Top Best Reasons to do MBA/PGDM from Sunstone

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 20 February 2019

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Reasons to do an MBA/PGDM, the education and degree that teaches us everything about Business and what makes it successful, are countless. Completing an MBA is a commitment that shows an investment made in time and effort. Regardless of the specialisation, an MBA/PGDM provides you with conceptual and theoretical knowledge ingrained in practical training.

The graduates' reason to do an MBA/PGDM is to have security in terms of both personal and professional growth, at the same time having an internationally recognised degree. An increase is seen in the youth aspiring to gain a Management education. This has led to a rise in the number of B schools around the country. However, not all the B schools equip students with the proper skills or the experience to learn from. The outdated curriculum and teaching methods are why so many graduates despite having a management education are unemployed.

At Sunstone we understand that there are many reasons to do MBA/PGDM for a student and no one reason for two is the same. Before getting to the reasons, one also needs to make sure they know the PGDM and MBA difference to make a better choice. Sunstone's industry integrated curriculum is designed by experts who have years of industry experience and understand what it takes to run a business. Sunstone also has aa unique Pay after placement fee structure model, which gives the best Return on Investment (ROI) to the students. But this is not all, Read on to know more about the reasons to do an MBA/ PGDM from Sunstone.

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Best Reasons To do an MBA/PGDM from Sunstone: 

Here are the top reasons to do MBA /PGDM from Sunstone to become an Industry Ready Professional.

1. Industry-synced Curriculum

In the current scenario, an excellent PGDM/MBA program is the one which closely follows the ongoing trends of the business world. A group of industry professionals empanelled with over 40 leading companies design and manage Sunstone’s PGDM/MBA programs. These companies and industry professionals ensure that the course curriculum runs parallel to the latest trends in the corporate world. Sunstone provides the students with in-depth knowledge and the management skills employers look for. 

2. Industry Training and Exposure

Teaching at Sunstone is not just confined to the classrooms. The idea of training and grooming a resource on the job is foregone. At Sunstone, we believe our students must possess the right skill sets required for the job and expected by the employers. We promote interaction between the students and eminent corporate personalities having years of industry experience, which gives them the opportunity to work on real-time case studies.

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3. Offers Variety of Specializations

Providing broad and multi-disciplined knowledge that students further studies in depth during the elective phase lays a strong foundation. The companies and industry does not believe in making the investment of time and money on training the resources. At Sunstone, after studying basic subjects and concepts in the initial semesters of the MBA or PGDM programs, the students are asked to pick a specialization. Sunstone offers various MBA/PGDM specializations along with dual specializations in fields like PGDM  Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Business Analytics, Information Technology, Digital Marketing and International Business.

4. Multifarious Faculty

Another vital reason to do an MBA/PGDM is the experienced faculty the students get an opportunity to learn from. Sunstone has prominent corporate personalities and educationists on board for delivering the PGDM/MBA program. The faculty comprises of IITs, IIMs and top B-schools alumni’s having rich teaching experience. The mentors at Sunstone ensure that the students develop an appropriate skill set, gain industry exposure along with theoretical concept clarity and become industry-ready.

5. Diversity in Classroom

Students in the MBA/PGDM programs at Sunstone come from varied cultural and educational backgrounds. For these students, the reasons to do MBA/PGDM vary and this provides us with great diversity in the classroom. This diversity enables the students to collaboratively learn from one another. The course focuses not just on educating the students' about hardcore business concepts but also giving them an opportunity to have rich interactions and discussions in the classrooms. An MBA/PGDM gives you an opportunity to build a network of smart and alike pool of talent.

6. Placement Assurance

At Sunstone feel accountable for our students' career and strive hard to sculpt their personalities in every aspect. We train them in the right skills which equips to be industry-ready and this is why the industry is comfortable hiring a Sunstone graduate. get them placed with prominent companies. We have a connection with over 200 eminent recruiters across India and have had a 100% placement record till date.

7. High Remuneration

We inculcate all the necessary fundamentals and excellence in our students that make them self-sufficient and deserving of asking for a high salary package. Our students face the recruiters with confidence depicting their right skill set and knowledge which help them bag high remuneration.

8. Excellent Career Opportunities

We assure that our students get ample of opportunities to carve their identity in the corporate world. Companies prefer management graduates and it also helps cut through the competition.  Students who have done an MBA/PGDM from Sunstone have done very well in their career and continue to do so. Some of the big brands and names of the business world associate themselves with the Sunstone  alumni. 

9. Campus Life

Sunstone collaborates with AICTE approved campuses for delivering the PGDM program. We provide top-notch facilities at our campuses considering the comfort of our students. The smart classrooms at our campuses are well equipped with hostel facility, cafeteria, library, auditoriums, seminar halls, gymnasium etc.

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