Is PGDM Pursued in India Valid Abroad?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 26 July 2022
Is PGDM Pursued in India Valid Abroad?

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PGDM or postgraduate diploma in management is one of the most common choices for graduates who wish to pursue a career in commerce, management and business administration. It is a 2-year postgraduate program offered by many leading Indian management colleges. Since both MBA and PGDM deal with business and management curricula at the postgraduate level, there are a lot of similarities in the syllabus as well as the scope of employment after completion of the courses. When the PGDM is offered by an AIU accredited university, it is equivalent to an MBA degree.

The eligibility criteria for students who want to pursue a PGDM course require the aspirants to have finished their graduation from any stream from a recognised institute. Some of the most common entrance examinations conducted by institutes for admission into PGDM courses include CAT, MAT, and XAT. PGDM imparts several industry-specific skills relevant to almost all the different business domains and for the candidates to work at leading or managerial positions at top-tier companies globally. There are plenty of career options for students who have completed a PGDM course in India. However, if you were wondering about the worth of PGDM from India in foreign countries, read on.

Is PGDM recognised abroad?

There are several internationally recognised modules which are an intrinsic part of the PGDM curriculum like BLS, PALS, ACLS, and ITLS. These are conducted according to the International Programme Guidelines (IPG) suggested by the AHA and ITLS International, USA. Hence the certifications acquired after the completion of these curricula are internationally recognised. This is why a PGDM from India is internationally accepted and is valid in several foreign nations, including the USA, Canada, Singapore and Europe.

Can I go abroad after PGDM?

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue higher education as well as seek career opportunities abroad after completion of a PGDM degree course in India. Since the modules like ACLS, BLS, PALS, and ITLS are recognised by and conducted in accordance with the International Programme Guidelines or IPG of AHA and ITLS, a PGDM degree is valid abroad. Hence you can avail of several employment opportunities in foreign countries with a PGDM degree.

Since PGDM is an internationally recognised course, there are job opportunities abroad for students who have successfully completed the course. It is easier to get these coveted job roles in foreign countries with a PGDM degree. Besides, if you have a PGDM from the most reputed institutions, such as an IIM, this adds immense credibility to your resume. Moreover, with a few years of experience working in India in a relevant field, when you have achieved a certain degree of proficiency in a niche, it becomes comparatively easier to land high-paying jobs abroad. 

Is PGDM valuable abroad?

PGDM is a professional postgraduate diploma in management-related fields such as Finance, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Marketing, to name a few. It is a 2-year course that is offered by AIU accredited universities such as the IIMs. This makes PGDM as valuable as MBA when it comes to reaching out for career opportunities. 

The PGDM value abroad, in foreign countries, is immense. The course itself is course is very flexibly designed with both classroom training modules and real-time industrial projects. It imparts industry-specific skills pertaining to business management along with improving the leadership qualities and communication skills of the students. Since the modules which are a part of the PGDM course are internationally recognised by academic councils like AHA and ITLS, it is as valuable as MBA for securing lucrative job opportunities abroad.

Is Indian PGDM valid in Canada?

A PGDM pursued in India indeed has credibility in Canada. Although it isn't equivalent to a Master's degree in Business Administration completed in Canada, it can be considered of equal weightage as a Canadian PG Diploma and benefits you with equal award points while applying for a Master's in Canadian PR. The degree should be evaluated by authorized evaluatory organisations like WES before the points can be claimed for the application process. This is a value of the PGDM course when pursued in Canada. 

Does PGDM have value in Canada?

PGDM has credibility in Canada only if it has been provided by an AIU accredited university. This makes the PGDM equally valuable as an MBA degree. In this case, there are several job opportunities and prospects for higher education in Canada. The value of the PGDM course in Canada also increases exponentially with work experience, domain enterprise and the performance and skills of the candidate. 

Is Indian PGDM valid in the USA?

Technically the PGDM value outside India is lower as compared in India. Yet, with PGDM specialisations, domain knowledge and relevant work experience, it is as good as an MBA degree when professionally evaluated by prospective employers from the USA. There is an array of career opportunities in the USA available for students who have completed a PGDM degree in India. So yes, a PGDM course is valid in the USA as well. 

Which countries are best for PGDM?

A PGDM degree is usually only offered by B-schools based in India. However, there are several countries which offer postgraduate degrees and diploma programmes in management, business administration and commercial studies, with incredible, high-growth career opportunities. 

Some of the best countries to pursue higher education in management are as follows:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Singapore

Is it better to go abroad for UG or PG?

When evaluated in terms of financial expenditure, it is more beneficial to pursue a PG degree in a foreign country than going for a UG degree in the same nation. This is because the PG course is of a shorter span compared to the UG course, which reduces the living expenditures incurred while pursuing education. Besides, there are better job opportunities and career options that the candidate can avail themselves of after a PG degree than after completing a UG degree.  Hence, it is smarter and more cost-efficient to finish graduation in India and then go for postgraduate studies abroad. However, in case adjusting to the global atmosphere is an issue area for the candidate, they may also travel abroad for UG level education. 


PGDM is a professional course which is very flexible in nature and absolutely industry oriented. It is perhaps equally as available globally as an MBA degree. It not only has internationally recognised academic modules but also grooms a candidate with critical personality and communications skills with relevant industry exposure and a pedestal for networking. Hence, a PGDM is an excellent option for pursuing higher education in management as well as for exploring career options beyond India.  To know more about such international management programmes and reach out to an expert mentor in the field, visit the official Sunstone website today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go abroad after PGDM?

Yes, there are ample opportunities for employment as well as higher education in foreign countries after completion of the PGDM course from a recognised Indian collegel.

Is Indian PGDM valid in Canada?

A PGDM from India is equally valued as a postgraduate diploma pursued in Canada and can be leveraged for pursuing job options as well as for exploring more higher education options.

Is PGDM valued abroad?

PGDM has several internationally recognised modules, which makes it just as valid as any other post-graduate diploma in management pursued abroad. In other words, it is incredibly valuable, and most of the time, it is also considered to have similar credits compared to an MBA degree. 

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