This Diwali, don't let your worries triumph over your wellbeing

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 30 October 2021
This diwali take a break

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Meet Daniel, a seemingly regular guy that you would not give a second thought to, on any day of the week. However, there is more to people than what meets the eye.

Daniel is an ambitious lad who is determined to crack the CAT exam this year. And to pursue his goal of obtaining the ticket to the top B-school, he has worked his daily routine around preparing for the exam.

With the festival of lights right around the corner, we believe most of you have been trying to clear a major chunk of your studies in record time just like Daniel so that you can kick back and relax without any guilt. After all, it is that time of the year when we can afford to take some time off from the hustle, be it studying or working, and unwind with our loved ones.

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In the run-up to Diwali, we all have to indulge in some amount of running around and cleaning. However, completing your chores ahead of a festival is something we all secretly look forward to. Admit it, you cannot wait to get done with the chores so that you can take a quick bath, put on your new clothes, and feast on all the sumptuous meals later!

But if only all of us could be like that. 

While Daniel's parents were pleased that their son was taking the exam so seriously, they overlooked the fact that he was ignoring his wellbeing to prepare for the exam.

Although he would look longingly at the Diwali decorations his younger sister was adorning the house with, his studies were hanging over his head like a sword.

Is the Hustle Culture Misunderstood?

In these fast-paced times, where it is maintained that your success is proportionate to the amount of effort you put in, some of us welcome holidays as a period when most of the time can be devoted to studies. At this point, two things need to be emphasised upon. 

One, numerous factors play a role in your success or lack thereof. While hard work plays a major role, let us not forget that smart work almost always beats hard work. 

We don’t discredit the value of hard work. However, there are numerous avenues one could seek assistance from, to make the journey a little easy. Hustling doesn't imply breaking your back under immense load. On the contrary, it means being smart enough to let others do some of the weight-lifting for you.

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The second pointer that we cannot lay enough stress upon, is the importance of taking a break every now and then.

  1. Taking some time off from your work or preparation is not just simply taking a break, it is a tactical necessity.
  2. It ensures you are at your optimum performance levels when you get back to the grind.
  3. Taking frequent, short breaks after every half an hour of exerting your focussed energy elevates your productivity.

While his family stood behind Daniel and encouraged him to take a little break with the festivities around the corner, Daniel vowed that he should step up his game and study harder. Drowning in his study material, he would no longer step out of his room to even sit down with his family for meals.

Where Does One Draw the Line?

As a higher education organisation, we have encountered numerous instances like Daniel's and we have a word of caution: please don't be like him.

Hard work is pivotal to success, but you must draw the line when you are being driven to a point of exhaustion.

With numerous exams on the way, it is natural to get overwhelmed. However, in such moments, your best bet would be to step back so that you may take better stock of the situation.

A Gift Sweeter than a box of Kaaju Katlis!

With your head brimming with brooding thoughts about the upcoming exams, perhaps it is time to turn towards your dinner table flooding with boxes of Kaaju Katlis and Soan Papris!

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It's time to get off that study table, switch on the mobile data and call up your friends, plan that Diwali party you know you want and for once, shut your books! It can sound like a risky affair to deter from your well-crafted study plan, but it would be worse to stay cocooned in the darkness of your room with the illuminated surroundings inviting you.

We would hate to be that uncle at family gatherings who gives unsolicited advice, but please don't turn down any opportunity to enjoy life with your loved ones; such instances will only grow rarer with time.

Have a very happy and safe Diwali!

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