Postgraduate Diploma in India: Everything you need to know

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 12 July 2022
Postgraduate Diploma in India: Everything you need to know

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After earning an undergraduate university degree, students might pursue a postgraduate diploma or post graduate courses to pursue a specialist degree in their field of interest. The postgraduate diploma programme provides students with professional education and training to prepare them for careers in the sector. Students can enrol in the best PG diploma colleges in India and use their talents to meet the needs of the industry.

The leading PG diploma colleges in India provide a wide range of courses in a number of specialities and areas. PG diploma courses in India are available for 1 to 2 years. All of these courses require a minimum of an undergraduate degree in the necessary discipline from any of India's recognised universities. Students can take this course as a full-time course or as a part-time study.

What does a Post Graduate Diploma in India mean?

Post graduation certificates and diplomas are equivalent to master's degrees in terms of the level of study, but they take less time and don't require a dissertation. In other words, they are more advanced than undergraduate bachelor's degrees. If you think a postgraduate degree will increase your employment options but you don't want to undertake a lot of research study, the PGDM is ideal for you. They come in the majority of subjects.

What makes Management education in India an exception?

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) regards the two-year postgraduate diploma in management - which is awarded by one of the accredited institutions listed in the list of AIU equivalence - as being equivalent to a Master in Business Administration degree, even though recognised universities offer master's degrees in management. In other words, if any of the colleges on the list give a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) that lasts two years, the PGDM would be regarded as being on par with the MBA degree that universities offer. So it doesn't matter if you get a PGDM or an MBA from a university.

Are Post Graduate Diploma Courses In India equivalent to a degree?

  • PGDM-offering colleges are accredited by the All-India Council on Technical Education, as opposed to the University Grants Commission, which oversees universities that give Master's degrees.
  • Most postgraduate degrees are more practical than Master's degrees, which lean more toward theory and research.
  • One notable exception is management education. Master's degrees and postgraduate diplomas are available for those interested in professional management education.

I have a PG Diploma. Can I get a Ph.D.?

There are three requirements that must be met after receiving your PG diploma before you may apply for a Ph.D. These circumstances are:

  • Among other qualifications, you must receive a general score of at least 55%.
  • The Association of Indian Universities must recognise the PG diploma as being equivalent to a Master's degree programme.
  • One can hold a technical bachelor's degree that can be equated to a Master's degree programme by the UGC if your PGDM is not judged to be equal to a Master's degree.

Can I pursue a Masters after acquiring my PG?

After earning a postgraduate diploma, it is totally viable to enrol in a Master's degree programme. Although established, a Master's degree and a postgraduate diploma are both postgraduate programmes. You are free to pursue a Master's degree if you determine it is the right next step for you after earning your postgraduate diploma.

Is a Graduate Diploma in India worth more than a Bachelor's Degree?

A graduate diploma in India is a qualification equivalent to a Master's degree that typically requires three years to earn. Postgraduate diploma courses are Master's level programmes that are offered by some institutions over a two-year period with a greater number of lower credit courses. Graduate certificates are frequently used to describe the same thing for global equivalency. In conclusion, a graduate diploma is equivalent to or higher than a bachelor's degree in India.

Difference between a Diploma and a Post Graduate Diploma in India

Post Graduate Diploma


Students can help their Master's studies by earning a postgraduate diploma.

Students can continue their undergraduate studies with the help of a diploma.

It is generally a step up after a bachelor’s degree.

Usually less valuable than a Bachelor’s degree.

A postgraduate diploma can only be earned after a bachelor's degree has been obtained.

A diploma may be either undergraduate or postgraduate.

PGDM's expectations

The PGDM prepares you to enter the business world, where firms expand and you grow in tandem with them through increasing compensation, growth possibilities, and advancement to higher positions. After completing the PGDM programme, you will be able to pursue career options in both the private and public sectors. If you did well in your PGDM programme, you can expect a nice position in an organisation with a good wage package.

Young CEOs are becoming more frequent in corporations these days, and many individuals with family businesses prefer to pursue PGDM courses to gain industry exposure and develop the necessary abilities to take their family firm to the next level.

Wrapping up

It is fruitless to earn academic credentials that have no relevance to you; instead, consider the pros and cons of your options before committing time and energy to them. In conclusion, whether pursuing a Master's degree or a postgraduate diploma, any course that elevates your area of interest is always useful. If you wish to advance your career in the business sector, the PGDM programme is an excellent alternative. We highlighted several reasons why PGDM is the ideal alternative for your next academic step in your professional progression in this article. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of PGDM and how it can help you advance as a management professional.

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