Top 10 Trending Jobs after BBA in Finance (with Salary)

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 30 September 2022
Top 10 Trending Jobs after BBA in Finance (with Salary)

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BBA offers deep knowledge of management and leadership. It is a rapidly evolving field. It is a thorough course that establishes the fundamentals across all enterprise-related ideas along with international business studies that are needed to execute an effective business. A Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA course does not limit you to a specific field as it isn't restricted to just one. It covers a wide range of business topics, including finance, marketing, banking, entrepreneurship, human resources, travel and tourism, operations, international businesses, computer engineering fundamentals, etc. Many people believe that the scope and pay of a BBA graduate in India solely make sense after earning an MBA degree. But when you learn more about BBA course pay, you will discover that lucrative options are available to BBA grads who are just out of school. 

Jobs after BBA in Banking and Finance

The popularity of the BBA in Banking and Finance program among undergraduates is rising. Previously, only a small number of private universities and other higher learning institutes provided this course. Today, practically all of India's top universities do. It is now more accessible. Businesses actively recruit BBA professionals and offer them attractive compensation and additional benefits. The following list includes both experienced and newbie BBA finance jobs.

Job opportunities after BBA in finance:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Manager Consultant
  • Cash Manager
  • Investment Banking
  • Credit Manager and SME
  • Finance Controller 
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Investing sales trader

Designations and jobs after BBA in finance for experienced candidates include:

  • Finance Manager
  • Risk and Insurance Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Accounting manager
  • Chief Finance Controller
  • Finance Director
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Credit Analyst

Various recruitment areas for BBA Finance graduates

Various career options are available for a BBA degree holder. However, many students still have questions for they like to research via all possible resources.. To run any business, does not matter the scale and size, the financial division is crucial for its operation and growth. Every firm needs well-trained and seasoned financial advisors/managers to oversee all of its financial activities. Giving employees the greatest services while maintaining the budget is vital for an affluent financial manager. After BBA in Banking and Finance, there are various career prospects in India:

  • Investment banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Insurance corporates
  • Audit divisions
  • Accounting and Finance Advisory
  • Statistician

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Financial Analyst

INR 4,34,614 p.a.

Senior Business Analyst

INR 10,33,371 p.a.

Finance Manager

INR 10, 10,284 p.a.

Operations Manager

INR 9,00,000 p.a.

Jobs after BBA in international business

BBA in International Business is a competent management degree that offers extensive employment prospects in a wide range of fields and businesses. Professionals in this sector are expected to actively participate in the marketplace and develop new skills through experience, which explains why job opportunities for recent graduates are limited as they aren't regarded as experienced.

If you have a degree or BBA in international business, below are the job opportunities you look forward to,

  • Export Manager

The major objective of an export manager is to find customers for the manufacturer who uses them on the international market. In India, an export manager gets an average salary of 8,00,00 per annum.

  • Global Brand Manager (GBM) 

A GBM is a crucial managerial position in charge of planning, developing, and executing many projects and activities, including those related to advertising, notice, and interactions. In India, the average annual pay of a GBM is around INR 34,00,000.

  • International Business Manager (IBM)

An IBM is responsible for supervising teams of people or company operations across several societies and geographical regions, which necessitates the development of new skill sets and competencies. On average, an IBM withdraws between 12,43, 280- 33,17,300 p.a.

  • Global Finance Manager (GFM)

A GFM is counted on to advise top executives on general financial trends, problems, and opportunities. The average annual salary of a GFM is around 10,00,000 p.a.


A BBA course improves and develops your managerial skills, technical calibre, statistical abilities, and leadership qualities. In India, BBA salaries in India for graduates are very variable and are many interesting prospects for career progression in a variety of exciting fields. For any further questions, please contact Sunstone.

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  • Can I get a job after my BBA in finance?

    Yes, the employment choices for BBA in finance graduates are many. After graduating, you can directly get high-paying managerial and executive roles.
  • Does BBA finance have scope in the future?

    A few of those professions that are increasing and advancing in sophistication throughout time are banking and finance. As a result, there will always be a high demand for BBA graduates with a specialisation in Finance.
  • Is BBA finance hard?

    In general, BBA Finance is a program for handling finances in any firm. It is entirely focused on financial planning and management and places a greater emphasis on theories than practical understanding. Hard work, practice, and patience can help you score better. Hence, it is not tough, it just requires more attention.

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