Sunstone's Community of Students Earned a Profit of 100% in Just 3 Days!

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 1 October 2019

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Sunstone has evolved the teaching methods, remodelled the course curriculum, integrated technology and gravitated towards experiential learning to create job-ready managerial professionals who can sustain well in this dynamic industry. To foster experiential learning, recently an engaging activity was conducted at Sunstone's Bengaluru campus under the guidance of Professor Syed Ahamed, the marketing faculty. Mr. Ahamed has over 15 years of teaching and working experience in the marketing and business development sector. In this activity, the students were asked to come up with ingenious ideas of products to be made out of waste or recyclable material like newspapers, used bottles, etc. and then market and sell their innovations, preferably gaining some profit. Speaking of assigning this activity, Professor Ahmed said, “Activities like these help the students experience learning in a dynamic, new way without being bored or disinterested. Learning firsthand requires deep problem-solving and critical thinking. This activity made the students think out of the box and simultaneously building marketing and entrepreneurial skills.'' 

Experiential Learning at Sunstone 

A key element of experiential learning is to gain knowledge firsthand, reflecting on the experience and applying the concepts. Various studies have even proved that one learns best through hands-on experiences as it leads to higher rates of retention compared to other passive styles of learning. The students participated in this task with great enthusiasm. They not just ideated and innovated extraordinary products out of the waste but also marketed and sold the same in and around the campus earning a minimum of 100% profit, all in just three days. Through this activity, the students learned critical thinking, planning, decision-making, problem-solving, resource management, marketing, and selling. One of the students who participated in this activity, Basila Feroze said, “I learned to innovate and create a product with zero or minimum cost that might cater to day to day consumer needs. I also marketed, indulged in customer interaction and sold the product earning a profit." Sharing his experience, another student said, "This activity was fun and a great distraction from the usual classroom learning. It felt like revisiting the school days but with a lot more critical assessment, cost optimization and selling." Activities like these, enhance the students engagement and use their creativity. As management students, this activity tapped into their skills of marketing, selling and entrepreneurship. This activity also boosted the self-confidence of the students to come up with a unique product that's marketable and saleable. The climate and garbage crisis created by all of us who share this planet is a great one. With the situation only worsening day by day at a very alarming rate. The only way to slow this crisis is to practice the magical 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in our daily lives and to try to do our small bit in making the environment cleaner and better for all future generations. The best way to spread awareness regarding this is to lead by example.

Experiential Learning Activity: Students Speak

Check out this video where Sunstonians talk about their learning and takeaway from this interesting hands-on-learning activity.

Kudos to such teachers and students that inspire us to bring about a change in our lives for the betterment of everyone around us. 

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