How Sunstone's edge teaches students self-reliance

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 26 April 2022

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What is self-reliance?

The great minds and leaders of all time had the ability to make their own path instead of conforming to society blindly. Their thoughts were independent and did not rely on others’ opinions. In short, they had learned self-reliance. 

Self-reliance is one’s ability to think and take actions without taking the help of other people. It is an umbrella term that can be better understood with a context. Here, let’s talk about what it means for students. 

Generally, students are supposed to be influenced by their peers, teachers, mentors, and the education that they get. This ‘influence’ is an important aspect of every student’s life. In fact, if a student is not influenced enough, he or she hasn’t absorbed the education. 

That being said, it is also important for students to interpret education in their own ways and forge their own paths. This can be said in terms of the career they choose, the financial decisions they make, or even the way they lead their personal lives. 

Some Examples of being self-reliant

As we said earlier, it is easy to understand self-reliance with some context. Described below are some examples to shed light on what self-reliance means:

  • Choosing a career: Usually, students rely on their teachers and parents to make big decisions such as choosing the course or graduation program. Being self-reliant will encourage them to make decisions about their career on their own by analysing their talents, passion, and their future goals. This will ensure that they can meaningfully choose careers that cater to their choices and hence, result in being more successful. 
  • Entrepreneurship: After getting a quality education and acquiring skills, it becomes easy for students to take safe jobs. While there is nothing wrong with taking a job in a company, self-reliant students do not hesitate to go on their own ventures and become entrepreneurs. 
  • Becoming a life-long learner: The best part about being self-reliant is that it gives you the chance of becoming a lifelong learner. Students who become self-reliant financially can support their higher education. Some even educate themselves so that they don’t need much support for further learning. This way, they stay a student all their lives and keep learning one thing or the other. 

Importance of self-reliance

Self-reliance is not just a theoretical concept but makes a real impact on the lives of students. Here is how it becomes important for students:

  • It is necessary to fully realise your creative and intellectual capacity
  • It is also important for financial learning and, ultimately, gaining financial independence 
  • It is important to develop self-reliance at an early age (for example, at the student level). Once a person crosses a certain age, he or she can stop relying on others. In fact, the inverse happens and others rely on you. 
  • It often leads to creativity. Today, leaders start their journey by becoming self-reliant in the first place. This way, the self-reliance of a person doesn’t just benefit them but also the society at large. 

How does Sunstone's edge help in developing self-reliance in students?

Once the importance is clearly realised, the next question that comes naturally to the mind is how to develop self-reliance in students? Sunstone takes the following steps to ensure that every student becomes independent:

  • First, the fee structure is made very flexible to make a student independent in terms of finance. Students can pay their fees after they get placed in a reputed company. 
  • Sunstone gives 100% placement support, which gives psychological freedom and more room for self-reliance for students. 
  • Thanks to libraries, funds, and other resources, students become self-sufficient to get knowledge and work at their pace. 

How does Sunstone bridge the technology gap?

Technology helps students in becoming self-reliant in a lot of ways and Sunstone does its best to ensure that students receive everything they require. Here is how Sunstone bridges the technology gap:

  • The curriculum support is set by the leading tech companies that aim to make students job-ready right from their first day at the job.
  • It offers resources both in terms of tech equipment and knowledge that is required to better understand the technology and do innovation. 


What is the first rule of self-reliance?

The first rule of self-reliance is to realise that no one can help if you are not willing to help yourself. Once a person achieves this mentality, the rest of the path to become independent gets quite easy. 

What are the 4 types of self-reliance?

There are no specific types, though self-reliance affects certain different aspects of your life such as the emotional aspect and financial aspect. Hence, some people differentiate it according to different aspects of life. However, there is no hard and fast line that can separate one aspect from the other. 

What are some examples of self-reliance? 

The three best examples of self-reliance in students are choosing an education stream of their liking, going the route of entrepreneurship, and becoming lifelong learners. 

What is the benefit of self-reliance?

Self-reliance liberates your thinking and makes you realize your potential. It also helps in relieving the load from the shoulders of others. For example, financially independent students relieve their parents and guardians from worrying about college fees and other expenses.

What is the difference between self-reliance and decision making?

Decision-making is the art and science of knowing which way to go whenever you have more than one path. On the other hand, self-reliance is a way of living your life. Better decision-making can make you self-reliant. 

What are the skills that one should develop to be self-reliant?

One can develop financial skills, decision-making skills, professional hard skills, etc. can help in developing self-reliance. 

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