Why Should You Consider Online Management Courses | Benefits Of Online MBA

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 14 January 2021

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History is made when unexpected events force widespread change and experimentation around new ideas. The covid pandemic is one such event that led to global experimentation with remote teaching and learning and management education is no exception to this. Covid has changed the job market and the opportunities that job seekers are faced with. However, as we set into the new normal, can we say online management education is here to stay as a permanent solution? 

In the beginning, online classes were the only solution available. However, now it does make us ask some fundamental questions about our education ecosystem. Questions like “ How necessary is a 3-year long bachelor’s degree?”, “What changes does the IT infrastructure need to imbibe for online ed to be more acceptable?” etc. 

In a pre-covid world, remote learning was looked at an inferior form of learning and was not considered at par with full-time programs. But with various changes in the program structures, remote learning could be the way we learn in the future too!

So let’s dive into the reasons we think online management education is here to stay

What is Online MBA

Online MBA is just like a regular MBA except that you can pursue it in your own time while working as well. It offers you the required flexibility to structure the course according to your needs.

There is also no need of attending in-person classes as everything is accessible online.

Key reasons to get an online MBA

  • No need of quitting your job, you can work simultaneously.
  • Offers flexibility in terms of classes and modules.
  • You save on travel and accommodation.
  • It's a more affordable option than a regular MBA.

A better economical option

Due to covid, formal education went online and online education became formal.  When looking at the various advantages of an online management program, the one that probably comes to your mind first is the cost. On average, a regular, full-time MBA course can cost anything from 12 Lakhs - 21 Lakhs, whereas, an online MBA program may just cost one-fourth or even lesser. It is clear that online education is more economical as compared to a full-time course, however, the course should also encourage peer-peer connections through projects, discussions, webinars and guest lectures. 

Stronger Industry Connect

With a drastic increase in the focus on the mentee-mentorship relation-building even in an online course, remote learning was legitimized by the industry. Many B schools and Ed-tech initiatives make a constant effort to keep the dynamic demands of the industry in mind while creating the course content and structure. There is a higher say of the industry in online management teaching, as industry experts and company recruiters pose as guest lecturers and mentors for online MBA graduates. This gives students the opportunity to learn directly from them and know exactly what the industry requires from them. 

Increase Demand Of High Tech Quotient in MBA Graduates

While rethinking the delivery of management education, it is highly important we rethink its composition. The post covid world is highly digital and demands high tech-quotient from managers. B schools or management course providers have to also keep in mind the increasing dependence of businesses on technology and digital literacy to imbibe the same in the online MBA curriculum. 

Better Time Management

One of the perks of going for a management course online can be the amount of time you get to do other things. The pandemic has shown us the need to find work, studies and life balance. An online course can be pursued by managers, students and freshers alike while demanding some self discipline in return. You can do various courses at the same time or even work and study. However, an online course does require a level of discipline, time management and commitment from an aspirant to make the most of the online course. 

Skills that online MBA students need

  • Time management
  • Multitasking
  • Discipline
  • Dedication


With the pandemic, we all have had to undergo change, management education too went from being infrastructure dependent on doing all operations online. Even though online management education was a temporary measure, it may as well have turned into a permanent solution to many of the problems faced by regular management education in India. Apart from being cost-effective, there is much reason to believe online management education is the way of the future.

Increased industry demand for tech-savvy managers and digitally advanced MBA graduates has forced the MBA curriculum to completely revamp to fit the present requirements. An online course also gives us ample room to pursue other opportunities of both academically and professionally. All that seemed impossible during a full-time management course is encouraged by an online MBA. 

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