Scope of PGDM in India

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 6 July 2023
Scope of PGDM in India

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Have you enrolled yourself in the PGDM course, and want to know the job opportunities that are open for you? The full form of PGDM is Postgraduate Diploma in Management, and there are many top PGDM specialisations that students are taking up. Before, many used to think there is only an MBA scope in future, but now, there is a good audience who is keen to pursue the PGDM program as well. There are many PGDM jobs that you can get after completing your PGDM specialisations. Under this blog, you will learn about different PGDM job opportunities that are waiting for you. Keep scrolling through…

Top Recruiters Hiring PGDM Graduates

Do you know who are the top recruiters hiring PGDM graduates? No? Well, we all are aware that there is an MBA scope in India. In the same way, there is PGDM scope in India, and many top recruiters are hiring them. Let’s have a look:

  • Bain & Company
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Accenture
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Ernst & Young
  • Dell
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Services

PGDM Jobs for Freshers

You might be comparing PGDM vs MBA salary, but even PGDM freshers get good salaries. Let’s have a look:

Job Designation

Average Salary

Finance Manager

₹ 7.6 LPA

Strategic Manager

₹ 20 LPA

Brand Manager

₹ 12 LPA

PR Officer

₹ 3.2 LPA

Business Consultant

₹ 9.3 LPA

International Sales Manager

₹ 10.1 LPA

PGDM Jobs for Educational Institutes

Job Designation

Job Description

Average Salary

Student Counsellor

Helps the candidates to choose the right career path.

₹ 3 LPA

Curriculum Developer

Focuses on the student learning process

₹ 5.6 LPA

College Marketing Officer

Writes script for video streaming and advertisement promoting college.

₹ 48 LPA

Education Policy Developer

Aims to shape education by looking at its process and structure.

₹ 44.3 LPA

Admission Counsellor

Manages students’ data and advises about the application process to the students.

₹ 2.8 LPA

PGDM Job Opportunities in Banks

Job Designation

Job Description

Average Salary

Bank Sales Officer

Aims to achieve monthly sales target following the bank's inner guidelines and procedures.

₹ 3 LPA

CNC Operator

Manages CNC equipment from setup to operations

₹ 2 LPA

Operations Manager

Manages tasks that are a high degree of accuracy

₹ 8 LPA

Executive Manager

Reports the employee’s work to the upper authority and gives constructive feedback.

₹ 5 LPA

Probationary Officer

Handles the transactions of the customers

₹ 4 LPA

PGDM Course Job Opportunities in Export Companies

Job Designation

Job Description

Average Salary

Fema Specialist

Collaborates with other institutes in times of emergency to provide shelter and resources.

₹ 55.3 LPA

Commercial Manager

They look after the expenses and create financial returns.

₹ 15.2 LPA

Procurement Manager

Ensures cost-effective purchase and provides services as required by the procurement plan.

₹ 12.6 LPA

PGDM Job Opportunities for Freshers in Government Sector

Job Designation

Job Description

Average Salary

Technical Assistant

Schedule the meetings and organises c company’s travel arrangements.

₹ 2.6 LPA

Senior Residents

Handles medical legal responsibilities and is involved in patient care.

₹ 9 LPA

Business Manager

Supervises the company’s operations and employees

₹ 8.6 LPA


Collects and surveys necessary data as per the requirement

₹ 6.4 LPA

Administrative Assistant

Handles different kinds of office tasks in the company

₹ 2.9 LPA

Job Opportunities after PGDM Program

Job Designation

Average Salary

Investment Banker

₹ 12 LPA

General Operations Manager

₹ 18 LPA

Operations Manager

₹ 8 LPA

Territory Sales Manager

₹ 7 LPA

Assistant Manager

₹ 8.8 LPA

Bank Manager

₹ 7 LPA

Financial Advisor

₹ 4.4 LPA

Financial Manager

₹ 14 LPA

Portfolio Manager

₹ 12 LPA

Marketing Executive

₹ 3 LPA

Sales Coordinator

₹ 3.1 LPA

Area Marketing Head

₹ 13.3 LPA

Supply Chain Program Manager

₹ 15.6 LPA

Plant Manager

₹ 15 LPA

Skills Required for PGDM

When you are looking for PGDM job opportunities, there is a certain set of skills that you need to have. Let’s have a look at the skillset:

  • You should be a good team manager because there would be many managerial roles coming up.
  • If you are an analytical thinker, it will help you in PGDM job roles.
  • Communication is one of the most crucial skills that you should have when you are in a PGDM course.
  • Accounting skills play an important role in PGDM as you can be in the finance department making financial reports.
  • Problem-solving skills will take you higher, and these skills will help you in your corporate life.
  • Should be aware of business analytical software like Tableau to predict future inventory.

Companies look for skilled professionals. Therefore, if you have these skills, many PGDM course job opportunities are available for you, and many top recruiters would love to make you a part of their team.


Now that you know about PGDM jobs, it’s time that you pursue a course in PGDM and get prepared for the job roles mentioned above. You can now apply for the PGDM course via Sunstone, a higher education service provider and can unlock numerous benefits that will help you shape your career. You can get:

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  • Helps in building a professional portfolio that improves your chances of getting hired by top companies
  • You get a capstone project to work on every semester.
  • You get 0-cost EMI according to the course duration that you choose.
  • If you appear in the Sunstone scholarship test, you can get a scholarship worth up to ₹ 10 Cr.

FAQs - PGDM Jobs

What is a PGDM Program?

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two-year business management programme that meets industry needs and aids management aspirants in the development of pertinent hard and soft skills to become management professionals who are prepared for the workplace.

Which are the top PGDM Specialisations?

The top five PGDM specialisations are:

  • PGDM in Marketing Management
  • PGDM in Human Resource Management
  • PGDM in Operations Management
  • PGDM in International Business
  • PGDM in Healthcare and Hospital Management

Is CAT important for PGDM courses?

No, AICTE has given official notice that mentions that a candidate can enrol in PGDM program without giving CAT or XAT exam.

Is PGDM good for a career?

Yes, you can build a good career in PGDM as it is a more practical approach towards management studies.

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