Skills for the win: Cultivating a growth mindset

  • By Sunstone Student
  • 19 October 2022
Skills for the win

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Hi, It’s me, Sumesh Kumari, Campus Captain and Coordinator of HR Club of GD Goenka Campus. I represent my campus in most of the meetings with dignitaries. Do you wonder how I was able to achieve all these titles and able to manage all the responsibilities altogether?

Well, it is a game of skills (I would say managerial skills). Before joining the MBA program at Sunstone, I was also one of the students who does not care about anything but having fun is their top-notch priority (there is nothing wrong with this). Then, on a very fine day, I thought it might be the last degree I’m going to do, so why not take this seriously and do a little favour for myself and my big brother (career). So, I started learning from online courses way before my session classes started. It helps me with getting an idea of what I am going to learn in this program, and when you know something in advance, you will feel more confident and interested in what it teaches you.  

And then the best part came into the picture- when our orientation happened, Sunstone helped us with a better understanding of marketing and business models and enlightened us by setting the webinars with expertise all over the country. I started learning with my mates about how to cooperate. Along with that, we get many necessary webinars too like grooming and dressing sessions which also add some factors to the personality of an MBA student. But, not just attending the session virtually, I started implementing everything in real life to get the results. Moreover, by simply participating in contests and activities, I have learned a lot. 

Achieving from Ms Sunstone title, won contests, selected as a member of "The Sunstone Times" Newspaper editorial team representing GDG Campus, Got the highest marks in the provisional top 20 ranking Sunstone CELs, chosen for the HR Club coordinator, and last but not the least marching the new position as Campus Captain, everything is possible only because of the mind and skill sets, I set for myself to keep growing and learning.

So, the key to my achievements is, that I was active from the very first day of the program, take initiatives in every activity that came across my way of journey, and most important was consistent with what I am doing, and gets continuous support from Sunstone management team, all these things help me to get praises from faculties, compliments from mates and awards and titles from Sunstone. And believes me, it feels top of the world when your hard work pays off.

Sumesh Kumari

GDG, Noida

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