conventional classroom. The students can learn and adapt to new concepts at their own pace and study in a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Efficiency depends on a lot of factors ranging from an understanding of concepts to placements and hands-on experience. Sunstone , being one of the top placement-enabling institutions, works in partnership with more than 15 campuses over the country to provide emphasis on hands-on experience and placements. During the last year, they empowered students with online internships and attractive workshops.

Future of Online Education in India

E-education in India has changed the way of teaching. It enables teachers and students to interact more closely through chat groups, video meetings, voting and also document sharing, especially during this pandemic. Students also find it is easier to use online learning platforms in India.

Online learning in India also cuts out infrastructure and reaches all corners of the world, reiterating "Education for all". From within the comfort of their home, students can learn from highly experienced mentors from all over the globe and that is one of the most futuristic aspects.


The effectiveness of online education in India last yearvaried amongst age groups and demographics. The general outlook for students of younger age groups is that a structured environment becomes essential because kids are more easily distracted. To attain the complete benefits of online learning in India, a concerted effort is required to provide some structure and look ahead to replicating a physical classroom through video lectures, instead, use a range of tools and engagement methods to bring out the best in students! 

About Sunstone

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Moreover, the fee structure of the management programs and the sense of accountability they take for their student’s careers make Sunstone unique. It takes complete responsibility of their student’s success and job placement. To date, it has had 100% placement for all its batches with students placed in good companies like Amazon, Byte Dance (TikTok), Reliance Jio, Flipkart, etc.

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FAQs About Online Education in India

Is online education effective in India?

Online learning has come about as both, a savior and a revolution in modern education, changing the landscape of learning forever. It has unveiled new modes of communication and transfer of knowledge through the efficient use of growing technology. online learning in India has revolutionized modern education with easily accessible resources and providing more flexibility. Moreover, students have respite from strict schedules and long-distance commutes to attend classes.

Online classes make way for a more flexible mode of learning. They inculcate critical thinking skills and help students to approach solutions in new and novel ways. It also instigates self-motivation to push students to reach their goals, while allowing them to work at their own pace.

Is online education the future of Indian education?

Several institutes have transitioned to a hybrid learning model and are planning on continuing with it even after the pandemic subsides. Now that people have realized the benefits of online education in India, they will most likely continue with it in some way or form in the future as well.

What are the benefits of online education in India?

Some of the benefits of online education in India include:
Flexibility and learning at your own pace.
Improved time management.
Self-motivation-driven activities.
Better virtual communication through collaboration.
A broader, global perspective.
Refined critical-thinking.
Nuanced soft skills such as compassion, empathy, and cooperation.
New and novel technical skills.

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