Top 6 Courses after BCA You Can Choose

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 27 July 2022
Top 6 Courses after BCA You Can Choose

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A BCA course opens the door to various management and technology-related careers. A student who earns a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is well-prepared for a promising profession in information and technology. Many of the best institutions and universities in India offer this well-liked course. A BCA degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities, with several positions in the IT industry. The BCA degree is an effective tool that positions you for a successful career in terms of employment. 

Major Benefits of BCA

Is a BCA degree valuable? Read on to find out.

  • Multi-Faceted Career

A BCA can assist you in building a multifaceted career in the business since there is an increasing need for qualified computer engineers. The following fields are open to you if you have a BCA degree: healthcare, IT, finance, trading, transportation, Data Science, software, and education.

  • Lucrative Career Prospects

With a BCA degree, you can rank among the highest-paid newcomers in the field.

  • Global Career Options

Computer engineers have access to numerous positions across a range of industries; thus, it goes without saying that having a BCA degree can open up several international career options.

  • Multiple Specialisation Available

Students pursuing degrees in computer application or computer engineering have many specialisation options available to them at universities throughout India. You can study Full Stack Development, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, Cyber Security, and Cloud Technology.

  • Great Networking Opportunities

    You will have a lot of chances to build a tremendous professional network as a stand-alone BCA gives you excellent prospects right at the start of your career through paid training and impressive opportunities even as a fresher. In addition, this network will assist you in starting a career from scratch and will assist you in finding the ideal position in the industry over time if you decide to change careers.

Thus, through the aforementioned factors, we can say that BCA is a valuable degree.

What courses can be done after BCA?

The BCA career path opens up many subfields where you can work after earning your degree. Here are some of the well-known after BCA pg courses that you can choose to study to put an end to your search:

Top Courses to Opt for after completing BCA

  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

    After receiving your BCA, continuing your study will undoubtedly produce fruitful outcomes. Several postgraduate degrees are available to pick from, depending on the industry and job you wish to pursue. The most typical is pursuing an MCA or Master of Computer Applications. It provides you with a more thorough understanding of the subjects covered throughout the BCA era.

    The specialisation of the students' choice is available. This senior-level course equips professionals to meet the demanding standards of the IT sector. It strongly emphasises business management, mathematics, and the planning, development, and construction of sophisticated commercial applications and system software.
  • Master's Degree in Information Management (MIM)

    After completing your BCA, earning a Masters in Information Management (MIM) is a worthwhile endeavour. You can develop your software abilities while taking this course, along with management skills. Having a command of both subjects is possible with in-depth, related training.

    A student who holds a master's degree in information management or an MBA in IT is prepared to run the information and technology division of an organisation. The two-year programme equips students with the ability to comprehend and meet the user's needs, create new technologies, and safeguard information assets.
  • Masters in Computer Management (MCM)

    The master's degree in computer management, or MCM, combines managerial and computer expertise. Students learn the fundamentals of management and computing in this course.
    The students receive fundamental instruction in marketing management, financial management, and operations management in addition to complex computer programme development and problem-solving skills.
  • Post-Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS)

    PGPCS, as its name implies, is a two-year degree in management studies that BCA students can enrol in to pursue careers in marketing, finance, operations, information technology, and other management-related fields. Prospects in the business sector are promising, and many follow BCA+PGPCS. Thanks to the combination, an individual can become an IT manager, a department head, or an entrepreneur.
  • Information Security Management (ISM)

    A study of security technology, policy, risk management, and evaluation is what information security management is. The postgraduate programme provides knowledge and expertise in managing intricate technical security systems, operational costs, a variety of policies, user behaviour, etc. The programme includes in-depth instruction essential for the security of computer networks in businesses

The main subject of this course is data protection software. Despite the fact that the Defense Department is the software's principal client, every other company today feels compelled to use it because of the digitisation of its data and information. This course offers a fantastic wage package and tremendous growth prospects after completing BCA.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Last but not least, an MBA is one of the best certification courses after BCA you can pursue. Your management abilities will be honed with a master's degree in business administration, ultimately making you an expert in both software and management. This is not a complete divergence, as some may believe, but rather a process of progressive progression following your BCA. For a prosperous and secure future, students who intend to pursue an MBA after completing their BCA programme should specialise in IT.

The above-mentioned are some of the best career courses after BCA that you can pursue.

Which job is easy after BCA?

A BCA graduate from a reputable university or institution will be able to find employment in the field. For example, computer programmers, computer scientists, chief information officers, computer systems administrators, database administrators, system administrators, software developers, teachers, and lecturers can easily find work in any firm. Additionally, students who want to work for the government can apply for the hiring processes of many agencies, including RRB, UPSC, Indian Navy, Indian Army, and others.


Thus, it can be concluded that you can opt for numerous courses after BCA, which will benefit you in one way or another, and the above arguments are strong enough to persuade you. Now it is entirely up to you whether you choose to pursue employment immediately after completing your BCA course or whether you opt to pursue higher education first before seeking employment.

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